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How I Ended Up on AdultFriendFinder
how I come to use AdultFriendFinder to find sex and friends...
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Long version of my profile
Posted:Aug 5, 2019 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 8:46 am

My latest profile was too long, so I posted it as a blog, so please read my blogs to learn more about ...

I'm a bisexual bottom, but not opposed to topping every once in a while. I’m in an open marriage, my wife has her own FWB, I would like the , , , or trans. I'm open sex with anyone I find attractive. I love to receive anal sex and to give and receive oral.
I'm an exhibitionist, a voyeur, I like to dirty, and if the timing and situation is right, have sex with others. I enjoy playing with my dildos and sex toys, love strap-on sex and being penetrated!
I love being naked and love being around nudity, you don't have to ask twice strip down! Or, you can dress if you like! I'm a non-pass CD from the neck down...
I’m 6x5.5" , HWP. Clean, disease free, and well groomed/shaved.
Must know I have no plans my wife, we have a long happy marriage, just discovering more in life.
Discretion and privacy is a must!
Open meeting at Denver Swim Club. Very curious about Midtowne Spa (tell your Panorama stories) and Mon Chalet in Denver, let know if you have been there and what is your opinion.
We do try get down Manitou Springs every year. Interested in Club Buddies.
If you are traveling and in North Platte, . maybe I'll come your room, please share photos and info about you.

photos in my profile are mine and of and are recent!

Please read through my Q&A and blog learn more about .

I'm here for the possibility of having sex, I want photos of your parts, I won't converse or accept friends without. If you want to have sex with , I would like full body pics front and back OK if you want include pics, but I understand if you don’t want have face pics. Also, want some conversation before hooking .
If you just want talk dirty and share nudies, I'm cool with .

I have had a vasectomy.

We have preferences in life, please don't be offended if I don't feel you're right for ...

Some things I'm interested in doing I have not yet done, in no particular order:
Having a man and women share me.
Having a gay couple share me.
Getting gang banged.
Getting double penetrated.
Have my prostrate milked.
a nice twink in the ass.
Having sex with a TG.
Have someone in my ass.
Being watched having sex.
Be involved in an "anything goes" coed orgy.
Crossdress with others. I have a lot of dresses, hose, and heels. Locals
me up ...

Any gender, race, or legal age! If I feel we are a fit, we'll see what happens...
I find many different forms of women attractive...
Find muscular men very appealing(The Rock or Vin Diesel type), but not a requirement...
with me, share pictures,if we are going have sex, I want know you at least a little...
Some things I prefer in men, but they are not requirements:
----smooth bodies, esp. if i'm on top, I keep my rear and genitals shaved(whole body during cold weather months).
----non smoker
----top or vers
----7-9" cock, prefer normal thickness cocks if they are over 8, but don't mind being stretched or thick if they are less than 7...always up for the adventure of a well hung cock...
Would love a MF couple that wants to share me, esp. if she's a little kinky and likes peg, he has top or be vers...
Seeking in no specific order:
Bisexual(MF) couple(into pegging a big plus) Who wants to be my first? ...
Gay(MM) couple, I love being double ended, I absolutely love sucking a cock
while getting fucked in the ass...
Bi/Gay Male(prefer Married, but not required) Limited experience, but
open to trying most anything(no blood, poo, or loss of
----Guys- 8" or bigger BBC\8b BWC ...\8 very
welcome, sorry, not into cocks less than 6"(unless very thick)...
Women...Wife doesn't want me playing with single women, married or
attached ok. I love big nipples and meaty, juicy pussies, I haven't
been with a woman other than my wife for the last 30
years, so I am really looking forward to exploring, I don't have a
specific type, just will know when I see pictures, converse, and
possibly meet...please don't let my bisexuality push you away.
CD's I love dressing up, would like to learn more about it...
Trans slim/petite , I want cock and breasts!!!
Will use protection until we get know each other.
Please be clean and disease free.
Drama free, don't want deal with any, just want have some great, , casual sex and hopefully make some good friends along the way!
Would love for a gay couple to tuck me under their wings and teach me...
How I ended up on AdultFriendFinder
Posted:Mar 18, 2018 7:51 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2020 7:06 am

