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passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
5/21/2016 11:27 am

I wonder how it will be hunting beneath that little bush

flowerkings2012 56M  
4217 posts
5/21/2016 11:30 am

just as well we all don't habe access to your number or we would be bombarding you. With calls and vid clips. Still it covers two issues at the same time

passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
5/21/2016 11:41 am

"aflower2c replies on 5/21/2016 7:28 pm:
Bring a rain jacket, it can get pretty wet"

I like getting drenched so long as I can also "hose" the lady

tongueman6 70M
42 posts
5/21/2016 12:16 pm

Aaannnddd you don't have a nice face to lap up that wet juice? Dang after that a nice penis to prob around awhile poking that "G" spot causing an "O" after "O"? By the way nice nipples and lightly bushed bush. Best of luck getting off each morning great way to start any day.

Otis_Good 67M
3512 posts
5/21/2016 1:14 pm

you got my attention no story need for your tits other than they would look divine with a nice pair of nipple rings . You are in luck young lady I happen to work for the nation wide company ' Tits R Us ' I have in my sample case a pair I think you will like and since your nipples are already hard from the cold there is no need me putting on a warming fee . Oh here we are don't they look nice ? The price runs from economy to 1 percenters solid gold the economy well the the metal we use in our craftsmanship looks a little like gold and they leave such a lovely shade of green making them easier to put back on when the room is dimly lite ..

The price you say well hang on to your hat today and today on for one US Dollar that right for one tenth of a saw buck these babies can be your very own .

passionateaction 50M
1576 posts
5/21/2016 2:03 pm

"aflower2c replies on 5/21/2016 9:24 pm:
Lol. I draw the line at facials"

Aha! How about the drink?

ProfPlayful 56M
3863 posts
5/21/2016 2:28 pm

I'm glad you don't neglect little miss ladywood. When she wants attention she should get it.

My featured post this week: Pulling Fantasy Sex Out of My Ass.

HermanG67 52M
8009 posts
5/21/2016 3:23 pm

someone was helping edge your big orgasm

CookiesNMischief 34M  
2968 posts
5/21/2016 7:45 pm

- A beautiful naked start of the day especially if things go your way. If by chance there isn't someone physical to share in your sensual sentiment, finding the perfect porn is key to getting the kind of mental stimulus that'll make touching yourself all the worthwhile...

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