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Leegs2012 48M
86905 posts
11/11/2020 12:03 pm

I'm only into Rimming anal. Tease and Please!!

1kittylikker 71M
337 posts
11/11/2020 12:30 pm

I've never done either but would be willing to try if I could find the right person.

XHamburgDave 78M  
10466 posts
11/11/2020 12:37 pm

I was 59 when my 39 year old gf said she preferred Anal it to Vaginal Sex and would I like to try it? I have been a fan of Anal ever since

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hrlyridr87 67M  
363 posts
11/11/2020 2:17 pm

I have had anal sex with a couple of women and I would be open to being pegged by a woman with a strap-on.

Older4lover 73M
2 posts
11/11/2020 3:11 pm

love to fuck a sweet ass. sometimes it is the only way for me to get off

KUNAFUN4onKik 39M/39F
17 posts
11/11/2020 4:56 pm

[post 4358102]
I love fucking a nice tight ass! I just hate being told no because I’m to thick.

Open2Fun2020 55M
33 posts
11/11/2020 5:17 pm

Love it. It feels great fucking a nice ass, and I've also been pegged by a couple women. Wish I could do more of it!
I sometimes think having a real cock slide into me would be fun too. I haven't done that, but I might.

looking4funNLTR6 55M
39 posts
11/11/2020 5:31 pm

want it all of course

14852 posts
11/11/2020 6:08 pm




<~~~Ass-Man, Nuff Said.




Harlyman54321 48M  
79 posts
11/11/2020 6:43 pm

It all feels great inside and cum full.>>!

2pac7742 64M
1 post
11/11/2020 6:43 pm

i love fucking in the ass. My last girlfriend ask me if i can fuck her in the ass. That was music to my ears. Before her all my ex girlfriends the last 3. I ask if i could fuck them in the ass, they all said No. So my last girlfriend I wasnt going to ask her. She was almost 20 years apart. So when she ask me I was on cloud 9. Happy as can be. She had a very nice butt ho and pussy. But I hit that ass so much I forgot the pussy at times. But its nice to start in the pussy and end it in the butt ho. She would want me to put every finger and for a minute i was thinking about putting my fist in her ass. I came close a few times. But I bet she wanted me to stick my fist in her ass and fist fuck her. Oh well. But i been thinking about doing some poppers and getting bang in my ass. I want to be a little drunk and high and have some fresh poppers and 69 it nice and slow and do what ever we want all nite. Kissing hugging licking and let it be a nite I wont forget. So who going to be the lucky one for a nite they wont forget and me too.

DoUIntheButt 39M
118 posts
11/11/2020 9:08 pm

Nothing wrong with doing the butt!! Or in the Butt!

Attentive14Funx 48M
38 posts
11/12/2020 12:12 am

Be informed . Stay safe.
Anal Sex Risks
There are a number of health risks with anal sex, and anal intercourse is the riskiest form of sexual activity for several reasons, including the following:

The anus lacks the natural lubrication that the vagina has. Penetration can tear the tissue inside the anus, allowing bacteria and viruses to enter the bloodstream. This can result in the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Studies have suggested that anal exposure to HIV poses 30 times more risk for the receptive partner than vaginal exposure. It can also boost the risk of getting the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV may also lead to the development of anal warts and anal cancer. Using lubricants can help some, but doesn't completely prevent tearing.
The tissue inside the anus is not as well-protected as the skin outside the anus. Our external tissue has layers of dead cells that serve as a protective barrier against infection. The tissue inside the anus does not have this natural protection, which leaves it vulnerable to tearing and the spread of infection.
The anus was designed to hold in feces. The anus is surrounded with a ring-like muscle, called the anal sphincter, which tightens after we defecate. When the muscle is tight, anal penetration can be painful and difficult. Repetitive anal sex may lead to weakening of the anal sphincter, making it difficult to hold in feces until you can get to the toilet. Kegel exercises to strengthen the sphincter may help prevent this problem or correct it.
The anus is full of bacteria. Bacteria normally in the anus can potentially infect the giving partner. Having vaginal sex after anal sex can also lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections.

Johnxtoward1 29M
19 posts
11/12/2020 2:01 am

I love to fuck only a girls ass not a man ass with a condom. But I didn't face any woman that like hardly to fuck her ass.

