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getlucky2132 41M
4958 posts
1/20/2016 9:05 pm

I dunno, the begging even if bring playful about it for pussy isn't my thing much, see there's my own ego...."I ain't doing that shit, she should be thanking my ass for the cock," etc.... As for gaming the net to just to do it, seems kind of stupid and counter to the entire process, I mean who the hell beats off to a phone conversation, sexy or not? Don't answer that, tons, nay millions of perv's and hey, I'm one, but not like that!

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redrockrascal 61M
21234 posts
1/20/2016 9:10 pm

Do you find pleasure in the digital world or do you seek the flesh?
Skin to skin

Do you know when to pull the plug on a conversation when you see it going no where?
Good question. I usually don't get to phone convos unless the online convos work well.

BTW, the title of your post reminded me of an old song: "Strokin'" (1985) by Clarence Carter that was the last call song at a bar I used to party at. Great song

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CookiesNMischief 34M  
2968 posts
1/20/2016 10:03 pm

- Physical face to face please; it makes for a better engagement of the flesh...

s2ndegree 61M  
9670 posts
1/20/2016 10:37 pm

Stroking egos is so passe. I Steer clear of the almighty lucent personality.
There is just something about people that say things like,"you know what's really cool?"or"Wow!Check that shit out!"While they're pointing at their own face.
It's enough to drive a person to try a bulimic diet!

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kauldronT0017 39M
178 posts
1/21/2016 12:29 am

When it comes to true intimacy I like being in person. There is something about being able to enjoy a real life conversation. I could never get into the cam show thing. It just seems so impersonal. I do enjoy meeting interesting people though. Even when sex is not involved. The reality is that we all want to be able to have true personal intimacy with another person. To be able to see them with your own eyes and hold them close enough to hear the beat of your heart. There is no replacing the comfort that another person brings. Online friends can be great because the exchange of ideas can facilitate interpersonal growth. However, it is rude and disrespectful to simply treat someone as a pitstop while plotting another conquest. Even with casual relationships there is an element of respect that should exist.

FullOn4U 54M  
20372 posts
1/21/2016 7:28 am

There's a significant proportion of women on this site who are just here for the compliments, the validation, the sense of naughtiness that they are on a sex site and so must be sexy...

They will never meet, in fact you usually find out that they are just here for compliments when you suggest meeting and putting into practice all those things she said she wanted to do. At which point she runs a figurative mile and you don't hear from her again

A lot of people get their kicks out of living a virtual life online...

redrockrascal 61M
21234 posts
1/21/2016 9:29 am

aflower2c replies on 1/20/2016 11:20 pm:
I was meaning that you end the conversation when you see it going no where, that includes messages online, IM, texting... not just phone calls

Yup, I got what it was about. I try to get beyond the online messages /IM phase fairly soon. I have found that, subject to a few exceptions . . . If you don’t get a local woman’s phone number within a couple days (a week max) of initial contact here you probably won’t end up meeting. If you don’t meet her within a week or so (2 weeks max) of getting her phone number you probably won’t end up meeting. Other people’s results may vary.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

kzoopair 68M/67F
25704 posts
1/21/2016 4:41 pm

"Online wank fodder"? Can I get that on a large regular white T shirt? My wife has a birthday coming up, and before that there's Valentine's Day. I'll take one small, too, just to illustrate why she's "Online Wank Fodder".

I'm not here for hookups, but I reckon there's still some ego stroking involved in that from time to time. Sometimes a friend needs her ego stroked. I can do it.

I seek the flesh. Cyber sex is just a waste of pixels and energy.

And....the finalé...yes, I know when to pull the plug. Sometimes it's still hard to do, but you gotta know when to cut your losses since you can't actually cut your conversation partner, and that's frowned on by local law enforcement officers anyway.

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flowerkings2012 56M  
4217 posts
1/23/2016 2:10 am

Given the paucity of my sex life off and online, I must confess to happily indulging online when any woman is prepared to show an interest lol

I would rather have someone, but knowing the way things work, I would take digital

As for going nowhere, well it takes only a few exchanges of normal talk on iM to reveal just how hard work it is to engage or connect with someone, and easy to let one another drift off to someone else

cs1df2 37M
1503 posts
1/23/2016 8:15 am

enough to realize that there are a great many people in the world that need their ego stroked to feel confident and sexy .......and it's become quite the turn off.

Which is a big part of the reason that at this point I'd prefer to find someone that can just hang around be chill about it, because at least once a day there's a very strong probability that I (at least) will be incredibly horny....

lucius8858 61M
852 posts
1/23/2016 9:15 pm

Stroking egos can be very important to some....it certainly helps to motivate a person. But then it is all a matter of perspective....what do you want to gain from it? In many ways stroking someone's ego is a way of stroking our own egos. Needs, wants....all come into play. I need direct contact, I need skin on skin....I need to be a lot closer to a woman like you!

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