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I was a cute boy and the man who had a few twisted things happen to them too, Man On Man With Awesome Sex. Adding them all so check back.
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Delivery Job Surprise Man On Man
Posted:Sep 21, 2020 12:18 pm
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2020 12:21 pm
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I was just working at a car parts delivery company servicing a large number of break shops. I love this job. I had do is report the warehouse early in the morning and get the parts loaded into my car to deliver around a route driving around the city. The wasn't that good, but I basically could do whatever the hell I wanted as long as the parts got delivered. Another fringe benefit is I got talk the hot sexy mechanics sweating in the hot Texas heat. I had a very good reputation with the shops as well as the place I work. They knew I was gay. Yet I was never offensive anybody. And I did my job very well. I always wanted get that part as fast as I could the shop because the quicker I ran my route, the longer I had screw around. I did this job for a very long time. Even when I had other jobs, I would work partial days, I often would stop a friend's homes and work on my daily run around. Another really cool thing is that I could have whoever I wanted with me all day long in the car. Often I would take my current boyfriend or just a friend with me for the day. I had made friends with several of the auto workers to most of which I had the hots for. But like I said, I never flirted with the guys. well beyond them knowing I was gay and thought they were handsome. I could tell you several stories of encounters driving around everywhere. But the best one was a good one. Let us call him Tom. He was a super sexy guy with a very fit body which always showed his muscles through his uniform. Tom was young-looking and probably about 30 years old. He was also a ladies man and dated very hot women. He always would tease flirt with me and get off on seeing me get turned on. I never thought anything about it. We talked all the time and there was no indication he was doing more than just being a charming guy. One day I had just finished all my drops for the day and Tom said he was wanting to go have a drink with me. I was a bit surprised he asked but had gone with the guys as a group before. Everyone really did like me. They would ask questions about how to handle girlfriend issues and that type of thing. So I said sure. Tom said I will ride with you if that's okay. I sent you we had fun. The girls were on him and Tom kept looking at me. I didn't notice but I figured he was just trying to see how come all the girls were clustered around me. This is normal. gay guys always get along well with the girls. I figured Tom would choose one of the girls after him. But Tom Did not he said after we got a tad buzzed. Take your pool. I want go swimming. I said sure. Tom was not too talkative the way my place. I could tell something was his mind. We get the pool and I offer Tom swimming trunks. Tom smiles at and undressed while watching . I froze. He did not put the trunks but stood in front of . I was impressed. His hot muscles seem augmented by the pool and moonlight. He had an 11 inch cock that was very attractive. Tom saw my still frozen face. He gave me the sexiest smile and said come on. I showed you mine. You show me yours. Tom smile bigger than said better yet. Let me help you. That stuff undressed me in a way I had never had slow and he caressed me over as he peeled of my clothing. I was still a bit off balance. Tom saw I was uncomfortable. He holds close him and says I have wanted be with you from the first day I saw you. I am not really sure why because I like women. I said Really? Why did you wait so long tell . Tom smile then said, you remember that girl Mary? I said yes. The one you told me was important to you. Tom said yes. Well, she told me that I should tell you I had desires for you. She said that she liked you. I didn't because we were an item. But Mary left me last week. I said I am sorry. Tom said no, it is okay. Really. I started thinking about you more than Tom pauses then said I really want to do this right with you. I want to feel you in my arms. I also like that sn want to fuck you hard like I know you like but I hate to admit that when I think of you I am more wanting to gently seduce you. I said Tom, are you sure you just not all fucked over a girl? Tom smiled at and said funny you mentioned that I tried use that as a lie myself. Now I knew that Tom definitely was bisexual. I said Tom, you want to know for sure. It's not just lust. Tom said yes. I told him to kiss . my god he did. It was not a fake kiss either. I felt it . This was the test. After I gazed into Tom sighs I became terrified because I saw he felt it and he had real feelings for me. I was wondering what would happen later, but when I saw that look in his eyes, I whispered in his ear. I see you. You're free now. Show me if my fantasies about you can be made real. Tom was so turning now he kissed me deep and again with even more passion, the time I got so weak in the knees. I almost fell that stood then fuck me slow and lovingly a long time. He came and then he just held me tightly as we fell asleep. In the morning Tom was hard and I took care of that with the best blow job I could do. Tom was really happy. I was scared. Many times after a man with be over the erotic desire and some feel guilty or blame the gay in some way. Tom was not like this. He held me and I said let me good make you something to eat. And Tom said there is only one thing I am hungry for. I smiled. Tom then made me laugh. He said okay, should you have to teach me how you suck dick like that. I want to try with you badly. Tom was so cute as he tried making all the mistakes we all do when learning. Tom started to get it right. I wanted to come but thought I better let him know I was close in case he couldn't tell after I tell him. Thompson I wanted so I shot. Tom kisses me and says I promised to get better at that. But please let me have that sexy. So viewers. Tom and I did date on and off but he did date women to one day Tom says in bed with me. My girlfriend is jealous of you. I want to show her I love you too. How do I do that? I sat in bed. You tell her I will let you go. Tom said what? If you love someone and want them to find happiness, you often must let them go. Tom understood. He kissed me and said please don't let me go just yet. I smiled and told him Does she love you? Tom said yes. Do you love her? Tom said I love you both. I said okay, do you want ? Tom froze and began to tear and said yes. I smiled and said I love you and we'll let you go. Tom held and said okay, but please not soon. I kissed him.