Johnxtoward1 29M
19 posts
11/12/2020 2:02 am

I want to fuck your tight ass 👍😂

galdhe8er 61M
11 posts
11/12/2020 2:38 am

When it comes to anal size matters, and the bigger the better.

jackrodgers70a 46M  
1 post
11/12/2020 4:45 am

I LOVE getting my hole fucked by a thick cock! Wish I hadn’t waited so long to do it! Eating pussy while getting my hole fucked...absolutely NOTHING BETTER!

harold51754 67M  
15 posts
11/12/2020 4:53 am

Not a big fan of receiving anal but anyone tight and wet is always a pleasure. I did get my GF a strap-on in the hope i will soon learn to enjoy it. She certainly does.

iraduu 41M
3515 posts
11/12/2020 5:13 am

fuder a buceta e depois no cuzinho e muito gostoso

CleavageFan4U 64M  
68340 posts
11/12/2020 6:42 am

Giving - I fully understand the naughty factor, but other than that I just don't see what the big deal is for the guy/giver.

Getting - Not really a fan, but a sexy lady speaking those magic words "Cleavage it would turn me on SOOO much if you'd...(let me fuck you with this strap-on in this case)" HAVE won me over before, and likely will again.

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PantyCurious865 46T
301 posts
11/12/2020 7:53 am

Haven't had my ass fucked yet butt want to try. Love fucking ass too!

6dusty2 72M
20 posts
11/12/2020 1:47 pm

anal is a treat and I would enjoy it both ways so if youd like to try it out just get in touch and well turn you into a master ? dusty206 and yea ho thanks for leasing

lilabner007 67M
26 posts
11/12/2020 2:15 pm

i've been fucked in the ass with a strapon a number of times...feels incredible!

Will_Penny 63M  
27 posts
11/12/2020 3:57 pm

Hell to da NAW NAW NAW......

Asses are EXIT ONLY.

jason2371961 60M
432 posts
11/13/2020 3:27 am

I like Ass play im into outdoor or car play

letmelickU66 55M
442 posts
11/13/2020 4:03 am

ive enjoyed the few times I have been pegged by a woman

12 posts
11/13/2020 6:00 am

Ah What do you think

royer19582 63M
162 posts
11/13/2020 7:09 am

i love both...

royer19582 63M
162 posts
11/13/2020 7:09 am

i enjoy doing/having both!!!

MisterXTC1000 57M
341 posts
11/13/2020 10:16 am

I myself prefer the vagina but if the woman asks I will oblige

393 posts
11/13/2020 12:00 pm

I love fucking a willing lady in her ass but not at all interested in fucking a man in the ass. Ladies ass only for me.

Brownie202 64F  
2591 posts
11/13/2020 6:29 pm

I love both. For the man nothing large.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

Hornitoader 64M
5 posts
11/13/2020 7:19 pm

Would love to be in the middle of a threesome. Fucking while being fucked.


Hornitoader 64M
5 posts
11/13/2020 7:20 pm

Baby you can punish me anytime.


izwatitis5 100M

11/14/2020 12:03 am

can i fuck your ass? mail me..................

satin4me62 65M
24 posts
11/14/2020 4:36 am

4358102 I love to be on my back with a women pegging me and masturbating me at the same time. I enjoy and will always return the favor if she wants. I'm still trying to find the right man to take my ass cherry!

Ghostsas2019 40M
22 posts
11/14/2020 7:29 am

I wonder does the OP like having her ass fucked?

Ramiel111 56M

11/14/2020 1:44 pm

If it creates one of the most exciting encounters with partner, I would object.

