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9/12/2019 3:06 pm

My wife Mary and I were seating at the dining table of the beachfront house we had rented in Cancun. The maids, as usual had come to prepare breakfast for us. They really do a great breakfast Mexican style. My favorite was Huevos Motulenos. So we had finished breakfast and stepped outside into a small quaint beach terrace outside the house which had a table for four. As we explained in our previous post “One Fantasy Night she showed me she could love me in ways only she could imagine, and then we met Margaret.” We were naked all the time, so we were seating at the outdoor table and the maids brought us our coffee. We were drinking it when Margaret, the girl we had met the night before at the beach, walked towards us in the sand. We waved, and asked her to come over and join us and Mary asked her if she wanted some coffee. She said yes she would love some. So Mary got up and from the door asked one of the maids to bring another cup of coffee.
We were enjoying our coffee and the morning was beautiful, we could look out to the beachfront and see the beautiful huge rocks forming he small beautiful coves and the sandy beaches between them. I told Margaret she could be naked as well. She smiled and took her black bikini off. Mary told her that after we showered the night before, we had great fun remembering her. She had a beautiful smile in her face and asked us to tell her all about it. Mary started telling her all about how we fucked remembering how good I had fucked her in the beach. Once Mary really got into telling her all the minor details, Mary starting rubbing her clit. Margaret started to touch herself as well. I got up from my chair and showed them the hard on I had. The smiled sensuously. I asked Margaret if she had come to visit us for coffee or to get laid. She gave me a very sensual smile, looked at me and told me she could barely sleep the night before thinking about how good I had fucked her. I grabbed her hand and ask her to follow me. Mary told her she was going to stay finishing her coffee but to please go with me and enjoy.
I took Margaret’s naked body and laid her in bed face down. I started kissing her whole back very softly and then went on to turn her around and continue kissing her body. I reached her clit and licked it with the tip of my tongue; she was so excited she was asking me not to stop. When said that, I opened my mouth and started sucking her clit softly and increasing the suctioning pressure slowly until it got to the point that I was really sucking her clit intensely and she was moaning incredibly loud and screamed to me that she was going to cum. Within a minute, she was screaming like a mad girl , having a wonderful orgasm and I kept on sucking her clit for a bit, only for a bit longer because I got in my knees quickly and pushed all of my cock inside of her, all in one<b> stroke </font></b>and kept it there without moving so she could feel all of my cock deep inside. I could see by the expressions of her face and her body movements that she was really having a great time. I fucked her with very slow and long strokes. I would pull out almost to the tip of my cock’s head and the I will go in slowly in one<b> stroke </font></b>all the way as deep as I could, repeating this motion over and over again. Her mouth was open wide, moaning almost silently, she could not produce any sounds, that’s how excited she was. Her eyes were wide open looking straight at my eyes and suddenly screamed words came out her mouth….”I’m cuming, shit I’m cuming again, Oh God, don’t stop, I’m cuming”….I kept on fucking her in the same rhythm I had been fucking her and I felt my body getting tensed up and I shot my load deep inside her pussy and kept my cock as deep as I could until I finished cuming inside of her wonderful pussy.
I invited her to take a shower with me, we did and then we went out and joined Mary at the terrace. She looked at us and smiled. Looked at Margaret , got up went to her, gave her a kiss in the cheek, almost touching her lips and asked her if the morning had started right for her. She smiled at Mary and told her it had started too good. Mary asked her…”Did he get you to a great orgasm?”…She said she had not had an orgasm in about a year until last night at the beach, but this morning she actually came twice and more intense than she could recall. Mary told her, she was very happy she had enjoyed it and she was welcome to come over whenever she need it to have sex for as long as we were there w One Fantasy Night she showed me she could love me in ways only she could imagine, and then we met Margaret. which was about two more weeks. She gave Mary a very malicious look with a beautiful smile and asked her….”Anytime?”….Mary said…”As long as you give us some time for us to fuck, she could come anytime”. Margaret told us that she was staying for the month in a house her parents had rented within the same complex we were and since she was twenty, she was very much free to do as she pleased, so she would be jumping in on us quite a bit. I told Margaret I had enjoyed her very much, that she was a very sweet girl and I truly enjoyed having sex with her and will be glad to make love to her anytime she needed it. She looked at me and said…”well, its almost lunch time in our house, so I will go have lunch with my parents, rest for a while and come back for more.”….I told her, If she didn’t find us home, we would be at the little beach cove in front of our house. She was so young and enjoyable!

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