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lyavu 48F
1535 posts
5/10/2016 1:33 am

I agree with you. There is alot of talk on here no action.

funpalmercouple 55M/57F

5/10/2016 8:48 am

True story, but words can cause severe pain as well. Doesn't take many harsh ones to inflict long lasting damage. Humans. Can't eat 'em and they are very silly.

BiggLala 49F  
30144 posts
5/10/2016 10:19 am

THIS...."make sure your actions match your words."

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Snozog 61M/57F
545 posts
5/10/2016 9:09 pm

the flakes are always among us. But finding those who are not usually makes the effort worth while.

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