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Granny872 67F  
2249 posts
4/20/2020 11:17 am

Life hasn't changed a lot for me, except for not being able to go out for lunch a couple of times a week.

I quit my job in mid-February, hence, I was already isolated prior to most of the stay-at-home orders going into effect.

I don't indulge in virtual sex of any kind, so ... no biggie there except that a lot of chatters who don't read my profile first are sorely disappointed about that right now, lol!

None of us are getting out alive, so let's at least try to be nice to each other while we're here.

Tmptrzz 57F  
79881 posts
4/20/2020 11:19 am

Happy Monday my friend great Poll for today, I did vote..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

thikhead 63M
3017 posts
4/20/2020 12:05 pm

with all due respect,
and with understanding your (and all of our) frustrations,

"this shit", as you call it,
is helping to lessen the still staggering loss of lives,
suffering and economic chaos,
and could have been less painful and more effective if initiated sooner.

like if predator trump didnt fuck around for two months
denying it and insulting those who DID raise concerns
just to look "in charge and in control"
to con you into voting for him.

oh sure, he "closed" the china border,
but then TOTALLY turned his back on the issue as closed,
instead of following up and paying attention as this unfolded.

he couldnt possibly conceive that one wave of his "magic wand"
might not have totally solved any and every issue.

so, thank to the almighty great orange-head used car salesman
for this having gotten to where it is today.
and god help you if you live in a state with a democratic governor,
because trump wont.

ALL americans sacrificed much for the common good
during world war 2, and are doing so now,
good bless you every one who is.
it will be worth it in the end,
but ONLY if we see the job through to the end.

look what happened when bush ended the iraq war one day early
because he thought it was pretty much done.

choosing to not finish winning a war
is choosing to have to fight it all over again.
and probably with even higher stakes.

we need to see this through . . . together.

"were all in this together"

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4/20/2020 12:20 pm



Love2eatpussy756 32M
41 posts
4/20/2020 12:58 pm

Nothing much has changed for me

1seeking1 54F
3047 posts
4/20/2020 1:03 pm

Work shut down since March 13, we all keeping distance and staying home.. less sex, less social interaction. Hopefully this will help flatten the curve

redmustang91 60M  
9572 posts
4/20/2020 2:26 pm

For many the virus is no big deal. For those over 60 with pre-existing health issues it is lethal about 5% to 10% of the time. So I support the restrictions until we have a drug and an experimental vaccine. Being dead is also bad for the economy.

40 to 75 % have no symptoms but can spread this virus. The young and healthy endanger the older and infirm.

thikhead 63M
3017 posts
4/20/2020 5:25 pm

    Quoting  :

lets hope when "this shit" is over
we can find more pleasant things to share.
and maybe even laugh about.

ALL of us.

"slow joe"? be careful while disparaging him, even if in jest.
could play right into predator trumps hands.
while i agree on govs cuomo and newsome, and even whitmer,

biden is our countrys "last best chance", to quote lincoln.

"were all in this together"

author51 57F  
94072 posts
4/20/2020 11:31 pm

My money has dwindled considerably and need to get back to work..Stay well, stay safe my friends.....xoxoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Littlhunt4 40M  
13 posts
6/1/2020 6:58 am

I’m working and jerking like normal. Trying to have a little more online sex bit it turns into porn and sweet I go

Scottjel 49M
14 posts
6/2/2020 6:35 am

Thank god it cumming to a end in nyc

Joe23554 26M
3 posts
6/15/2020 10:30 am

well, I like being home anywat

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