Atlanta Deal For Construction Man On Man
Posted:Sep 21, 2020 12:15 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2022 9:12 am
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The fun with picking a man is often not the sex so much about the situation that leads it. Today I am sharing a time I was in Atlanta. The story started at a pool party in Kansas City, Missouri. I was 19 years old and was smooth and muscular and many men at the party were trying to get in my swimming trunks. I was not really interested in most of them and just wanted to have fun in the pool. So was swimming a lot not really paying attention to anything thing else. I get out and a man hands me a towel. After I dry my face. I looked at him. Let us call him Tom. He was about 25 years old and his body was very big and strong looking and he looked at me like he saw candy. I was flattered because he was extremely attractive and there were some really hot guys at this party. Tom's eyes never left me. I decided instead of jumping back in the pool to sunbathe and see if he would talk to me. I was sure to lay down in a way to look attractive. Several other boys and men came over and flirted with me. And Tom watched them one by one get rejected. I was thinking maybe he was not really interested but just enjoying the view. Then as I was getting ready to dive into the pool, Tom touched my arm and said, I was watching you and wanted to say hello. I smiled and said hello then dive in the pool. Tom did not expect me to take off on him by getting in the water. I knew he would now be more interested in Tom delvin after me when I surfaced and winked at him. He came right in the water and he was so hot. His body had that well-defined look that just screams . Tom said, How old are you? I said old enough. He smiled and then he reached around and grabbed my ass. His eyes got big as he said, Boy, that acid is fine. I smiled and swam away. Tom chasing after I popped out of the water and sat the side of the pool with my legs in the water. Tom came and his face was in the water near my crotch. Tom smiled big and said, Well, I guess you have more than just a hot ass. I smiled and told Tom if he wanted to find out maybe we could go out sometime. Tom seemed happy at that. But said Well, I have a house remodeling in Atlanta tomorrow and won't be back for a month. I sent Shane. Then Tom said would you like to come with me to Atlanta with me? I looked at him and said, Why would I do that? Tom liked I was making him work to pick me . And Tom said Well, I would show you the town and I said I can do that my own. I want a good reason. Tom smiled. I can offer you a job working for while there if you like and well. I smiled and said that might be nice. I enjoy working. But I make really good money already. Tom knew this wasn't going to be easy. He liked that too. So he tried a different approach. He sits next to the edge of the pool and leans back showing off his sexy ripped body. Plus a very Anvil box. his cock was soft but easy. It was eight inches soft. I couldn't help but smile. Tom was clever and said you like my stomach. I have been working hard it. I took my finger and very lightly ran it down his stomach. His whole body tensed. Tom was really hot for now. I dove into the water and was sure to splash him when I did. I circled back around now this time My face was near his box. He looked around nervously because he was getting a hard- and his dick was very large. Luckily my cock was underwater. Tom says if you go with , I will kiss you a roof with the bed view of Atlanta. I saw Tom was trying to be original. I said, Okay, go . Tom then said after we will have a great meal. I said what type of Tom was smart here? He said, Well, anything that you want. It will be the best available no matter what type you choose. I smiled knowing he was avoiding any possible wrong selection. And I said, Well tell me about the remodeling job. Tom got a bit excited. Men enjoy talking about work. Tom says Well, I started a small company doing wallpaper mostly at first. It grew some I am not super big but do okay and growing. And my next question was What is your business drama? Tom smiled and said good workers. I said Really? why that's just men. Tom smiled and said well, I am not a cute boy like you. I smiled and said, Tell me more about the house. He said it was a very biggest date.

