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If you are going to tell a story...  

99rolands 47M
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9/22/2021 4:16 pm
If you are going to tell a story...

Please, to any and all that read this. I adore hot stories! I adore thinking if it were me in the story. I adore imaging the whole scene as I like to believe I am a voyeur by nature, however. Lately I am reading<b> stories </font></b>on here and they are so poorly written, I lose interest rather quickly. I understand, maybe no one taught you how to write, or maybe English (because that is the language, I am reading it in) is not your first language and it is a rather difficult language to master. Please, after you write your amazing experience, please put it through a language and spelling helper (try Grammarly or write it in a word doc). I do not need a beautiful piece of written art that is linguistically profound, I just want to understand what is being written with proper punctuation. Please let me read them!!! Don't be lazy just to put something out there and it doesn't even have to be a good story. But coherency matters.

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