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Paulxx001 63M  
15333 posts
1/29/2020 9:31 am

Ed... an issue for guys in there 40's? Really? 😶
How do the blogs differ on the other site compared to THIS site? 🤔
Stay warm 🍷🍷🔥🔥😎

... is there another way to look at it.
Coincidence... or destiny The Bench

big54al 65M
2055 posts
1/29/2020 9:38 am

Who's the lucky photographer?

diverunner 58M  
6062 posts
1/29/2020 9:46 am

E.D. ???? Can't understand it in this day of better living through modern chemistry

11533 posts
1/29/2020 10:48 am

    Quoting  :

*SAF = Sexy As Fuck*
{That's Very Inviting}

Gorgeous Hair!!

Fav. Posish!


conspicuous01 41M
49 posts
1/29/2020 11:02 am

that looks like a good land to me

hotlover196348 57M
151 posts
1/29/2020 11:08 am

No no that's a beautiful view.

hightops41 43M
259 posts
1/29/2020 12:06 pm

Wozzzers thats a hot pic

7Diogenes 101M
755 posts
1/29/2020 4:37 pm

my birthday is in March and I'm 46 ... I've searched for sex for 38 years.... Oh, and if the math isn't lining up .....

That blows the early bird gets the worm theory ....

When one door closes, another one opens. Or you can open the closed door. That's how doors work.
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Leegs2012 47M
51229 posts
1/31/2020 11:16 am

Sex more often....YES!!!

Kalissaforfun 59T
2 posts
2/15/2020 12:40 am

Beautiful pic love to be there

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