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avg_nice_guy 53M  
255 posts
3/4/2020 4:28 pm

of course, a hook up does not mean you shouldn't be a gentleman and keep your lady safe!

Phew77 55M  
52 posts
3/8/2020 12:30 pm

Safety first, but then it gives more time for last minute passionate make out!

KevKish1645 43M
1 post
3/10/2020 7:04 am

Beside the obvious of safety - a passionate kiss goodbye is the perfect nightcap

kelway52 57M  
1 post
3/11/2020 8:22 am

Of course, it is the gentlemanly thing to do!

Avonsenior 66M
659 posts
3/11/2020 10:23 pm

I am glad that others feel the same way on walking a lady to her car. And a nice kiss as I hold your car door open for you would be so nice.
I hope that if you did meet someone that they did walk you safely out to your car

Arabiannights86 34M
3 posts
3/16/2020 3:43 am

There is many reasons that the man should escort his fuck date back to the car beside the safety and all that, it shows appreciations to the one who just fucked your brain out its a thank you statement for satisfying my cock and brain

SwingKinkCouple 55M/51F  
1 post
3/18/2020 8:31 am

Always show proper care respect and safety for a woman especially for women you know or are close too. no other way to be.

BuzzHunley 73M  
1 post
3/22/2020 10:43 am

For Chivalry. The woman just shared a very personal, intimate experience with you. Only a moron, a clod, a boor, or a rank dipshit would not insist on walking the lady to her car. Besides, if he does so, the lady just might remember the gesture, and when she gets horny again, she may call you.

stevewnbrg2 57M  
1 post
3/24/2020 6:44 pm

You were just intimate w/ someone. Be gentle be kind be courteous...That hookup has a mother and father. Why wouldn't you want to be honorable.... Steve Weinberg from Carmel

hereandnow579 60M  
20 posts
3/28/2020 11:10 pm

Sad state of affairs, pun intended, that this is even question. No man would ever let a woman leave his presence under such circumstance un-escorted. I understand that sometimes discretion is a necessity but good judgment and safety in the described situation is paramount. Besides its a great way to extend the experience into some semi public play. Always leave'um wanting more so to speak.

Grandpasoon 64M  
1 post
3/31/2020 4:30 pm

It is just the right thing to do. If a lady has given the gentleman the most intimate of evenings, the least he can do is put his pants on and walk her to the car. I could make it your reality

LuvWmn_N_Sex 65M  
151 posts
3/31/2020 11:44 pm

Absolutely, without any doubt or question!!!

It is almost never in my code of conduct to let any woman become unprotected or in fear of any danger. The potential harm can be environmental or from any threat, whether real or perceived.

Back_again_twice 60M  
125 posts
4/9/2020 11:56 am

Yes. Yes, chivalry isn't dead.

Nsjf2n 41M
10 posts
4/19/2020 4:05 am

Show that he respects her and treats her right. Maybe when get to the far kiss her goodbye and frisk her too.

travelnottourism 45M  
108 posts
4/25/2020 8:10 pm

I was under the impression that when we meet people in a neutral place it's for everyone's safety and comfort. So why on earth would either party think it was OK for one party to walk alone, at night, from the neutral location to a parking garage, any distance away?

The ideal situation would be for him to walk her to her car, then for her to drop him to where his car is, or back at the hotel, or at a taxi stand. Somthing like that. Chivalry is one thing but there's no reason why everyone can't exhibit some uncommon courtesy.

After all, hopefully after being fucked at least once in this situation, neither person ends up being fucked in a way they don't want to be...

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