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BottombutMarried 56M
17 posts
11/10/2019 6:25 am

Thanks for the info. I'm with you there are so many bot profiles on here. Thanks.

1seeking1 56F
3748 posts
11/10/2019 6:57 am

Good advice, I am skeptical till there is a face to face meeting. Lots block the face out.. happy Sunday

smartarse19655 56M  
4 posts
11/10/2019 7:08 am

The sad thing is the reaction, or lack of it, of the site moderators in stopping the fakes from posting in the first place. 'They' are just not interested, either because they are understaffed, or because they don't have the software, or because they can't be arsed, or because they are being paid by the fakes. I favour the last two arguments.
Let's take the Asian 'market'. These fakes are mostly Chinese. The profiles are common; they have a pattern to their names, so either bots or dumbfucks. I can spot them instantly through the common username pattern yet they appear regularly without any control by this paid-for site. They use fake photos, identified using Tineye.
If AdultFriendFinder had any semblance of customer care they would deal with the problem professionally, by these fakes and scammers have no fear, nor should they. The chances of anything happening is less than nil.

Mercy62019 65F
100 posts
11/10/2019 7:16 am

Thank you for the information on how to verify a photo, will check out Tineye

atlthickgent 47M  
39 posts
11/10/2019 7:18 am

Nice work cumjoose! I'm a photog-wannabe so I TOTALLY get you what you're saying RE: pics being TOO good/probably professional/probably lifted off the internet!

Along these same lines, I wrote a similar blog about using Chrome's "right click" Google Search functionality to possibly help weed-out fake profiles. My first time attempt at providing a link to a blog follows below. If the below link doesn't work, just go to my Blog and look for my "Fake profiles?...." post.

Knowledge is power, spread the word!

Fake profiles Google Search is your best friend

iwant2learnit 51M  

11/10/2019 7:29 am

As annoying as they are, reporting fake profiles is ultimately a waste of time. I have reported one that I received hotlist notifications and flirts from THREE times, and it's still around.

You don't even really need an external website to check the photos, if the profile reads like a barely literate person wrote it, and mentions "Looking for my soulmate..." or "Looking for an honest man...", that's a red flag right away.

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.
- Thomas Henry Huxley

sexisfun49127 51M
87 posts
11/10/2019 7:44 am

thanks,will check that site outt

mufdiver69er2 61M  
1803 posts
11/10/2019 7:57 am

anyone that spends much time watching the activity line will have seen me outting those very types of pics very often. i used to report,but realized the site didnt care.probably because the more profiles-real or fake-the busier it looks.i still out them mainly so folks are aware as to not waste time contacting them..

woop woop

pocogato12 69F  
36940 posts
11/10/2019 8:01 am

Thanks for the share. I did not know about Tineye and we women sure gets just as many fakes as the men.

(Virtual Symposium Group) use Virtual Symposium Group

jajo696 66F
4029 posts
11/10/2019 12:36 pm

Ever heard of the saying, " if its too good to be true....."

Tsk tsk for allowing the pictures to entice you.

Yet.......hooorah for your investigative skills. Kudos !! ~~

RyuFujin 54F  
1430 posts
11/10/2019 10:59 pm

Unless it's a trick of the lighting, I could swear that the bigger picture of "the lady in red" isn't quite all lady.

I'm seeing an Adam's apple under that chin...

"Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter won't mind, and those who mind won't matter." ~ Dr. Seuss.

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