It needed a huge circular staircase redone and wallpaper all over. I said, Okay, I would like to work with you in the house. Tom said Really? I said, Sure. I love doing construction and Tom was very happy. I said, Tom, what else would we do besides work? Tom said, if you would come here and kiss me, you may get an idea of some things I would show you. I liked his confidence. I kissed him and he was a great kisser. I could tell he would be tearing up my ass if I let him have it. Tom then said I have to tell you this. I said What is it? Tom tells me if we don't get out of here. My cock is going to break through my pants. You are a hottie. I noticed that he was not kidding. I dove in the water. So did Tom. He cuddles with me. It's the water a bit. I whispered in his ear. You're going to take me to your place and convince me to go with you. Tom was so excited. Things go great. And he took me several times. He sucked me and I fucked him to. Tom gets on my phone and makes a bunch of calls. I just called my PA. And she said she could run things a week or two. She said What is up? I told her I had a date. She said thank God have fun. And Tom had pulled out all the stops. limo to the airport and first-class tickets. We arrived at his place and it was nice. He had put a few yellow roses out. I said How did you know those were my favorite. Tom said I asked around about you a long time ago. I said Really? Tom said you never really noticed me but I have had the hots for you since you got busted in a bar at Tom was awesome the job and Tom was so sexy working and I was helping him. He kept stopping work to have sex with a lot. Finally, I tell Tom you know here is not really helpful and get this job done. Tom laughs and says I don't care and kisses . Well, you may remember I said that's just men. I knew exactly how help Tom and get the COC I wanted . I tell Tom I want him to take a leather bar. Tom seemed shocked and said Are you sure? I said yes. He said okay if I do I will protect you. I smiled and said okay, but who will protect them? He left thought I was kidding. I was not we go to the bar it was adorable. Tom definitely did his daddy job and made it clear I was his boy I tell Tom to watch this. I started doing a sexy dance with him and in second those Bushmen eyes were . Tom was loving it too. I then said I really need some construction workers dot with those big tools. Five Guys come over. I said I am trying to with my daddy but have this work do. I can't get any time . The guys knew that exactly what I wanted. I then said I would just be so grateful for you big sting guys help out. Tom whispered in my ear. You mix. I smiled and said to him you want the job done so we can or not? Tom said Go ahead. I am enjoying watching you with these guys. I was having fun too. I tell the now crowd of seven daddies if they want to work with tomorrow and get sweaty together show . Tom gave the guys the address. Well, five showed . I gave these boys a show too. I wore tie jeans and no shirt as I got plaster and glue over myself working. Every one of those guys had a hard-on day. I swear I never dropped and bent over pick so many things in my life. They worked day. Know the cost. Tom knew as hard as they worked I would need to give my ass. Honestly, it was only right I may teach them work but I wouldn't make the offer then back out that is worse than being a slug. That's a tease. I tell Tom Are you going to be okay? I am going to have to give these men a reward. Tom was thrilled to have so much work done but he was not particularly happy. I was going to have to be shared. But Tom loved me for setting this . The daddies were cool only two wanted my s the other said hey, it was enough watching that pretty boy day. So I had Bushmen I had do Tom was not sure what to do. It was cute.

