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BobsHere4You 60M

2/4/2019 11:58 am

I'm not a big fan of nudes (unless they're tastefully done of course). I much prefer it when a woman leaves a bit to the imagination.

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bitchkitty2017 67F  
5292 posts
2/4/2019 12:17 pm

As a woman I agree with your observation and also as a woman I prefer a mans picture to leave a bit for my imagination so that I can let it run rampant with all sorts of naughty images...thanks

Timetraveler2 57M  
158 posts
2/4/2019 12:29 pm

Nice to know that there are still folks out there that think that way, I think it is a dying breed....

Tmptrzz 57F
84452 posts
2/4/2019 1:00 pm

I have to say I love a little mystery as it makes your curiosity about the person more intense and desirable. I don't care if your a man or woman less is more in my book making me want to get to know more about them. Great blog, and I hope today is a great start to your week..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

HeartCollector 63F  

2/4/2019 1:11 pm

I could care less what a man has in his pants. I figure it is what it is and he’s had 50+ years to figure out what to do with it.

The gladdest hours we know are those shared with a friend or two. Wilbur D. Nesbit

Wonder167 53F

2/4/2019 1:49 pm

I think we often forget how to use our imagination in this era of exposure, not only of people, but anything. It's not hard to find answers to any question anymore, we aren't left to ponder or come up with our own answer. Like most have said, less can sometimes be so much more.

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