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What a Great Surprise  

69ohyeahbaby 67M  
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2/16/2021 11:38 am
What a Great Surprise

What a Great Surprise
I have been on AdultFriendFinder for a few years and many men are interested in my profile but not so many women and most do not even want to chat. Oh well I found out all about my bi-side and never looked back too funny for a guy who was homophobic 6 years ago.
One of the local guys wanted to meet up for a little man fun so I thought what the hell not having any luck with the ladies so I agreed and he came up to my house and I was only in a house coat with a raging hard on. He came upstairs (my wife was out for a couple hours so it was safe) and opened my house coat and had a big sigh mmm looks sweet he said. I sat on the couch and he began an amazing blow job, funny thing is he is on my old hockey team. Fuck he knew how to suck I had my legs up on his shoulders to let him have good access, kinda hoping he would with my ass too. He stopped sucking and stood up and took off his pants mmm what a gorgeous cock he has about 7 inches curving up to his belly sooo hot. I got up and grabbed that beauty and squeezed it together with mine and stroked for a little while I love that it is so erotic!
He sat me down again and started to give me a blow job until I had a huge load which he swallowed without a blink of an eye. I assumed he would let me suck him now but nope he stroked his hard cock and came all over my softening cock. That was cool. He had to get back to work and said he loved my cum and we should do it again.
A couple days later he texted me and asked me to come over to his apartment the next day. He told me his wife was going away for a couple of days and he had a surprise for me. Well what a nice surprise I agreed to come over about am. This gave me the opportunity to take a little pink pill, which did right then and again the next day in the morning. Fuck do they ever make me hard and I can last and last best invention ever, I get a little acid indigestion but totally worth it. What was the surprise?
Well I was pumped up all day and the clock would not move it dragged and dragged along. I went for a shower before going to my new<b> buddies </font></b>place and fingered my ass in the shower as well with a little bit of cream rinse I can get two fingers in and what a special feeling. After my shower I was ready to find out what my surprise was …. Two guys maybe or a guy and girl I didn’t know.
Tentatively I knock on his door and he says it is unlocked come on in. Holy fuck he was standing there in red heels, black camousil, blond wig, brilliant red lipstick and a huge hard cock curled up to his tummy, all I could say was Wow! He was hot he made a great woman soo hot sooo very hot. He said to me do you like and I did oh I did!
He sashayed to the door and locked it and stood close in front of me and we kissed he stuck his tongue in my mouth and sensually French kissed me mmm my favourite. Now we should get you out of all those clothes he said and undid my belt dropping my pants and he pulled my boxers over my hard cock and it bounced up after it was free. I helped taking off the rest of my clothes and he was looking me up and down as I was him he grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom.
Once in his bedroom he laid on the bed on his back motioning me to join him, if he had a pussy instead of a big hard cock he would have been a beautiful blonde woman beautiful! I slid onto the bed and he started to suck my cock not that needed it to get any harder, I was hard as I have been ever before. After a lovely blow job not having an orgasm, though he took me very close he knew exactly how far to go. He rolled onto his back pulling me to him, so I was laying on top of him now our cocks were grinding together now he reached down and stroked them together fuck soo hot! He stopped after a while making sure I was still full of cum and he put his legs up exposing his man pussy to me and told me to take the lube off the table and lube up him and me.
What was I to do had to this beautiful blond. I covered my cock and his man pussy with oil and rubbed my hard cock on his hole up and down. Finally I slid my cock into him and let him enjoy the feel of my 6 inches inside of him. Slowly I started to fuck his ass not too hard at first and we started to kiss again while I pumped him, he tells me harder faster fill me with your cum fill me up.
We went on like that for a while and finally I blew a big load in his ass and we embraced, he loved it. After we disengaged he left the room and told me not to come out and I heard him in the bathroom he had a huge dildo in there and I heard him blow his load. It must have been 10 inches and 3 inches thick.
What a great surprise!

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