I took over. I tell the line and show what they had offer. , my one-two buffets. Tom was the biggest but the others were sexy too. I sucked them. I said after a bit of that that someone better with my ass before it got cold and I had warm it at home. The men knew then it was free for time. They had fun with , but they treated well. of them left. I tell Tom Okay, I did this so we can spend time together. Tom kissed me and said, You freak me out. I saw your work those men. I also saw you knew the price and gladly paid it. Tom looked in my eyes and said, I also see that you did it for me. I kissed him and said, boy, he will do anything for his daddy. Tom and I had a blast. He took everywhere and any place he even thought I might enjoy. Okay, that was the trip. Now the part I share just so you know. Yes, I gave my ass and yes, I felt like trash doing it. But when I saw how much that helped did for my friend's business and the look in his eyes knowing what I had done. My trash feeling was worth a bit of my soul. It cost

Hot Tub Lesson Man on Man
Posted:Sep 21, 2020 12:11 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2022 9:12 am
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This time is a story that will probably make you laugh a bit. I was not one to pick guys. They always picked for the most part. I liked it that way too. But this time was different. Let us call him Tom. He was a hot guy that lived two houses down from me. He was single and straight. He was 23 years old and had girls that he dated. He could date anyone he wanted with his fit, sexy body, and beautiful face. It did not hurt either that he was well hung. Tom knew I was gay only because I told him I also said that I thought he was very handsome, but not to worry. I was not one of those guys that would be hitting on him. Tom only said you are gay. Really? I said yes. He never said anything about it. And honestly, it never came . Tom likes to use my hot tub. I was gone most nights with business. So I said feel free. Just please pick the bras and panties. Tom was thrilled because he knew he would enjoy using it. And I was glad because he said he would maintain it for . I hated do that. We shook it. For a long time, Tom took care of my hot tub. But as time went on, I noticed he was doing a lot of other what I call man chores for me. I always offered to him and he would say no, I like doing this stuff. I loved it. One day his girlfriend that he seemed mostly just be with comes over early while Tom was at work. We talked before a few times and she was lovely. Nice, smart, and beautiful but not vain. Just here we are having coffee and she says I have to tell you something. I was ears. Tom comes to do a lot of chores here. I said yes. She smiled. I can tell you really have no idea why she continued with. Tom told me. She paused a bit. Tom feels you need a man. He also said that he felt good being one around the house for you. I said okay guys do that. She smiled. Yes, true. Then she put her hand on my arm. said you never flirt with him. I know this. But Tom is often very good in bed after coming here and you happen to be home. I got scared thinking she may think I knew or did something. I said quickly. I try not to look at him when he is here. Maybe I am and not aware. She stopped me. No, no, that's not it. Tom was drunk the other day and was talking about you. He said You made him hard when you were in view. I said no. She said he also said that he saw a gay guy the other day and stood near him and looked at him just to see if it was the same. Nothing happened and he was glad. Then he looked right at me and said if I fuck him, I think I would like it. She said I am telling you because you know sooner or later he is going to want to do you. I said I wouldn't do that. She smiled and said if he wants you he can charm you believe me. I smiled and said you may be right. She sent to me something I will never forget. When it happens do me one favor. Please find out if he is gay. I smiled and told her not to worry. This happens when a man experiences something that touches the need to be well. manly. Normally that's with a woman. But by accident and since he is definitely a manly type that spilled over to me. That also is erotic because even no sex he gets those endorphins from being a man. I am a submissive cute boy too. So not like a linebacker. We left almost four months and nothing was different. But we all got a bit closer as friends. Tom was in my hot tub alone. I quickly tried to exit the area before he saw me. I had just gotten in. Tom called me over. I stood close enough to here but as far away as I could. Tom noticed but said nothing and we talked about normal stuff. I started to relax. Tom says What time is it and I say about 9 pm just then I hear my doorbell. Tom says please I am wet. Would you let my friend in? I was glad thinking I was in the clear. at my door was a very handsome guy with a leather jacket and his ninja motorcycle was in my drive. shit. What a hot man. He says Hello, my name is Mike. I said hello Tom is in the hot tub. That hot man Mike followed very close behind me as I walked him to the hot tub. Mike said as he started to undress looks great. I started to leave and Tom said get in with us. I said no, I can't do that. Then Mike comes