Daniel Daraskewicz

harden2001 71M
4 posts
11/14/2020 4:30 pm

I love bottom

8incock199 34M
8 posts
11/15/2020 5:02 am

I want to fuck that ass

iraduu 41M
3515 posts
11/15/2020 8:30 am


fandangochick 44F  
66 posts
11/15/2020 11:13 am

Married BBW loves pegging my husband...six strap on dicks and counting, I get to pound his ass twice per week and love every minute of it

patnnj2 64M
263 posts
11/15/2020 11:22 am

i enjoy feeling a cock/strapon inside me

biwmsg 52M  
1 post
11/16/2020 4:46 am

If I get rimmed I beg for it.

not2shy60 61M  
22 posts
11/16/2020 8:01 am

How about both....😁

Russl20000 55M
4 posts
11/16/2020 11:42 am

For the right person, I might take it in the ass

sergiosor1 59M
6285 posts
11/16/2020 12:14 pm

I love both of them

jemrdy 57M  
110 posts
11/16/2020 5:11 pm

Like fucking ass, never had mine fucked, but right instance it may be exciting.

jemrdy 57M  
110 posts
11/16/2020 5:12 pm

May i ask why you love pounding his ass? I am curious as I have never been pegged.

HHFback4more 55F

11/16/2020 5:38 pm

Anal is such fun both ways. Anal gives great orgasms

RiderMontana 53M
31 posts
11/16/2020 8:32 pm

Not a big fan of anal and mines exit only LOL but that being said it is Awesome being balls deep in pussy or ass when she has a good vibrator in the other

MayIFillUP 41M
15 posts
11/16/2020 9:17 pm

Love getting pegged

OWLHOO69 78M/74F
11 posts
11/16/2020 9:30 pm

I love being a bottom and having a big hard cock gliding in & out of my ass

laughwithsinners 60M
56 posts
11/16/2020 10:25 pm

Anal both ways for me!

BurningDesires0 66M/39F
5 posts
11/16/2020 10:45 pm

I'm the male and love fucking ass. My partner the sexy female loves me fucking her ass. We haven't permitted anyone else to use her ass yet

LucasCj1987 50M

11/16/2020 10:56 pm

Want to fuck and be fucked. Strap on or real deal.

pussyeatenlove12 75M
2 posts
11/17/2020 3:28 pm

well you can fuck me any time

toy20666 64M
105 posts
11/17/2020 6:04 pm

I have never been fucked and dont want too

69sexyboy2018 46M

11/17/2020 6:47 pm

Getting fucked in the ass is just the best!

DoUIntheButt 39M
118 posts
11/17/2020 9:51 pm

Ain't nothing wrong with Doing the butt!! I sure miss it to!

ItsThtPervertGuy 41M
485 posts
11/17/2020 10:39 pm

Anal Is good

pukryba 58M
17 posts
11/18/2020 2:23 am

Fucking ass? Awesome!
Being pegged? Been there, done it. Didn't turn me on.

Hidihoe20 30M
1 post
11/18/2020 10:20 am

both for me, sometimes at the same time!

1 post
11/18/2020 11:47 am

Taking a cock up the ass while wife sucks me off is the best

hottig96 44M
1 post
11/18/2020 12:53 pm

    Quoting Hidihoe20:
    both for me, sometimes at the same time!
100% agreed!

PantyCurious865 46T
301 posts
11/18/2020 4:16 pm

Love fucking ass. Haven't yet been fucked but really want to try!

lov2suk1969 52M  
104 posts
11/18/2020 7:18 pm

want to try it someday to be fucked

LatinBottom2021 31M
1 post
11/19/2020 12:46 am

Getting it in the butt.

ww1962000 59M  
2 posts
11/19/2020 4:24 am

i like both, fucking a nice female ass and getting fucked by a stud

Texasbottom4u 58M
51 posts
11/19/2020 6:35 am

I love being ass fucked! Make my ass like a pussy, stretch it and fuck it all the time.

ClarkW23 65M
27 posts
11/19/2020 2:18 pm

Have fucked a couple of nice male ass and one female...loved it tremendously. Have been fucked several times and have really got to the point where I like to get fucked more than to fuck....but either way is amazing.

Hburgguy20 39M
22 posts
11/19/2020 6:45 pm

Hasn't happened yet, but I want to be pegged! I've only fucked one ass before and loved it, and would do it again any time!

3200Ram 40M
210 posts
11/20/2020 12:19 am

I like it all... I had some exp with good people.. Pain and pleasure moment ...

rich709217 63M
12 posts
11/20/2020 2:45 am

Tried it once and enjoyed it. Looking for more.

