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My first AFF meeting  

69ohyeahbaby 66M  
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8/24/2019 9:58 am
My first AFF meeting

I met this woman on Craigslist first and she suggested we on AdultFriendFinder because we could cam on . Angie was her and well she was a very erotic writer be sure but when we finally cammed each other I found she was a very large woman but cares we are just camming.
She would sit back in her arm chair and fondle her breasts and with her pussy through her night gown. It got very excited and I came more than once for her but the most amazing thing happened she squirted and I mean a lot a cupful or more I bet. It was the first time I had ever seen that lol. She told me she squirted almost all the time when she got aroused enough.
Well that was it I had to see this in person so we planned to meet next time I was in Edmonton. She gave me her address and after I landed in the airport I drove to her apartment. When she answered the door she had a night gown on and was a little nervous but so was I. We embraced and she pulled me tight to her body and we started to French kiss she was insatiable her tongue deep inside mouth and her hands all over ass. I was exploring her mouth too and getting rather uncomfortable in tight jeans. hands roamed all over her body feeling her wetness through her night gown. I grabbed her ass and pulled her against hard cock, she had feel it through jeans. She started run her hand up and down erection rubbing hard against crotch.
OK enough I need get that cock Angie it is so uncomfortable, she agreed and started undo belt and hard cock flopped ahhhh much better she said and soo hard! Angie started<b> stroke </font></b>hard cock fuck that felt good then down she went her knees and started suck on cock no problem all 6 1/2 inches into her mouth, did I mention she was a large woman well her mouth was too. What an amazing blow job, I had to stop her before I blew load in her mouth.
I had her stand up and we started kiss again fondling her breasts through her nightie ..... Time get undressed I said and she agreed and maybe have a shower together. Great idea off we go to her bathroom and strip and into the tub. We took turns soaping each other with lots of kissing and sucking body parts. After a while she says lets dry off and go into bedroom. Off we go her bedroom where she climbed onto the bed and I got between her legs and started to kiss her thighs and work way up. I think she liked it by all of the moans and groans. Finally I reach her pussy and start lick it all the way up her hard clit pointing at sweet! Now she starts scream and bucks up towards tongue. MORE MORE she says oh GOD. She comes at least once I am not sure it seemed be continuous orgasm.
Eventually she needed a rest and she moved down to cock and started suck it hard again, once she did get rock hard she told fuck her fuck hard she said.
I rolled her onto her back and tried fucking her missionary style but could not get great penetration so I rolled her onto her stomach and entered her doggie style apparently her favorite position!
I proceeded to fuck her like that for ages taking cock right of her vagina and rubbed her labia with the head of cock then back into her wet hole over and over again I did this she finally did it she squirted and what a waterfall lol amazing just amazing!

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8/24/2019 10:03 am

Another A*F*F success story with a little help from CL.

happyenigma 66M
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8/24/2019 12:30 pm

Congrats from a fellow 65 year old. It gives me hope.

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