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Shower head douche then big dildo ass fun
Posted:Sep 2, 2020 9:25 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 8:32 pm

Now I have a couple of my dildos with suction cups I've taken having them as company in my shower most days.

Give my ass a really good clean with the very smooth and convenient length shower head which gets about six inches or so up inside me get lovely clean and warmly gushy. Also is a lovely prostate stimulator too, so , gushy, sloppy and not too far off cumming just from prostate fucking.

Then onto the first dildo which is about eight inches long and just under two inch diameter, given the good ass stretching and fucking I've given myself over the years I can take all of that straight up inside me although of course my hole does need a little teasing to relax and open up for it, but once it does I love just getting down to the balls of it deep inside me. Of course I want the big toy and that takes a nice generous lubing up of my hole, plenty of fingers stuffing in too and pulling my hole open and onto the head which is about three inches across and then working into my second sphincter which loves the stretch and then the feel of the shaft as I get working in and out of me slowly at first and then faster slowing adjust my angle this huge eleven plus inch, three inch across glorious dildo so I can get as much as possible as deep in me as possible.

And today I managed fifteen pumps of the accordion inflatable dildo and then washed my hair to allow work 's way up inside me. Still can't manage much more than fifteen pumps which is about eleven very floppy inches in length but at least now I can enjoy playing with myself and doing other stuff with it at that size inside me. In due course I'll get it fifty pumps which will mean about eighteen inches up inside me and over four inches diameter. Looking forward being able pump hard enough be able fuck myself with it rather than just using it as a plug because pulling it out with the soft ridges of the accordion effect feels fab so some deep in and out action would I'm sure feel amazing,

I'll let you know how I get on @!@ ...\8
Further adventures in ass fuckery
Posted:Mar 1, 2019 2:37 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2020 10:24 am

I've been able to get something I played with many times in the past. One of those CIF bathroom mouse aerosol cans. They have a huge hard cock shape and are great for stretching my hole wide open.

I've been playing with it and can't yet get it inside me this evening but loving the feeling of being stretched wide open. I pumped loads of lube up inside me and could feel my insides rubbing against myself as I walked down the corridor from the bathroom.

going to get the whole of the " long and 3" or maybe 4" diameter Hung toy up inside me shortly, it's good to take a break and let the stretch take to make more space up inside me for the biggest toys I can.

hoping to get hold of a machine like this soon
Because I can't fuck myself that hard and fast but it looks amazing. It'd be great to have someone to help stretch me as well so my hole gapes open to welcome pints of , cocks, fists and huge huge dildos
All of it
Posted:Nov 15, 2018 1:26 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 8:32 pm

My girlfriend came over, surprised me!

I'd been playing with my ass trying to get all 14 inches of my huge dildo up inside of me and struggling as usual with the last couple of inches so I could slam against the balls of it.

I came down to the door in my dressing gown, acting innocent and welcomes her in, the giveaway was that as I walked ahead of her down the corridor was that lube started running out my ass down my legs. "Hahahaha, what have you been up to while I've been out!? ... As if I don't know!" She lifted the back of my dressing gown up and slipped her hand between the cheeks of my ass and wriggled her fingers around my hole. "You have been working hard" she laughed. "Well I could actually do with a hand" I said as I lent forward and pushed my ass toward her. She slipped a few fingers into my already sloppy hole and said "Well I reckon I can manage that, perhaps the whole of it" laughing.

We went upstairs to where I'd been at play and showed her the toys I'd brought out to play with. Eyeing the big one she said "Big fun tonight then" and spanked me playfully which turned me on and I parted my legs and rested myself doubled over showing her the place I wanted her to be. "Mmmmmm, what a welcome home" and slid a few fingers back into me and wriggled them. I pushed back onto her hand showing I wanted more of that deeper inside me. She obliged pushing her fingers deeper in, still wriggling and grabbed the lube.

I was already quite wide open so with not much pressure her four fingers were inside me and she pumped into me a few times and I groaned, pushing back harder "Oh you want more" and adjusted her position so she could get more of her hand and wrist up inside me "Yeah that's it get yourself as far up inside me as you can". "I want you to show me you want it" she said and pulled her hand almost all the way I reached round and slid fingers from both my hands into myself alongside her fingers and pulled myself open for her. She plunged her hand into me making me gasp. After the shock I pushed onto her hand feeling her wrist and then arm start to thicken and stretch me as she went deeper into me. Pushing in and out of me I could feel myself loosening and getting sloppier and sloppier, after a good few minutes of feeling her sliding and probing and pushing deeper and deeper into me she said "You're ready lets get the double ender and see how far it can go". We tried, its not got great girth but managed to get all but about 5" of it's 18" up inside me. "You need opening up deeper inside, come here, lets see if I can get up to my elbow inside you". Willingly I offered her my dripping wet hole and again felt her wriggling and probing deep inside me. This time with much more force and I responded with the odd gasp but also with pushing myself onto her. This felt so fucking good having her deep inside me.

To be continued ...
Stretching my hole
Posted:Nov 11, 2017 2:38 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2019 7:14 am

Been upstairs earlier for a bit of a play. I have a big 11" Doc Johnson Hung dildo I've been fucking. Trying to get all of it up inside me. I can't yet but I am loving being able to get a fatter girth inside me. Going to go back upstairs in a minute and get on with round two of stretching my ass and see How much of the two second biggest toys I can get up inside me. I am gushy with lube, I love putting my ass up in the air and shoving a lube bottle inside myself as deep as possible and squeezing lube deep inside myself so I can feel myself sliding even deeper when I push myself onto my biggest toy and whatever else I can find that's big up inside me

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