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The 42 year old Victoria secret model next door  

Aladdin4you2 33M
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9/7/2020 11:56 am
The 42 year old Victoria secret model next door

Hi everyone how are you doing?
My name is Nick I’m From Rockland, ma
I’m 6 foot tall, I’m athletic work out and take care of myself. What am i here fro, interesting, more important intellectual woman that can hold their own in a conversation because listen this place like everyone else is infected with bugs. I am an integrity driving, motivational guy who really just wants nothing but the best for everyone, chessly saying, Can’t we all just get along? Unfortunately no i# the answer in shirt. It sucks no , we will not all just be friend,y and get along, do dammit! Yes at heart I’m giving you a glimpse into the emotional makeup in which I wear everyday of my life. Had some experience with a neighborhood woman Whalen I was 19 years old she was 42 years old, my mother maybe? Lol fucking sick, but no she was a beatin up tired woman who was once offered to model in bikinis for sears catalog, yea the years went by, yes did she age, but ever so slightly she was 42 was a bikini model at my age, well point is my fantasy as a , discovering my dick could stand up I started hinting of her. Anyway I grew up time went by her husband Kevin ducked , he her . I helped her carry her grocers the steps one hot #ummer afternoon. BOOM her
E we go I know is of a sudden I’m drinking lemonade in this woman’s kit hen my fantasies now over confidently knowing Kevin was at work jockeying.ly with my heart though I was going make her laugh maybe , even scared of the repercussions, well not scared but I said it out loud standing against het fridge whilst she stood n sweaty from us both carrying of 5e groceries , long story short a<b> weird </font></b>feeling cane over I spoke out loud! I said, excuse Beth, thank you for this lemonade, do you want pour you a little more lube your throat a little more I don’t want you uncomfortable in any way. It was a blowjob joke. , obviously. I could have never known being young and niave that Beth said what so u mean like this? She took a popcyle out for the purpose of tease, licked a cherry popsicle like I had never seen such voluptuous lips at his point she looked like a movie star. If anyone rememeber papmalamAnderson, so ok ya ya right, she was her twin same game did tits, same ass the shape of a tipped over heart flawless in every definition of the world this once sexy ass woman with the legs for fats, an ass that don’t quite, the lingerie collection of a goddess , is on her knees in her a kitchen. Pulled my pants, and boxer briefs to the fall my fear had now been uncovered, our society says u have to have a huge cock ducking like a rock star , my dick ain’t at foot long I measured only for context, every single and every one of them would still say, the sex was sensational orgasmic on seismic levels. That 42 year old married woman Beth was the hottest sexual experience I ever had. She sucked the cum out of my cock like a fucking vacuum on steroids, she knew I was fucking well taken care of at that point as her sexy finger collected the remaining cum I shot straight into her naked dad tire , she was aoffered to be in Victoria’s Secret but her husband got so jealous which is the one and onky reason he’s at work and I’m home Kevin the oil next door just got sucked off by a Victoria secret model of a wife , my cums in her belly u violent prick. Anyway that was the change in my life that sent me on this path. Shit I thought was in the books of legends was no reality I could never ever find what I had wi5 her, and that what was what turned into from19- untill I was 29, Beth theat hot hot hot once Victoria’s Secret Nigel was a fuck buddy all that time kev never knew this is 5e first time I put it uo. Kevin if you see this, if you hit your wifeagain my ice guy lifestyle is gonna turn violent to come find u Kevin, they moved to California when I was 29 a few years ago I hope she’s ok , I heard finally divorced, Beth spread your wings sexy, thank you for teaching me and talking about anything and everything,will never be dismissed. So listen if your on this site I don’t know but you ain’t gonna come close to be ung hat hit , won’t touch it don’t try it, lol, fucking just be honest with me and we can have a blast

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