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A spanking  

Aj31313016 33M  
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2/25/2021 10:07 pm
A spanking

You are in the room. It is empty except for a folding chair with a small duffel bag underneath and the bed with the outfits you have laid out for choose from. You are in nothing but a robe standing near the bed. I enter the room and walk purposefully towards you. I circle you. Taking in your body. Your scent. I wordlessly look over the outfits you have chose. I find the one. A short black skirt that just barely covers your ass, a pair of lace panties, and a white button upshirt that you can barely button up. I instruct you to put it on. You hesitate, realizing there's no where for you to go change. I sit and wait as you drop the robe and put on the outfit. My eyes never leave your curves as I wait for you to finish changing. Once you have finished I stand and circle you again this time touching you. A light graze on your ass, your hips, your nec I adjust your outfit where it needs be. And I come a stop in front of you. Facing you. And I ask are you ready. You hesitate again. But just barely and say yes. I sit in the chair and instruct you to lay yourself across my lap. Once there I lift your skirt exposing your panties and give each cheek a firm slap. After each slap inrub each cheek a couple of times in a circle. Making sure to graze your pussy as I do it. I repeat this a couple times. Getting stronger with each slap. And more bold with each rub. After awhile I pull your panties down. Exposing your rear end to me. Your cheeks have started to redden. I slap each one again. Then tell you to stand. You comply wordlessly. I reach below my chair and pull out the bag. I open it a grab a few items from inside. A small paddle, leather on one side. Satin on the other, a vibrator, one you recognize as being controlled by remote, and lastly a belt. I stand and set the vibrator and the paddle on the chair. I walk to you with the belt and circle behind you. I strike your ass a couple of times before stepping close to your bac I reach around you and slowly unbutton your shirt and pull out you tits. I take the belt and wrap them tightening until they are bulging slightly. I go and sit in the chair and motion for you to resume you position. You do. I take the vibrator a slowly<b> tease </font></b>your pussy, eventually sliding it in and leaving it in place. I set it to a low setting a begin spanking you with the paddle. The leather striking your bare ass, the satin rubbing after. My free hand finding your nipples a rolling them between my fingers. Occasionally pinching hard. Your ass is now bright red and I instruct You to kneel before me. I turn the vibrator up a little and have you take my cock out of my pants and into your mouth. I let you put your oral skills to use until I can't take it anymore and stand you up and bend you over the chair. I take out the vibrator and take you.

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