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jar6962 58M/49F
622 posts
3/20/2016 8:47 am


HermanG67 52M
8007 posts
3/20/2016 8:53 am

thats a bushiness that would boom

Leegs2012 47M
51112 posts
3/20/2016 8:54 am

wow!! thanks for this post!! very educational on adult toys.

HermanG67 52M
8007 posts
3/20/2016 8:54 am

    Quoting  :

they freeze well to 😉

flowerkings2012 56M  
4208 posts
3/20/2016 9:02 am

Quite right, why shouldn't you get into that side of things by creating your own designs?

Now, if only, I could have a cock that could make me a fortune by being the model for many a dildo and vibrator shape and size!!!

gardenboy321 56M  
41167 posts
3/20/2016 9:03 am

Those colorful ones on the bottom right look like popsicles.

Thoughts from the Garden...

Golly06 67M  
1859 posts
3/20/2016 9:07 am

Thanks for doing the research for us. My toy selection is...do I use my right hand or my left hand (safe with all lubricants).

What in creation is a "P-spot"?? I could look it up, but I have a feeling your explanation would be more fun. Maybe I could just discover for myself..."What in the heck just happened?"..."You just hit my P-spot!!"

passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
3/20/2016 9:22 am

Cleaning them all must be such a chore! Are they worth the trouble?

AmorphousAmor 60M
3544 posts
3/20/2016 9:27 am

Informative piece... But how about considering my toy?

iwalkstilts 44M  
2857 posts
3/20/2016 9:32 am

Thanks for all the info.
: )

kinkyfem73 47F

3/20/2016 9:40 am

Great post as not everyone is aware that not all toys are created equally lol.
My fave toy is my glass rose dildo.... LOVE that thing!

Cum visit my blog Kinkyland

PyschoLoco 56M
1525 posts
3/20/2016 9:44 am

You really know your toys. Would staying away from toys made in China be a wise policy ?

Standards are people too.....kinda

passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
3/20/2016 9:47 am

"aflower2c replies on 3/20/2016 5:36 pm:
Sure thing!
They don't judge my high sex drive.
They don't go soft just when I am getting started.
They are fluid bonded
They don't complain when I need to use them 4 or 5 times (or more) in an afternoon or evening.
There when I need some release.
Shower friendly.
Don't sulk because I want to use them more than once a month.

They are a fair investment into my pleasure "

They do come with a lot (of perks)

s2ndegree 61M  
9670 posts
3/20/2016 9:57 am

Glass and metal sterilize much better and the versatility of adding heat or cold to the equation makes for completely different experiences.
It's important when warming these that they are tested against some more sensitive areas like behind the knee or inner forearm before engaging or you could really hurt yourself!

Using more than all the road!

s2ndegree 61M  
9670 posts
3/20/2016 10:26 am

Just a side note.When it comes to costs of silicone apparatuses.
I have been making molds for expandable foam designs.The cost of the two part platinum silicone was $65.00 for the amount used in this example.
Had it been used for making one of your examples.It would have produced a monster that would require it's own cabinet!

I appreciate the time and effort you took
to make people aware of the differences
and what might work for them.Especially
including the pros and cons.
Thank you!

Using more than all the road!

pegme76 43M
1139 posts
3/20/2016 10:33 am

If you're going to make new toys I think you'd better get some help field-testing them! Let me know when you're taking applicants for the job!

1tongue4yall 60M
2167 posts
3/20/2016 5:59 pm

I have been getting toys on eBay. The price is awesome and as long as you read the description well, you will get silicone if it says it is. I have not had a problem. Adam and eve is good too if you want to look something up.

JudeL5 49M
1625 posts
3/20/2016 8:51 pm

ummm mm. ..as a guy, the only 'toy' I need is my right or left hand....and maybe your pics for inspiration; )

CookiesNMischief 34M  
2968 posts
3/20/2016 10:16 pm

- You should have your own show in regards to this - call it say, "Kinker Toys"; I'd watch, and I'm sure the ratings would be through the roof...

lookinghard6669 54M
365 posts
3/21/2016 2:49 pm

Sounds like maybe you've founf your true calling in life?

lucius8858 61M
852 posts
3/22/2016 6:06 pm

Your toy management techniques are second to none! lol

A story by Lucius8858

Lets69allnite40 42M  
21 posts
4/16/2018 11:40 am

Love the big purple one and the double ends would be fun between us. Do you have amazon wish list?

dan_nl_2006 38M
1118 posts
10/16/2018 6:42 pm

So you have a Prostate massager for them?

Oh, and I do usually have on hand new toys for male partners and No I don't share them between people.

dan_nl_2006 38M
1118 posts
10/19/2018 3:49 am

Wow you do take care of your guys really well - I am impressed


aflower2c replies on 10/16/2018 11:49 pm:
Yep... I buy new toys when I meet someone new, but I so have new ones in my toy box because I haven't had a partner in a few years now.

dan_nl_2006 38M
1118 posts
10/21/2018 4:56 am

Not a problem at all. All I am saying I am impressed. PS: I think you got nice curvy assets

And that's a problem why????
Not all women are blessed with the genetic lottery, so the rest of us need to offer more tgan just a pretty face.

billyray234 56M
615 posts
1/22/2019 11:01 pm

so much fun and many sizes

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