over and he said, yes, you can enter off my clothes. I said, Hey guys, you know I am gay. Mike said yes. So then he kissed . Well, that was a nice week. I didn't know it before, but Tom was naked. I get in with Mike holding . I kind of knew I was not going be allowed go anywhere. Tom did not touch or get involved, but he was watching and I could tell and I actually was kind of impressed. Tom had come out with a scheme to find out what it was about without doing it. But Tom, like most straight men did not think this all the way through. You will see why soon. Mike was awesome. He was good and controlling me. I like that. He fed his cock to me. Tom was enjoying that a bit. Then I snuggled with Mike. Tom did not react really. Next Mike bent me over the edge and started fingering me as Tom washed. He seemed to like that. But then just before Mike was going to put his cock in me. Tom jumps and said, okay, Mike, stop, man. Mike did and Tom was freaking out a bit. Tom said I am sorry. I thought just watching would fix . But Mike, I wanted your ass. Mike said okay, man, I get it. You do have a thing for him. That's cool. Mike whispered in my ear. I want you bad but Tom needs you just now. I will be back tomorrow. Mike dresses and goes. Tom grabs and said, Okay, this is messed . My girlfriend said I had a love for you and she knew why. She likes you a lot. You know? I said Tom think a minute. You got jealous because a man was messing with your territory? Yes. Tom thought a bit and said well, yes, kinda. I smiled at him. Okay, this is odd for you. Because yes, I am a guy but feel like a girl to you. Right? Tom said yes. Well, that doesn't mean you gay. Exactly. It means you are a manly guy. And even though it was a guy who needed a man, you saw the need and filled it. Yes. Tom said yes. Now here is the test. Kiss me not like a girlfriend but think of me. Tom did. I was right. Tom said I want to fuck you still. Yes, but I think I get it now. I sent okay shit. If you fuck me, you know, I will respond to that. He smiled. , that you can be sure of. I knew it was a fun time so I sucked him. Love that a lot. After a while, I said okay, now show me what a man can do. Tom like that. And he was a fantastic lover. My ass was sore for days after Tom was glad he got my ass. I could tell. Tom sent to me. Thank you. He kissed me too. He told me I think I get it. When I was with you. I was really with you. I didn't think of you like a girl however often. I smiled and said okay, Tom, I think you are straight. But also you were a man for me in another way too. That's just because you are awesome. You know, know what a gay boy feels like. And nobody is messing with your stuff now either. Tom smiled and Tom said I want to fuck you again sometime if I am single. I smiled and said that would be awesome. That was the only time and but we were all friends a long time. You know why this will make you laugh. Okay, Mike was awesome and would come over as often as possible. It was adorable watching Mike avoid being seen by Tom

Ed The Mooch Man On Man
Posted:Sep 17, 2020 1:38 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2020 1:38 pm
0:02 transcribed and will have some typos

My trip to Washington DC was a fun time. I was with my friend I called it the mooch I loved and he was a long term friend. But no matter what trip I was on if he knew I was going to be in the city he would show up Never had really enough money to travel and go with me. I always just paid and at that time, it was no big deal. But I could always was bothered me a little and was more fun than you could imagine. Not super handsome but hot. He had a happy carefree attitude. And no fear. Not much common sense at times either. But his company always proved to be fun.

I was in DC on business, but he heard from a friend I was there for a month. Week two in DC hotel informed me. The gentleman you warned us about came but we did as instructed and got his hotel information. I said thanks. Thank you. continued with, I would suggest you send a car for him rather than go yourself. He whispered. It's a shithole. I said I am not surprised. The clerk laughed.

He said I remember you. I said, Oh, you were in the ballet company that was here a few years ago. I looked at him at that point. I remembered him then. Let us call him Tom. I said you were the guy that brought my breakfast to my room. He smiled. Oh, yes. I then realized when he did my cock was deep in a hot guy I picked up I smiled. He said how about I send a friend of mine in his car to keep your visitor busy. I get off in 35 minutes. I would love to take you around DC. show you some fun places. I said you know that sounds awesome. Here is some cash. Your friend will go broke if not. He left and said you will have The receipts no problem.

So instead of going about my busy day, I call my P A. I am going on a date. She said Thank God. I will handle everything. Oh, and the mooch left a few messages. I sent to tell him I am sending a friend. It is important he shows him a good time and keeps him busy as long as possible. I have a really hard thing I need to handle and get it behind me. FYI read that last sentence and think dirty Ed was thrilled thinking he could help me. He was a mooch, but don't get me wrong. He would walk on broken glass for a person he liked money or not.

