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Looking out from the back window....  

AgileCore 61M/59F
4 posts
9/21/2021 11:37 am
Looking out from the back window....

So I am but a fly named Whitful, looking out the Vans back window. I am trapped in a van, looking for a way out and constantly viewing the sexual sessions of my captures. This time their toy is a middle-aged clean, well-groomed executive named Storm. His demeanor was inviting with a stocky built, straight brown hair and a beard, but he was nervous. As expected, it was the initial non-meetup. Blah, blah, blah, the conversation went during the coffee-soaked meeting in Peaches and Herbs (P&H) Stealth Van parked at the back of a local Tim Horton’s parking lot. They were discussing their rules and boundaries. You can do this but not that. Stick your tongue there but not your fingers. Of course, Peaches stressed her main rule, “I am here to watch and stimulate but not participate.” After about an hour, the light, friendly conversation concluded with anticipation and excitement over the mind-blowing sex session they were about to enjoy in a couple of days.

The initial non-sex meetup is like first contact in Star Trek. Dwelving into each other's rules and boundaries were important but understanding the nature of each other was priceless. As a fly with an appetite for wild sex, from what I saw, the initial non-sex meetup helped so much that instead of starting off at "A" at their first sex session, they started off at "X" and ended the session with a "XXX" session!!! It almost left me in a not able to fly around condition. You see, flies cannot fly when they have hard-ons. Too much weight in the lower extremities!

On the planned day, I could sense Storm was excited by the bulge in his pants and the laser-like glare he directed at Peaches. She was a knockout. Her white nurse negligee, outlined with red-accented highlights, blond hair, and red shoes, took her fabulous amazon body to a whole new sexual level. Storm had such hunger in his eyes and a nasty drool of saliva running down the side of his mouth. He wanted to fuck her silly but remembered her boundary. She did say "if the action was intense she would join in". So Storm promised himself he would moan loudly and participate in every sexual position as if he was an Olympic athlete performing for the world.

As a fly, I saw his aura change from blue-green to red. Peaches and Herb had a phenomenal session the night before with each other. Regardless, they never missed an initial non-sex or sex session meetup. Especially a first sexual encounter with a new sexmate who had said he was eager to please. I had seen them with similar sexmates go thru all of the seven different staged extravagant sex fantasies. So he wasn't the first to go thru the fantasies and most certainly would not be the last. It had been only a week since their successful initial non-sex meetup. The delays and rescheduling were always difficult, but P&H was very patient.

The session began with P&H aggressively and passionately French kissing and stroking each other’s private parts. The glow of the cool turquoise lighting and the dance music provided a charged environment that added to the grinding they delivered to each other. Soon, Herb went over Storm, who was seated on the bench, unzipped his fly, and immediately sucking his growing cock. Herb was on his knees and reached up to place both of Storm’s hands on the back of Herb's head. Now with the full force of Storm's strong arms, he plowed his pulsing cockhead down the longing canal of Herb’s throat. Storm moaned in pleasure. Just then Herb slipped a finger into Storm’s ass. Storm’s new moans grew louder as Herb’s fingers went deeper into his asshole, and his heavy hard cock slid in and out of Herb’s throat. Herb would gag and pull back for small breaths of air but almost immediately had Storm's plum-colored uncircumcised back into his throat canal.

The action quickly moved to the bed, with Storm lying nude on the bed, his hands on Herb’s head, his legs up, and lastly, with most of Herb’s four fingers up his anal zone. As the song and music changed, Peaches began moaning in the background. Her orgasm was heading to the middle phase, but a new stimulus was needed to get her. She proceeded to the bed and directed her vast breasts into Storm’s mouth. He was stunned but could not say anything because he had a hard nipple in his mouth and fleshy titty in his face! My fly hardon was at its max, so I flew over to Storm’s smelly ass and stuck my dick squarely into a brown clump. The clump turned out to be a small pimple, but it felt so good. After three quick pumps, I climaxed. Exhausted, I lay there and was nearly crushed as everything changed.

Storm was placed on his knees and was instructed to suck on Herb’s dick while Peaches started fucking Herb’s face as he lay on the bed. Peaches was moaning loudly as she perfectly squeezed her plump nipples that sat on her huge pink areolas. Yes, Peaches had perfect tits, and they were massive with huge areolas and big juicy nipples. As Herb started to pump his penis more viciously, Peaches finished her orgasm and laid on the bed, taking the remainder of her slinky costume off. Herb sat up and moved Storm back to the couch while stroking his semi-hard dick. Peaches opened a condom, pulled Herb away from Storm, and licked his cock until it was iron-hard again. She quickly put the condom on Storm and then moved aside. Herb’s now greased ass slowly slid down Storm’s entire shaft.

Now Storm’s manhood was balls deep into Herb’s tight ass, and he could feel Herb’s pain as his girth and length entered again and again and again into his newly discovered joy hole. Storm’s concentration on his cock deepened as each stroke brought a new powerful sensation throughout his body. It was the first time he and his throbbing cock participated in a willing anal fuck where the anal muscles squeezed his member unlike anything a pussy ever had. His soon-to-follow orgasm jolted his body as he pounded to get every ounce out of his shaft. His penis then drained itself, causing every muscle to convulse in his body as his cock swelled and then went utterly soft with the condom squeezing it. He collapsed on the floor, sat for a while, and finally laid the overflowing life-giving condom onto the counter. Peaches offered him some water which he drank and poured over his entire head. They all quickly got dressed and prepared to leave. I knew my chance to escape when the door opened was coming soon. I was ready when the blah, blah, blah conversation had finished, and the door flung open. However, as I flew out, a gush of harsh wind rifled me back onto the Van counter, and I landed right into the condom. I stood for a while in disbelief. Then I proceeded ferociously lick my tentacles as the delicacy of the fresh, swimming sperm with seminal fluid from the condom filled my body and its empty stomach. I began planning my next escape as it wouldn’t be long before another session would indeed commence in a few days. As I contemplated my day, I was content. After all, I had just viewed and participated in my third MMF session and had a delicious meal to top it all off!

Looking for a few good men.
Peaches & Herb of AgileCore

Allaboutfun2026 57M  
1 post
11/22/2021 5:33 am

I love everything about this!

rickluvsplzn 64M
25 posts
10/28/2021 11:20 am

Great story, erotic and imaginative.

drpassword 36M
1 post
10/21/2021 5:30 am

that is an amazing story! omg i got hard reading it ad thinking about it! you should write a book!

RoarkH58 65M
1 post
10/14/2021 10:45 pm

Beautiful Lady!!!

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