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gardenboy321 56M  
41181 posts
3/25/2016 11:02 pm

I like the last one best.

Thoughts from the Garden...

cs1df2 37M
1503 posts
3/26/2016 6:35 am

Ah yes. the delightful richness of word and the illustrious worlds and images they can construct ...... but sometimes that elaborateness can be the source for further appreciation of simple words like fuck.

HermanG67 52M
8009 posts
3/26/2016 7:55 am

it is an amazing talent to show your soul with a few words

Golly06 67M  
1860 posts
3/26/2016 5:30 pm

Photos are nice, paintings are nice; both can have a great impact, but when I stop looking at them they fade. Words don't seem to lose their power, their images are always clear and fresh.

...And I would rather have my sweet,
Though rose-leaves die of grieving,
Than do high deeds in Hungary
To pass all men's believing.
Ezra Pound

lucius8858 61M
852 posts
3/27/2016 8:01 pm

Lovely thoughts.....there is no substitute for the power of words...written, spoken, or whispered in the ear!

A story by Lucius8858

passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
4/1/2016 3:21 pm

"Perfume" is classy

passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
4/1/2016 3:39 pm

"aflower2c replies on 4/1/2016 11:31 pm:
I prefer pheromones"

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