Five minutes till Tom would be off. I was nervous. This is a very unusual situation for me. I could bust in with some guy I like 50 times a day if I wanted. But it was extremely rare. I would go on a date. Tom was educated and handsome. It's kind of hard for me to describe Tom, he was a mix of cute and Butch. His face was beautiful with deep brooding blue eyes and dark hair. He was very good. The hotel gym was awesome. And he used it you could tell he had no swish and was very masculine in speaking and behavior. His bug was q2. I sat in the corner of the lobby and saw him come in. I could see he was looking around for me then he saw me and his smile was so sexy.

We go all over DC I said to him, you know if you like I have to go to the Smithsonian. That's part of why I am in DC. He said, awesome. He went off and I wanted to show Tom a tiny bit about me. I needed more than COC and s. He seemed surprised at the entrance I was using. I showed my pass he signed in as my guest. He said, Well, I never have been in this part. I take him to the Behavioral Sciences section. I was just a tiny part of a big project. Tom enjoyed what I shared with him. I said, Okay, show me something about yourself. Tom smiled and I could see him debate if I was a man he wanted to share with.

Tom took me out of the parts I knew of DC. We arrived at an old brick building. It was in not too bad condition. You could see current work going on to Tom says, I got a bit of money when my folks passed, and I put it all into this. I looked and said, You're making nice art studios. Tom smiled and said, How did you know? I laughed and said that's what I would do. Tom beam that without knowing I choose the same view. He tells me his brother and sister told him he was a fool. I said it is all math. Can you afford to keep it if nobody rents and how long? He said as long as taxes are paid? I said Good. Then I asked Do you love working on it?

He said, Yes. I sent him the fool is your siblings if you don't mind me saying, Tom kissed me and was like a with excitement as he showed me his project. I must admit I was impressed. I knew about business in a big way. I said, Tom, what's the drama? He said, What do you mean? I informed him all business has a drama, something that's hard to deal with. He said, Oh, yes, mine is workers. I have to do a lot myself. I said, Okay. We had great sex in a few areas.

Then he asked me to dance ballet for him. That studio was completely done. It had been a while but I was still good. I danced as the stereo played. Now I was a professional ballet dancer and when dancing the world disappears and you are the music and movement. After I was sweating. I looked at Tom he's I was huge. So was his dick I could see the Bulge. He walked over to me and kissed me. He said he had never seen belly and that was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He told me that he saw my body and felt my feelings. I have said many times, flattering me works really well with me. Coming from a hot excited guy even more. Tom, I said, thanks. That makes me feel good, but I need a shower or will stink really bad soon. Tom laughs We took a shower together and he explored my whole body. He was so horny. Then he blew my mind.

He tells me he has never been all the way with a gut. Only had his dick sucked a few times. I said really well then let me see what else I can share with you right here right now. I showed him everything. I taught him all the good, clean, gay sex. Then I showed him some things that would put a bank cocksucker to shame and the mooch did.

You forget about him. Well, he and the distraction ended up becoming an item that blew both Tom and my mind. I knew Tom's drama was workers. Well, that's just men. I knew I could help him before I left DC. I knew how to. I went to a leather bar one night and I found daddies that looked like construction workers.

I meet for I told him I had a normal man with a project. He needed construction health. I would love to watch them get all sweaty working. And if they gave me a good show that helped my normal man, I would be a good boy putting on a show for them. That turned them on. I knew for real work I would need to give them more value than my ass. I said if you promise me you will not tell my normal man Tom. I will pay you for your hours of hard sweaty work. It will not be what you're worth. You will have to find another way to get that from me.

Those men were at Tom's at 6 am and brought two friends. They work all day. I helped write in with them. FYI the Daddy's got turned on by me sweating with them. I was scared of what this was going to cost me. Both money and as well. Little did I know one of the daddies owned a construction company. He liked how I was willing to do so much I help a guy I liked. He also did not want to share my ass. The other guys all left.

Tom was in another part of the building. I said to daddy. Thank you. This was more than I expected. I handed him a big roll of hundreds. He smiled and put it in my pocket. Kiss me on the cheek. He said I had more fun working today than I have in years. If you would go to dinner with me tomorrow night, we will call it even like lightly agreed.

