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kzoopair 68M/67F
25704 posts
5/7/2016 10:46 pm

Another person born in the wrong time and place. You'd have been a goddess in ancient times...and maybe in future times. You know...maybe you should start a church....

I can see that this has been a problem for you. You're unusual, and life can be damned hard for someone who's unique like you. I'll still argue with you about "average looking" though. There doesn't seem to be anything average about you.

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gardenboy321 56M  
41180 posts
5/7/2016 11:21 pm

Ah, now that explains it. I'd call it horneyallthetimealis.

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effer2910 56M  
5143 posts
5/8/2016 1:58 am

Mon anglais n'est pas très bon et le traducteur de Google pas toujours formidable mais je pense avoir saisi l'essentiel de ton post. Je ne connaissais pas ce syndrome et je te remercie pour avoir partagé ton vécu et tes douleurs.

My English is not very good and Google Translate not always great but I think I have the gist of your post. I did not know this syndrome and I thank you for sharing your experiences and your pain.

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passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
5/8/2016 5:26 am

Does incorporating toys in lovemaking with a man of your choice not help?

HermanG67 52M
8009 posts
5/8/2016 7:18 am

great post!!!!

do you think your insatiability has any influence on your Dom tendencies?

satyrnsheepzskin 42M
5985 posts
5/8/2016 8:01 am

An interesting post. I have never heard of this phenomenon, though I do know a hypersexual female or two, never one that has the constant "thrumming" you describe.

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spunkycumfun 59M/65F  
36127 posts
5/8/2016 9:07 am

A very enlightening post. I've learnt a lot.

Annie_34 61T
5924 posts
5/8/2016 9:08 am

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Hello Flower
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Woodyeverready 61M
1188 posts
5/8/2016 9:25 am

That sounds like a curse. I imagine if a male was afflicted with ReGS and didn't have a conscience or moral filter he could become dangerous. Not being able to slake an unquenchable lust can not end well.

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VenusRising11 67F
4686 posts
5/8/2016 9:59 am

I agree with woodyeverready's comment above. Sending you much support.

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passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
5/8/2016 1:18 pm

"But I also believe that I had paired up with men that had lower sex drives also, hence my reluctance to settle for just anyone "

Do the men with high enough libido not measure up in intellect..or general character?

passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
5/8/2016 1:35 pm

"aflower2c replies on 5/2016 9:23 pm:
To be honest....I think that men with higher libidos tend to search for younger women"

Is that due to men and women of similar age being in a different place to each other intellectually and emotionally? Maybe that's a reason for men and women (now) choosing younger lovers..at a certain stage in their lives

ProfPlayful 56M
3863 posts
5/8/2016 4:12 pm

That was an amazing post, aflower2c. Thank you for opening up your life and sharing it. I offer my sympathy, hoping that you find relief.

For what it's worth I think you are beautiful and sexy. To call you "average looking" is to set the bar awfully high for women everywhere.

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Golly06 67M  
1860 posts
5/8/2016 5:39 pm

I learned a lot from your post. Who knew? I am glad you are over the "hump" (sorry) and that you are dealing with this the best you can while not being in the best geological location. I agree with everyone, whatever you have to deal with sexually, I see you so much above "average looks." Thanks for the post and I hope you find a very horny guy who can appreciate all you have to offer.

1tongue4yall 60M
2167 posts
5/9/2016 5:00 am

i have the male version of this. i have an insatiable drive to have sex of whatever kind i possibly can. i do not know if it is the same thing you have but i do go days and days not being able to stop the drive, the need, the desire. what makes it so much worse is i have a wife with absolutely no desire to have sex. she has never been able to keep up with me but i have never been with anyone that could. well, i take that back. i was with one woman once that had as much desire and need as i have. we basically met in passing and spent three incredible days having the most incredible sex. i have a feeling she had the same thing as you. she, like me, just could not get enough. the only time of those three days we were not having sex of some type we were eating or napping.
i see your pictures and you are far from average. you have the most incredible body from what i can see of your pictures. i cannot foresee you having problems finding a man, or men. i would love to meet you sometime. you never know....

NaughtyInSO 109F
9758 posts
5/9/2016 11:45 am

I've heard of this condition before. It could be debilitating.
I admire your strength and ability to cope.

Thank you for sharing this very personal story!

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missthee 54F  
4117 posts
5/12/2016 10:14 am

Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing.

I'm no scientist, but I would venture to guess the issue is neurological (brain receptors and whatnot), rather than something to do with your reproductive organs.

I'm going to look into it...

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