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just2c2006 69M

3/13/2019 12:51 pm

Hum, great story and this kind of relationship may just be in the cards for so many of us, if we're lucky. I don't have to wonder much about where my love life will be when I'm a senior, I'm already there. I was married for 19 yrs and have been divorced for another 19 yrs and have had a special friend, girlfriend, long distance, lover for all of those 19 yrs. It sure wasn't my plan to do it this way but that's how it turns out.
Oh, and you know what they are doing after sundown on a Wednesday night?
They hug each other, spoon in bed, and watch TV where no one sees them.

Tmptrzz 59F  
104368 posts
3/13/2019 1:05 pm

This is such a sweet story, and I hope you have a great hump day my friend, thanks for sharing this story with all of us..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

AliOrbit 65F
624 posts
3/13/2019 1:23 pm

What a nice sweet story. There is hope for all of us.

1seeking1 56F
3750 posts
3/13/2019 1:25 pm

What a sweet story, thank you for sharing.

astute2r3 66M

3/13/2019 2:34 pm

Even when the physical body does not function and or feel the way it once did, the ability to "think" about positive, sensual, sexual and passionate things and or articulate them, are paramount, which can indeed give cause to smile and enjoy again! Thanks for Sharing!

GhostofH 62M
22274 posts
3/13/2019 3:05 pm

I have something in my eye..... gone to get a tissue.....

Paulxx001 64M  
21952 posts
3/13/2019 3:56 pm

That's a good question... Hopefully all my parts will still be working... The love of my life? hmmm.. The loves in my life, but not of the movie type of love...
Who knows... I think I've stopped looking for that type of love... I'm just happy to enjoy whatever opportunities I have. And to enjoy all the people I meet.

citizen4722 63M  
73569 posts
3/13/2019 4:57 pm

Lovely story. I hope I'm like Merle when I reach his age.

CookiesNMischief 35M

3/13/2019 5:56 pm

- I hope to one day note a story such as the one you wrote, done so candidly and with a remarkable sense of romanticism for good measure. In this day and age it’s hard for relationships to last longer than 30 seconds; especially great are the ones flying unde the radar, for all the attention they will ever need is with each other.

author51 58F  
126334 posts
3/18/2019 1:01 pm

Such a beautiful and touching story... Love knows no age, it is timeless....Such a beautiful read....

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


CleavageFan4U 64M  
68392 posts
3/20/2019 6:20 am

Given the gender ratios in those places, I can hardly wait!

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