I've always been attracted to people, not gender, although, growing up in small town Nebraska was not conducive to being open about it. I remember in 7th grade showering and another boy had a hard on, I felt a sensation, then again, in 9th grade, reading a porn book out loud (boys do this stuff) and looking up to a friend (who was quite developed for his age) who had his hard, thick cock about a foot from my mouth, nothing happened, but I did want it. I went to the military out of high school, even 30 some years ago, there was a lot of stuff going on that I was very naive about. I think back now at all the times I could have explored, but it was grounds for dismissal from the military, so I followed the rules. Shortly before the end of my enlistment, I met my wife (yeah, she still puts up with me all these years later). So, we lived our lives as people normally do, raising our , getting together with friends and such, just a regular family. She learned I was bisexual shortly after the berth of our first , really, so did I. I was used to having sex with a lot of women in the military, then when I got married, sex was very regular, so I was content. So, with the berth of our first , the sex disappeared. No way would my character allow me to cheat I'm a Cancer. I had always enjoyed fingering myself while I masturbated, so I bought my first dildo, I found something that was missing in my life, and discovered in myself feelings that were always there, a lot of memories and thoughts came rushing back, I knew for a fact at that point I was not heterosexual. My wife, although not wild about it, would fuck me in the ass, we called it "the treatment." We later found the proper term was "pegging" after watching the movie A Good Old Fashion Orgy. The years go by, our grow and move away. Just us, we have always had a good sex life, I introduced my wife to vibrators and dildoes, she quite enjoys masturbating now. Again, move along to 2018, she tells me she wants to start having sex (we talk openly with each other) with a friend and said she thought I should explore my bisexual desires. So, she started her relationship. I found The Denver Swim Club (it's a gay bathhouse) online and decided that was my path to exploration. I go to DSC, I went early, before it was busy, just to get comfortable and get the feel of the place, it felt quite natural to walk around naked with other men, something I actually missed from growing up playing sports, then again, showering in the military. It felt good! A gentleman (we'll call him M) walked by and said if I want a back rub, come find him, he'll be in the pool. I approached M, late 50's, very lean, fit, shaved body, and accepted his offer. We went to a room (there are multiple rooms, and unlimited condoms), this is my first time ever with a man, so I played with his cock, his 6" cock stood tall, he put a condom on and had me lay down on my belly, he started massaging, caressing, kissing, licking in ways that I had never experienced, it felt quite natural. As he worked his was up, starting at my calves, up my inner thighs, my buttocks, my lower back, the back of my neck, he really knew what he was doing, then as he was on top of me kissing my neck, he slid his hard cock into me, again, this felt so natural to me, it was just normal. Well, for about half an hour and multiple positions, I had my first sexual experience with another man, I would highly recommend it if you so desire, life is to short not to give things a try. So, I stayed a couple more hours, and had few more men, although not as good as M, showered, and went back to my wife. Like I told my wife, it felt so natural to me, I don't feel any different, I love having sex with her, and hopefully, other women, and now more men.
So, ladies, and straight couples, don't be concerned about my being bisexual, I won't attack you or make you feel uncomfortable about it, I won't bring it up if you don't. I'm here on AdultFriendFinder for more sexual experiences (my wife will join in eventually) and, hopefully, meet some good friends(with little secrets) along the way...............t(Y)
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2nd time to Denver Swim Club
Posted:Feb 17, 2020 6:16 am
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2020 1:43 am

