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My Cartoon Self?  

AlitaAngel1 33T  
239 posts
8/21/2020 10:13 am
My Cartoon Self?

I was told this looks like me. What do you think? She has a flatter stomach and bigger clit.

48scootertramp1 67M
131 posts
8/21/2020 12:33 pm

You have a sexier face, tush and better clit, the teacher student model looks like you

AlitaAngel1 replies on 8/21/2020 2:52 pm:
Really? Thank you. {=}

Leegs2012 47M
56505 posts
8/21/2020 1:18 pm

Need to see you naked before I can compare. If you look like this..HOT!!!!!!!

AlitaAngel1 replies on 8/21/2020 2:52 pm:
I don't think I do, but we're all our own worst critics.

twood1600 55M
207 posts
8/21/2020 1:25 pm


AlitaAngel1 replies on 8/21/2020 2:53 pm:
Isn't she?!

The_Stallion_99 34M
31 posts
8/21/2020 1:39 pm

You make a hot cartoon baby!

AlitaAngel1 replies on 8/21/2020 2:53 pm:
Aww, thanks! I don't really see it, the eyes maybe and the hair if it was shorter.

InsatiableWisc 38F  
4 posts
8/21/2020 1:53 pm

I guess a very close resemblance. Yoiu look much younger than 32 tho. I get so turned on over seeing a male package on a lovely girl. Or, are you a man T ?

AlitaAngel1 replies on 8/21/2020 2:58 pm:
Thank you! I'm just a CD, not full time. I am thinking about transitioning, though.

OurSecret119 48M
121 posts
8/21/2020 8:40 pm

The cartoon may have similarities, but fails in comparison. You are far more beautiful. Damn Hot might be a better description. I wish you were my gurl! I would love to be your Daddy

AlitaAngel1 replies on 8/21/2020 10:01 pm:
Really? Thanks! I think she's hotter, inspires me to stay in shape.

20form 50T  
86 posts
8/22/2020 6:58 pm

Just as hot as you are

AlitaAngel1 replies on 8/22/2020 10:11 pm:
Aww, thanks! {=}

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