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Sex and Class in Thailand (A rant by him).  

AlinaDee 50M/41F
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6/23/2018 10:35 pm
Sex and Class in Thailand (A rant by him).

We created our profile a week ago. It's funny how in such short time, the issue of class and status have cropped a few times. We've possibly been black-balled from Bangkok's Eyes-Wide-Shut sex party elite. And some couples seem to be setting a bar in a race that neither of us are actually running.

It's ironic - isn't it? When the intention is to share experiences that are so raw and intimate, inevitably shedding all the layers of superficiality along with our clothes.

For me, the whole concept of class is askew anyway. I grew up with an out-dated British interpretation of the word. Something to do with values - but not materialistic values. And it certainly wasn't about money.

In Thailand, judging the status of everyone around you is endemic in the culture. Thai culture is segmented into definite class strata. This country affords expats the opportunity to reinvent themselves, putting on airs and graces. A pretense that has never appealed to me.

We are both more uber-geek than uber-chic. We're educated, and intellectually discerning - not materialistically discerning. And we belong to a younger generation that values experiences over possessions. We live a simple lifestyle. Hippie nomadic types on an adventure exploring cultures, flavours, and backwater places. It's no wonder that we draw the derision of established expats.

LQQK7979 M
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8/6/2018 3:12 am

Interesting post. I don't know the Eyes Wide Shut people, but i would think the majority of expats aren't that discerning. I find most are classless dogs to be honest lol. I would think you and your partner will be well above most people you meet but like you said you love experiences more than materialistic things so thats good.

Hope you have a great time here. It was nice reading. Cheers

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