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Game Weekend Lounging.  

6inchjoey 49M
915 posts
1/31/2020 7:36 pm
Game Weekend Lounging.

Game Weekend Lounging and Relaxing how many doing the this?... and of course playing or whatever pops up...

6inchjoey 49M
1134 posts
1/31/2020 7:37 pm

What your plans this weekend i know I'm playing all weekend hehe...

Curious16960 59M  
775 posts
1/31/2020 8:09 pm

All so sexy

6inchjoey replies on 1/31/2020 8:22 pm:

idblueswoman 61F  
693 posts
1/31/2020 8:13 pm

I don't think I have ever lounged around the house naked. No point. As for the weekend... to many things to do and watching football isn't one of them thank goodness..

6inchjoey replies on 1/31/2020 8:21 pm:
well least you keep yourself busy

Lovethepussy7778 35M
57 posts
1/31/2020 9:43 pm

Damn ladies u are all so sexy

6inchjoey replies on 2/2/2020 8:37 am:
thumb up

Leegs2012 47M
52973 posts
2/1/2020 11:32 am

all HOT! #1 #3 & #6 HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

6inchjoey replies on 2/2/2020 8:37 am:

tantallblue4u 55M
239 posts
2/1/2020 12:27 pm

Show some hot tvs creampies. You find some very hot ones.

6inchjoey replies on 2/2/2020 8:37 am:

author51 57F  
92519 posts
2/2/2020 12:41 am

I will be missing the game as I have work tonight and have to clean up from a Super Bowl party actually....lol

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

6inchjoey replies on 2/2/2020 8:37 am:
So you had your fun already huh

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