Shybuttfun90 31M
11 posts
11/20/2020 8:54 am

Definitely a bottom. Being only 5'0" it just feels right 🥵🤤

cfa60 61M  
1 post
11/20/2020 10:29 am

Nothing like fucking a nice tight ass, male or female.

ocguy1542 67M
12 posts
11/20/2020 10:48 am

i definately prefer to take it in the ass. but i am versatile

Kcada79 42M
23 posts
11/20/2020 3:31 pm

I’m definitely a pitcher...not a catcher.....and I can take it or leave it to be perfectly honest.

aniceride 51M  
117 posts
11/21/2020 11:02 am

both is good with me for sure!

oldman3113 54M
17 posts
11/21/2020 3:07 pm

exit only here

oldman3113 54M
17 posts
11/21/2020 3:08 pm

exit only here!!

bloody_angel1 37M
119 posts
11/21/2020 6:05 pm

I've only do anal with a woman 2 times, but I didn't really like it.

On the other hand, I've used toys on myself many times, and was even fucked by a guy once. It was kind of boring, but he wasn't very big. I've been craving being fucked by a big, thick cock, but they don't exist it seems. I'm also curious to see what it feels like being nutted it.

wildthoughts 66M  
1204 posts
11/21/2020 6:27 pm

With proper prep. It should at least be given a try , either way giving or receive if it is bad you'll know and stop .

Warm27Beach 53M
3 posts
11/21/2020 6:49 pm

There is nothing like a dick in your pussy and another in your ass...

motoneta56 65M
29 posts
11/21/2020 8:41 pm


interhf77 44M
4 posts
11/21/2020 9:41 pm

I'm versatile, so let's play!

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 61M
3847 posts
11/22/2020 11:05 pm

I was doing anal at age 12, with a girl a cpl of years older than me, much more experienced than I was too, and while we had plenty of vaginal sex, when she was having her period, it was just anal. She liked it, I loved it, and well I have loved it ever since.

bigaldenver 64M
12 posts
11/23/2020 9:42 am

I LOVE fucking ass!

outdoorguy959413 71M  
49 posts
11/23/2020 3:54 pm

i do luv it all

PierreAyr01 65M
1 post
11/24/2020 1:47 am

Getting fucked up the ass is amazing. The wife thinks so too

mtlpleasure4you 61M
7 posts
11/24/2020 10:10 am

Waiting. you take me I take you or just take me all the time.

pegmybuttgood 43M
1 post
11/24/2020 1:41 pm

wow that is big!

bime4you 66M  
56 posts
11/25/2020 9:07 pm

I like women or tv/ts butts and I love my butt pleasured.


11/26/2020 8:40 am


shoot_blanks 79M
742 posts
11/26/2020 1:08 pm

Tried it a few (receiving, 3 or 4) times and enjoyed. Would love to do it again WITH CONDOM CLAD COCKS!!!!!!


11/26/2020 10:04 pm


thkey_54 67M
22 posts
11/27/2020 7:05 am

love to fuck hot women hot asses only am not into men in any way at all

yesiamascorpio 43M  
1 post
11/27/2020 3:20 pm

She can only lick my ass. But i will fuck her in hers

dayrunner77 50M
83 posts
11/28/2020 8:04 pm

give but not recieve

074nsa 50M
52 posts
11/29/2020 2:45 pm

LOVE to fuck

Woofeh1001 33M
16 posts
12/2/2020 12:02 am

I'm a submissive sub so I like dick in my butt very much lol

Letsfuckspokane6 33M
5 posts
12/7/2020 6:55 am

Anal is fun

wildguypei 50M
16 posts
12/12/2020 6:46 pm

I would let you sit on mine

BBWjawn 36F

12/16/2020 5:36 am

i like the thought of both

avgkinkster 54M
70 posts
12/19/2020 8:46 am

whatever it takes to please my partner can be fun...its all about the mutual respect, chemistry and trust...an open mind and willing body is like lightning in a bottle

seoulswing2 38M/28F
148 posts
12/28/2020 7:10 pm

we both love anal

Deepnwide76 45M  
57 posts
1/15/2021 7:10 pm

Nothing like a large cock slamming into me hardbanbfast cummins with every thrust

ed6569 51M
108 posts
1/31/2021 10:08 am

I love getting buttfucked.

Sakwes77 67M
141 posts
2/8/2021 9:37 am

No thanks.

If my partner wanted it I would do it. But my preference is it's not for me.

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