Okay, what happened at dinner was awesome. He then took me to his house and no SNM but a wonderful night of good hard man on man dirty sex. Tom, I only saw a few more times. I enjoyed the last week with my daddy

Ed was too busy driving his new boyfriend crazy.

Th Van In The Park Man On Man
Posted:Sep 17, 2020 1:12 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2020 1:12 pm
0:00 transcribed story will have some typos

The van. That is the best way to describe this story.

I was always in the park in San Diego because I lived right next to it. I would take my lunch there often because it was walking distance from where I worked. I had a lot of interesting experiences in the park but throughout all the time I lived there it was a van that used to circle you couldn't see in the van the windows were very tinted and the guy in it and never stopped or got out and I had a few friends that would meet me for lunch in the park periodically. And without fail every single day I was in that park that van would slow down as they drove by me over and over again. It actually got to be a little bit creepy and my friends would always say be careful.

Looks like a serial killer. Then

one day I was in the park with a couple of friends and we were having a glass of wine and our lunch. And today the van actually pulled into one of the parking spots and stuff very close. I was not gonna sit there and be uncomfortable through my lunch I told my friends to call 911 if I don't come back,

they pleaded with me not to go we would just move.

I said This is bullshit. We don't know who the hell that is in that van and I'm not moving. This is my spot. My friends knew me well enough to know that it was futile to stop me.

I walked directly

up to the driver's window and tapped on it pointing my finger down for him to open his window.

He did. Oh my god. I saw the most handsome man in my life. Let us call him Tom.

He had no shirt on and his swimming trunks showed a very ample amount. Tom was obviously a surfer his van had several boards inside. His brown hair was sunbleached almost blonde. He had a beautiful tan and a rip muscular body. He was not super young either. So was a manly surfer not boy looking. big hands and a square jawline. Were an accent for the lightest of green eyes. I almost could not speak in my anger scenes. In my mouth, Tom said, Hey, I was hoping you might come to say hello. Then he smiled at me with a sexy, flirty smile. I said you have been slowing down as you pass me for months.

Tom blushed and

he told me that he really wanted to stop and say hi, but he had not well met a gay guy before and did not know what to say. My knees got a bit weak as he goes out of the van. I looked at my friends and it was funny. They had a stunted jaw dropped look.

I almost left.

Tom noticed. He said looks like your friends are a bit shocked. I said yes, they figured you were a serial killer.

Tom laughed and said no Should I was going to run you off. I was a bit creepy, you know with the tinted windows.

Tom then looked at his van and then started laughing. He said holy should No wonder you never smiled at me. He then said I have to tell you how badly I want to talk to you. I think about you all the time. You've probably heard in several of my stories before that flattery works pretty darn good with me, especially from a hot guy.

I touched him on his arm and smiled.

But I noticed something when I touched his arm. He was sweaty, and he was scared. I realized at this point that he must have been telling the truth. I asked Tom flat out Have you ever been with a guy at all? He got even more nervous and answered me with a question. If I say no, will you still want to talk to me? I knew right then I had a very delicate situation on my hands. Most gay guys would have just manipulated him into sex and forgot about him. Well, I'm not that type gay guy. I could tell that he was truly sincere with his infatuation, so sincere that he was terrified of rejection. I could tell this was a very alpha male who generally would have no cell phone esteem issues. Plus Tom was sexy as could be, like I mentioned before, probably the most attractive man I had ever seen. I knew I needed to defuse the tension of the situation. And I told Tom No, not at all. I have many friends that are more straight than gay. I thought that was maybe the right statement. But I noticed the situation was even deeper than I first thought. And Tom says, Well, I don't go with women anymore and have not for a few months. I could tell by the way he told me that that meant he stopped seeing girls once he saw me. He must have realized he was gay at that point. I know because I did the exact same thing. I knew at that point, I would not be returning to work that day. I had my hands full. I tell Tom as I changed the mood on my face to the light and happy awesome. Let's go meet my friends. Tom was glad the one on one time went okay. I introduce him and tell my friends that I will not be going back to the office today but I'm going to go surfing They had finally closed their mouth and were grinning from ear to ear. They did not know the situation, but they knew me and I always had a hottie around. We all sat down and talked about fun things like movies and surfing. My friends had to go back to the office. Tom asked me if I had trunks to serve. I said, No. He said, no problem. I have a few extras. I asked what is wave time and he said we could hit the beach pretty soon. So Tom open the passenger door for me and I get in

and we drive to the beach.

