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forgotforgetting 54M
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10/22/2020 9:06 am

Nerves can become used to certain stimuli so it is important to change up from time to time. Other factors include our health and such things as medications. However, how our bodies respond or what they crave changes over time and that has more to do with sensitivies. Best thing is to experiment as to what feels good and try not to pressure yourself into responding any one way.

Welcome to the blogs. Good hunting.

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HornyDick2081 35M
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10/22/2020 11:16 am

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justaguyinalaska 54M  
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10/22/2020 12:00 pm

There is concurrence among the medical community that even *heavy* use of a vibrator does NOT cause any more than temporary numbness. Should you lose *sensations*, give your toys a day or two of rest. If that doesn't get your sexy-time back on track, consider there may be deeper physical and/or psychological issues involved.

Stress and depression (we are in a Pandemic, after all!) are often at the heart of these problems. As we all (presumably) know, significant components of our orgasms originate in the brain. Consequently, worrying about our climaxes (or lack thereof) can exacerbate sexual frustrations.

To that effect, rest, exercise, hydration and nutrition will reinforce your mind's natural ability to relax and elevate your spirits. Specific *nutritional* recommendations include B-complex vitamins and full-spectrum CBD. Both are excellent for reducing stress and anxiety.

Physically, it is possible to acquire a mild neuropathy. Absent a specific health issue, the same recommendations given above apply.

Also appreciate that our age, the body responds to *therapy* a bit more slowly than it did a couple of decades ago. Be patient. That said, if you encounter numbness that persists past a week of *self-help*, a visit to your OB-GYN (just to cover your bases) is advised.

In sum, there are no restrictions for indulging your pleasure principle to your libido's content. Staying proactive on all of the above will minimize any consequences associated with irrational exuberance.


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