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Is everyone fake?? I'm a good looking guy and I have no complaints about my sex game what' am I doin  

6ft4WhItEBoY_Tat 36M
2 posts
8/14/2021 7:00 am
Is everyone fake?? I'm a good looking guy and I have no complaints about my sex game what' am I doin

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plzthese40ds 46M/43F
32 posts
8/28/2021 4:39 am

Question: "Is everyone fake?"

Answer: No, but many are. There are a lot of reasons for that.

The difference between your bar hookup and this site hookups are these:
They are both businesses in it to make profit.

Your bar or club makes money off of alcohol, live bands and cover charges.

This site makes profit off of the lack of women replaced by fake profiles in an illusion and by membership dues and putting hard limitations and restrictions on almost every imaginable function of this site to be overridden by monetized tips.

It has nothing at all to do with you personally or what you're doing wrong. The problem here is that there is a complete imbalanced gender ratio between men and women. A site doesn't work in your favor as a guy if you have almost 100% men looking for women to meet for sex, yet next to no real women on here...and the ones who are real mostly don't meet or are picked off right away by the massive amount of male competitors. There are also a lot of variables to consider with the actual real women who are here. Are they lesbian? Are they bi ( and just looking for other women only )? Are they part of a couple who is looking for a female unicorn? Are they just on the site for online only things? Are they taking a break from meeting anyone at any particular time? Are they local or do they live out or reasonable distance? Are you simply bypassing certain local and willing females by sheer chance if, say, you're usually signed on during nights and someone else female signs on during days? Is your perfect match right at your fingertips on here, but you are unable to connect with her for various reasons, such as lack of membership level ability to communicate, technical site issues ( very common ) or the woman is just being flooded and overwhelmed by dozens of other men simultaneously and cannot reply back to you?
The variables go on and on and on. Of course, the more variables the less your odds of success...combined with endless fake generated female profiles AND the endless site restrictions and limitations from member to member, your odds plummet to an almost impossibility by design. Therefore, this is the result of most men on site.
Truth of the matter is that this site is a business and is out to make money. Their fakes, memberships, tip system and all else are equivalent to the bar's alcohol, cover charge or live band. Honestly, you'd probably have much better luck and odds going to a bar, rather than hopes to score around here, but that's just my humble opinion and educated guess based upon my history here, collected facts and observations.

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