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OnlyASexToy85 35M
143 posts
3/10/2016 10:16 am

I wish i lived closer so i could help your plight x

*** Its like "Sex,Drugs & Rock'n'Roll.....Without the drugs......or the Rock'n'Roll...." So just filthy ramblings really! OnlyASexToy85***

HermanG67 52M
8013 posts
3/10/2016 10:38 am

good luck, hope you have some sexy stories to tell us soon

notsure1949 71M
9461 posts
3/10/2016 12:11 pm

first is to have good friends

CreativeType5 37M
3263 posts
3/10/2016 5:38 pm

I know how frustrating it can be. I do hope you can regain your mojo!

CookiesNMischief 34M  
2968 posts
3/10/2016 6:23 pm

- It's great when one wakes up one day and realizes the need for such things drives them into a never ending want; I only ask, where are you when I would need your company (which would be driving me nuts, every single damn day!)

There should be a shelter where young cubs need a cougar who will take them home for several nights in a row...

kauldronT0017 39M
178 posts
3/11/2016 1:50 am

We have had a few conversations on the subject, and I know that the reality of your world is very much different than mine. For me my issue has always been in finding partners of comparable experience and stamina. On the upside though... Spring is right around the corner. Perhaps as the cold winter takes its leave you will find some new toys to play with in the grass.

lucius8858 61M
852 posts
3/11/2016 4:36 pm

1) Dress up in your sexiest out fit and open up a good bottle of wine
2) Let me share it with you and watch you as you dance and slowly strip for me....sensually, erotically, passionately.
3) Let me bind your arms to the bedposts and put a blindfold over your eyes, then slowly let me kiss and touch and taste your body working up and down teasing and kissing your sweet skin.....out of no where....Smack on your ass cheek to throw you off guard and make you guess which is next? pleasure or pain!
4) Feel my tongue exploring you, licking you open and working your clit in circles and applying pressure....driving you to orgasm, again and again.....then taking my cock and rubbing it across your lips...a lick a bite...sliding it down your throat....watching you suck and lick my shaft and then burying it deep inside you....for a long slow sensual fuck!
5) Then reverse rolls and start all over again, with you riding my face and squirting all over me.....mmmmmm.....Compatibility found!

A story by Lucius8858

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