Eventually I will go on a Friday or Saturday night get the full effect, but as it works out for now, I’ve only gone on Sunday morning, not a lot of traffic. Started off quickly by meeting M and sucking his uncut cock then having him mount me( protected of course) and banging me pretty good, and vigorous 🤗. Discovered the glory holes are fun, receiving some nice blow jobs, spotted S there, stand alone stroking his nice thick cock with a wonderful big head, what a nice cock 2 suck, a couple times 🥰. Got massaged and stroked, very relaxing and just love having my ass caressed and probed 😜. Getting ready leave, saw a guy approaching with a nice thick cock, asked if he topped, his answer was yes, so as we’re heading toward a room, another guy approached us, very nice body, I asked if he wanted to join, so In we go, I sucked them off to get them hard, I get on my hands and knees with the nice body in front of and the thick cock the rear and I have finally had a 3some 🎈👅🥰🤗😜. I have discovered I love this, a nice thick cock banging my ass and sucking a nice cock Can’t wait go back for round 3...I’ll let y’all know
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Denver and Front Range Guys
Posted:Feb 6, 2020 8:03 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 8:15 pm
I will be going to Denver Swim Club, 6923 E. Colfax, Sunday Feb 16, my plan is to get there about 6am and stay about 4 hours, would be nice to get this ass heavily used...I'll post any updates
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My Sexual State
Posted:Nov 14, 2019 1:38 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2020 8:46 am

I have lived my life as a straight , that all changed with a trip the Denver Swim Club, Monty was my first gay lover, it was spectacular, I found a lot about myself. My next hours at DSC netted 3 more guys having their way with me and a fabulous makeout session with a finely chiseled black man, but no sex. Time passed, I was up on AdultFriendFinder, met a guy at his hotel, the traditional quickie, I walk in, we undress, with each other, put a rubber on him, he briefly screws me, we switch 69 and suck each other off, my first, and , blowjob I've given, I sucked, swallowed, and loved it..
For the last , almost , the above and sex with my wife, has been my sexual experience, but I would like add it...
I want make up for lost time, I regret not letting her know when we first met my "sexual state"...
I absolutely love, and don't want go without, anal sex! I have multiple dildos I like with and quite adept at satisfying myself, just watch my videos, but, there is nothing like someone grabbing your hips and penetrating your anus. I have yet have a man in my ass, but that will come with time...
I've had cock in my mouth, but loved it! It wasn't quite big enough reach my throat, but I loved swallowing , I definitely want suck more cock...
I love cross dressing, I would like have some friends that can teach me and me expand on just wearing dresses...
I love shaving my legs! I don't shave during the summer because I always wear shorts, but I have noticed, the older I get, the less hair I have, that makes me happy, I enjoy being smooth. We recently went Denver, of course my legs are shaved, I wore a pair of short shorts(about mid thigh) and just loved the feeling of people seeing me with sexy smooth legs...
When the wife and I travel Denver or other cities, I for gay bathhouses and will attend. I wear skinny jeans, short shorts, or yoga pants, I have a nice ass and like sharing it. When at the hotel, I will wear a bikini the pool or tub, I love be an exhibitionist, would love find a friendly , I know nudism isn't about sex, but it makes me feel good...
When I travel, I wear a bracelet with a bisexual symbol with hopes it will get noticed and I will meet new friends..
My wife knows I love cock, she does too, but she wants a connection, she's getting closer to letting me include her in my sexual journey...
Looking forward to meeting new friends that can me expand my "sexual state"...
Posted:Jul 15, 2019 8:35 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2020 8:29 am
I'm thinking of getting my cock pierced like this and also my nipples pierced. Any thoughts?...
Shaved or Not
Posted:Jan 18, 2019 7:40 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2019 6:12 am

I like to be shaved, especially from the waist down. I let the hair on my legs grow back when it's shorts weather. What do you prefer? (Y)
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FAAK Dildo
Posted:Jan 17, 2019 7:31 am
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 8:42 am

Just got the FAAK 8" Wolf dildo in the mail yesterday, washed it right away and went riding, what a great ride If you enjoy toys, you might check it out and give it a try......\8(Y)

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