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So many questions  

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8/18/2015 10:00 pm
So many questions

I read profiles a lot
I chat quite a bit
I have quite a few pics in my profile
I am pretty straight forward, by that I mean I say what I want and mean what I say
So one question is:
Is it that hard for people to say what they mean and mean what they say ?
Why all the BS?
Why lie about who you are and what you want?
Sex is sex and easy to get
So when someone wants one partner to be with and together they choose who to play with is it treated like some kind of plague?
If more people would realize the truth will get them more of just about everything they might want I am guessing there would be a whole lot of happier people around...LOL
Maybe I'm different in my way of thinking, who knows
I know and fully understand they say this is a "sex" site
But does that really mean everyone on here is looking "only" for sex?
See I don't think so
I love sex and videos and live action as much (if not more) than anybody but that doesn't mean I am going to be flat out an ass to try and get sex. I believe a little common courtesy is in order
Sex site or not just stop the BS
Post all the pics and videos you all want as for me what ya got in my profile is what you get
This is not a rant

Laugh,Love,Live as if tomorrow will never come

s2ndegree 62M  
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8/18/2015 10:42 pm

BRAVO! Very well put.

Using more than all the road!

nightsoul1962 58F
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8/18/2015 10:50 pm

Lots of fakes on this site!!!!


WellSeasoned2 70M
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8/19/2015 7:00 am

Bravo...well put...just wish I were close enough to get to meet you

redrockrascal 62M
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8/19/2015 7:31 am

Welcome to the blogs Sexysouthern.
Why all the BS? Being a guy/man/male on this or any “dating” site is not easy. Even if you realize the “get laid” marketing is just bs once you are here it is hard to not see the beautiful and intelligent women and then you start to imagine. So, not defending the bs but, SOME guys probably feel like they have to bs to get noticed.

I can “imagine” just sex is easy to get for almost any woman on this site – if that is what they want. But not for everyone and especially not for an “average” guy.

I’m not here for “only sex” either FWIW.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

K1ssGasm 49M

11/6/2015 5:13 pm

I think you make many valid points! I first got on this site all "horny'ied up" for a lack of a better term.

While this site (and a couple of others) have worked for me in meeting for sex, I have discovered that some aspects of sex is not the only void that I was seeking.

This is very much a social site as well and an avenue to explore oneself; if it is used in that manner anyway.

What's going on? That is what Marvin Gaye wanted to know!

4 Non Blondes also wanted to know What's Up too; thus, got to feeling a little peculiar, so screamed from the top of the lungs... What's going on?

I don't know what's going on. I am so in deep with you. - The Cure

rm_scottsthick 49M
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11/13/2015 11:56 am

very nice!! thanks for sharing and wow very sexy

author51 58F
108064 posts
11/25/2015 9:48 am

Everyone on here is searching for different things, ways to connect with others, make new friends, read new bloggers.Welcome to our world.The world of a word lovers paradise, a well written hot, seductive fantasy land with a smorgasbord of men and women who are all beautiful and sexy as we the thinkers stir up each others erotic imaginations whether we are meeting others strictly for sex or searching for something more meaningful and maybe ever lasting..

You can never have enough JOY in your life..


FriskyinPhx 61M  
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12/18/2017 3:13 pm

you certainly deserve good things there pretty lady

abc123973 63M

10/4/2018 3:12 pm

Every one of your photos on your profile is fabulous, but this one on this blog just screams W-O-M-A-N, as in mature hot sexy woman, to me.

Buddieboy11 59M/65F  
205 posts
1/29/2019 2:06 am

so true.. just go for it.. but be kind and repectful

easy_going2014 54M
14366 posts
2/22/2019 9:10 pm


your one and only blog post...

thanks for sharing...

I hope that you find what you are looking for.

brought this one to mind...

The Moody Blues - "Question"

Why do we never get an answer
When we're knocking at the door?
Because the truth is hard to swallow
That's what the war of love is for

It's not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me
It's more the way that you mean it
When you tell me what will be
And when you stop and think about it
You won't believe it's true
That all the love you've been giving
Has all been meant for you

To leave private messages, please use my confidential mailbox at my blog:

Good luck!!!


2/23/2019 7:57 am

Thank you
I have come to realize what I've been looking for and always hoped was out there does not exist. At least for me. I have come to a point where it would seem it just doesn't matter anymore. Lies and deceit seem the way of the world. Sad really all the love wasted, time spent not really living but pretending, Will it ever stop ? No I don't believe so

Laugh,Love,Live as if tomorrow will never come

ludwig202 69M
11901 posts
7/14/2019 10:55 pm

hi you are wonderfully attractiv and so sexy

TheRightMan_4U 68M  
15 posts
9/12/2019 6:30 pm

I totally agree with everything you said. For me, if I can't have a sexy time without being myself. Why bother?


Travellall 58M  
12 posts
5/30/2020 3:18 am

well expressed and leaves many open ended questions, but the fact that we have to believe, to an extent, that we will all be honest, but the nature of the beast is that so many will hide behind the black and white of their respective posts, that they might come to believe the words are the reality and not have fact to back themselves when the conductor cums to collect the fare. Funny on Facebook now many do the mimes things with younger and thinner versions of themselves. Some of us, are not really that hot.

You really are sexy as can be. Just wish I was closer

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