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armybeef68 51M
65 posts
3/21/2020 12:37 am

    Quoting  :

Yea, say you're a single female and you'll get anything you want, including free gold.

Johnnysans4 30M
8 posts
3/21/2020 1:55 am

Answer additional questions, comment on blogs, photos videos and statuses x

Heathen_G 61M
7864 posts
3/21/2020 2:38 am

Read what the site says about points.

Brownie202 63F  
1766 posts
3/21/2020 2:44 am

I find it is mostly standards that complain about this site. Usually males who are used to free features which is no longer free. Damn crime a business wants to make money. Should be a law about that.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

nastytease4U 42F  
1647 posts
3/21/2020 5:17 am

set her up as a single female profile...........

Adventurelick69 43M
18 posts
3/21/2020 5:17 am

I enjoy this site, its entertaining, but I do not believe there is enough locals here for me to go gold. Did you find the same?

luv2suk1966 59M/53F
1193 posts
3/21/2020 6:21 am

We've been here over 10 years, and have never paid a dime. The GOLD was free until a year or so ago. They took it away, but if we were patient, it would come back. We played this game back and forth. Now - NO MORE GOLD. At least we can blog and chat in groups.

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

luv2suk1966 59M/53F
1193 posts
3/21/2020 6:22 am

** I meant NO MORE FREE GOLD. And I refuse to pay.

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

GhostofH 61M
19700 posts
3/21/2020 6:59 am

I agree with you as I too am in the same boat. If you don't pay, you can't bitch and complain.

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