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What is up with the people on this site? Our Story!!  

AddictiveRituals 46M  
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9/3/2020 7:58 am
What is up with the people on this site? Our Story!!

Seriously, how much more do you need know other than whats our profile, and what is in the video I posted. This profile is run by the wife! Why is that so difficult understand? I enjoy watching my man fuck other women, its fucking hot! Hes got a gorgeous cock, and is well versed in pleasing women! Whats wrong with sharing that? We get these crazy messages about how we are fake, how I am some guy making shit up, and people constantly asking fuck (the wife) . What about our profile is not clear?

I love AdultFriendFinder. My husband and I met here ago. I was never one be promiscuous, but a friend convinced sign up at the time for the chat rooms and learn about the lifestyle. It wasn't for , I was never about multiple partners, and when my husband first contacted , I just ignored him. Finally one day I decided reply and it was the best decision I have ever made.

He is amazing, funny, extremely intelligent, talented (musician, record producer, film maker, digital artist) and it doesn't hurt that he is amazing in bed. I am extremely fortunate have him in my life. We started out monogamous and for 5 , and that was well and good, but him being into BDSM and a Poly Lifestyle his entire life until meeting me was hard for him. We had discussed it a few times but it wasn't something I thought I could do. The thought of sharing MY man was just not for me.

Eventually things got bad between us. So much that we were not sleeping together, not even doing things together. We would sit in our own offices doing our own thing. Finally it happened. I came home early from work one day and there he was. Going to town on this young, hot, woman with huge breasts and you could see the pleasure on her face. As one could imagine we had a massive knock down, drag out argument about what was happening.

As the argument progressed I calmed down and listened to what he was actually saying. It wasn't that he didn't love me, It wasn't that he was over me! It was that his entire life he had been in swing and poly relationships. Hes a musician, hes slept with hundreds, possibly thousands of women all over the world. His ex wife was OK with it, and they had an arrangement. Its what he was used too and what he needed in his life.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a massive turn on to see him work his magic, and to see him give women the pleasure they miss out on with most other men. As we argued, I realized I liked seeing it, it turned me on, and I felt I was doing women of the world a favor by allowing this sexual monster to share his talented cock, tongue and hands with other women. It wasn't HIS choice, it was MINE. I wasn't forced into it. We had stopped discussing it earlier, and then when this situation arose I realized it was O A few days after everything happened I told him it was OK and I wanted to see it again, he was perplexed to say the least ... LOL

We tried doing the swing thing, but I wasn't into sleeping with the other men we had met. I have this sexual monster that is mine, and everyone else we came across just wasn't as good. Hell I didn't even find most of them attractive. I am very particular in what I like, and it is not the norm. I prefer guys to be MEN. Hairy, a bit chubby, seasoned, and real. Manly men, not these prissy spend 30 hours a week in the gym piles of vanity that couldn't please a woman if you gave them an instruction manual. Sure my man isn't for everyone, hes overweight, bearded, tattooed, and has some unsightly scarring and health issues that some seem to think are hygiene issues when they aren't. People are just dumb. But there is no need to send us messages telling us how "unattractive" "fat" and "disgusting" he is, YES! PEOPLE REALLY DO SEND US THAT STUFF!! We ignore it cause those vain individuals are just miserable human beings who live shit lives.

From swing we tried the BDSM thing, I am definitely not a sub! So with him being Dominant, and me being Dominant in addition to not enjoying pain, made it not work in that respect either. So he took on a sub. Eventually she moved in with us. She wound being one of my best friends and we would together but there was no playing between her and I other than some strap stuff. No exchanges of bodily fluids. It was hot! It was passion and it was truly amazing! We lived together for 4 !!!

That was until April of this year (2020). With the pandemic, her having her first grandchild, and the stress of her not knowing if her job would be there ever again things in the house started change. The relationship we had with her got strained. Eventually she decided move and leave.

Since then we have been back AdultFriendFinder looking for women for my man date and come be part of our life. I enjoy having a female friend do things with. Clothes Shopping, Toy Shopping, Girls Nights Out, Doing Make , Playing Dress , and Plotting and scheming what crazy sexual things one of us is going try next. I don't understand why its so difficult for people understand.

We aren't fake, we aren't a man pretending, we aren't catfishing. We are very real, very interested in finding someone be a part of our lives, and if I do say so ourselves quite fun, silly, and awesome

Maybe this blog will help people realize how we work, why we are here, and show others that we are very real and serious about what we want. If any of you have questions please feel free us . I am more than happy have a phone call or a show you that this is very real and legit.


FYI The way this website works changed a lot of what I typed here. I PROMISE I am not as illerate as this makes me loo Sometimes words like "werent"<b> freak </font></b>out, words like me, and other small words dont show up. I dont understand I tried fixing it 3 times with no luc....LOL

1958Justmenyou 63F  
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10/26/2021 1:56 pm

He's very handsome and you are a cutie too..Ignore the haters be free to be you! big hugs

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