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Curiosity moistened the...  

AlwaysLace 50F  
80 posts
12/26/2019 3:13 pm
Curiosity moistened the...

What are your expectations for this site? I'm curious!!!


10148 posts
12/26/2019 3:24 pm

z e r o

agedfun1 72M
575 posts
12/26/2019 3:36 pm

Wants I have many.
Expectations I have none.
Flirts I don't get any.
Still I seek fun.

BendMeOver278 29F  
2717 posts
12/26/2019 3:38 pm

    Quoting agedfun1:
    Wants I have many.
    Expectations I have none.
    Flirts I don't get any.
    Still I seek fun.

easy_going2014 53M
12886 posts
12/26/2019 3:54 pm

Curiosity moistened her lips, both sets
as she rubbed her legs in anticipation
of what was to come...


reminded me of this

Janet Jackson - "Moist"

You're feelin' in it
You're ticklin' it
You're swimming in it
You're gonna get it

I'm insatiable
And it's all your fault
So much lust involved
To get me off
My water falls

Your sexuality (breeds)
A storm inside of me (seas)
A touch is all I need
To make me scream

Every time you whisper in my ear I get aroused
You begin to slowly unbutton my blouse
Kissing on my skin my heart's racing now

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Good luck!!!

jajo696 65F
1957 posts
12/26/2019 4:36 pm

someone to be with, do with , go with on an ongoing basis. Have lowered expectations though....

Would love to be surprised in 2020 ~~

redrockrascal 61M
21396 posts
12/26/2019 4:51 pm

Expectations from the site? As long as it is here and there are women on it that is all I can reasonably expect from them. The site is simply a conduit for making contact.

All else, like attracting and meeting women is on me (the members). So I use what is available (profiles, IM, messages) to make contact with women who seem to meet my interests and vice-versa.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

mastrb8ter1964 55M  
23 posts
12/26/2019 5:53 pm

T find women near me who would enjoy getting together for some hot sexual times.

velodelicious 46M
28 posts
12/26/2019 5:57 pm

Expectations...none. Experience tells me they are generally futile.

Hopes? Some free time with you, my dear

Heathen_G 61M
7866 posts
12/26/2019 6:18 pm

That it does what it is suppose to do . That's reasonable.

Knight_Skye29 64M
116 posts
1/1/2020 12:05 am

I am optimistic.... for 2020

mypaintedrooster 50M  
1 post
1/13/2020 10:16 am

I agree

usernamenotinuse 55M
15 posts
1/20/2020 3:31 pm

My expectations are for it to work properly!

AlwaysLace replies on 1/21/2020 11:15 am:
We all know that wont happen... lol

rhill4fun 60M
140 posts
2/6/2020 7:51 am

like to meet sexy locale ladies

DevilishForU 59M
21 posts
2/16/2020 9:18 pm

Expectations from this site? I'm a standard member, so I get what I pay for
Wishes or desires from this site? Too many to enumerate....

mr_ric_hard 59M
15 posts
2/21/2020 11:37 am

For me, the expectations follow two different paths...finding a like minded friend who wants to escape the world now and then, to indulge each other's fantasies, and also finding someone to exchange thoughts and ideas with, without having to worry about the timing of meet-ups...

mr_ric_hard 59M
15 posts
3/5/2020 3:05 pm

is it moist in here, or is it just me?

AlwaysLace replies on 3/5/2020 3:26 pm:
Its moist in here, wink

resant78 41M/68F
2665 posts
3/5/2020 6:24 pm

After all the changes that have happened to this site, my expectations are none really. I don't want to sound too negative, but I got to be realistic.

What keeps me coming back are the blogs and the report I have with some fellow bloggers.

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