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rm_mmanicmike 56M
13 posts
1/2/2016 8:47 pm

I love the chase. Conversation is a wonderful type of foreplay. Teasing and caressing the mind with words. Subtle inuendos, exploring her mind with questions and answers. the subtle sub text of her replies. Such an arousing time.

gardenboy321 56M  
41175 posts
1/2/2016 10:24 pm

Do you enjoy the chemistry when you find it?
Would you enjoy being desired?
Do you enjoy being lusted after?


Thoughts from the Garden...

khuXBFXM8u 58M
10308 posts
1/3/2016 6:36 am

To answer your questions:

Yes, yes and yes.

Sometimes all that's needed is look, a wink, movement of the finger, and it's on.

Find pleasure in giving pleasure

flowerkings2012 56M  
4211 posts
1/3/2016 9:04 am

Hard to say as not used to overt attention by women, so would probably struggle if the 'come-on' was too subtle

But yes, I love the thrill of a chemical reaction that makes the spirit, pulse and imagination soar

And, excuse the language, I would fucking love to desired, even briefly, by a woman

And lusted after. Oh, what a thrill that would be

flowerkings2012 56M  
4211 posts
1/3/2016 10:32 am

    Quoting  :

That is something for another blog from you then. The idea of 'colour of energy' and how you see or preceive it, even if the man involved is unaware

All those elements you list would make a fascinating blog. I must confess it's been a long time since I gave off any of those signs

And I still don't belief that such a sensual and knowing woman as yourself could misconstrue desire for you as being directed at a fellow female friend!!!

flowerkings2012 56M  
4211 posts
1/3/2016 11:31 am

But I can absorb the feelings of passion and desire, and amplify it back,

With that line, again, a cue for a blog!!

And given that, it makes it even harder to fathom why you struggle as much as you say. I genuinely don't get it

And raraaves is spot on about how women think their 'subtle' clues are picked up on by men, and genuine confident interest in us, expressed directly would, for the most part, work!

JudeL5 49M
1626 posts
1/5/2016 3:28 pm

Hi!!!! Glad to meet you. let me shake your....hand

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