It was adorable. Tom was so happy and excited yet nervous as hell. I kept the conversation fun and talked about myself a little.

He was fascinated. Tom started to relax a bit as we drove.

We got to the beach and he had several friends hanging around waiting for waves.

Before we get out of the van, I asked Tom,

what are those guys going to say when they see me? With you, Tom say back in his seat and looked at me. He smiled probably that it's about fucking time.

I talked about you all the time.

Like how you always look so well dressed. And what book I saw you were reading?

Well, he blushed a bit. I also said what I wanted to do with you a little.

I smiled big and said awesome swimming trunks. Tom took a second though said Oh, yes. He gave me a very expensive pair.

The best he owned and

I started to change and Tom was cute. He tried so have not to watch me change clothes. I did it slowly to I knew he would look. He did and was really happy. So I acted like I did not know. FYI, these little things are what life is all about. As we get out of the van, Tom says, Can we just stand here a second. I want to just look at you in the sun. I smiled and whispered in his ear all the way Tell me the truth. I see that huge cock of yours is hard.

Tom smiled so big

and promise to tell the truth.

I said awesome and no This doesn't matter what it is I will always rather have the truth.

Tom like that

his cock was still a bit plump as I was introduced. Tom was not lying in

the all wanted to make me comfortable.

The girls all wanted to chat about the books I read.

Come to find out the whole group was a book behind what I was currently reading.

It was awesome.

The guys noticed I was with all of their girls. This always happens.

The men were talking pretty heavy to Tom.

I found out later they all like me and even a few cents I did have a hot ass as

well for a guy. Tom needed

very much the approval of his friends.

I understand that these were his family and I was the first and only gay and they knew Tom was in love with me. Now guys You may wonder how is that possible we just met.

He was watching me all the time in detail.

He saw what he wanted and that is how the love started on his end. Then when I agreed to spend time with him, as long as I did not drill or have blood running out of the zombie's eyes, he was going to have feelings for me. I also represented to him coming out. Like I said earlier, this is a delicate situation. Depending on how this first hookup worked out would have a huge influence on his worldview and self-view too.

We went surfing,

I was okay but not as good as Tom or his friends. Every single one of them took the time to give me surfing tips. One girl said, Tom is really happy you are here and I smiled and said he is a great guy. She said next. I was the girl he left and told me he saw a man and he knew he was gay. I looked in her eyes. She smiled and said I love him. But I wanted to hate you. But you are a good one, aren't you? I said, What do you mean? She smiled. I could tell the way you are with him. You are not just here to see him. I smiled and said, well, that will happen, I hope. She smiled and said, Oh, I am sure it will but I see you. I smiled. She said, Okay, great. Let's get these boys out of the ocean. That isn't always easy. We left and we partied on the beach for hours and Tom was fantastic. I really fell for him even though I tried not to. We get in the van. Tom was calm now and happy. He said thank you for today. All my friends. Even my ex just loves you. Tom said next that he wanted to be with me. He paused a bit. Then he looked at me with eyes. I can't explain. Would you mind if I kissed you? I knew he wanted me but did not know how it worked. I knew it was sex time. I said Tom, I will handle this first time. I will show you what you need to know. But only this first time. Next date we go on you will need to show me what you learned tonight. Tom smiled so big you could see the doubt and uncertainty fade from him. We got naked in the van and tossed the board's out onto the beach. He was so hard his long thick 10-inch cock was dripping pre comm I first just cuddled with him. He loved that a lot. I then showed him as I sucked his dick how to deep if he came fast and then asked him when you think of sex, what is it you think of? So I let him act it all out and he looked my hole and fuck me. He was fantastic too. I did have to teach him how to do it without hurting the bottom at the start. He got a bit scared he would hurt me but got over that fast after he got in deep He wanted to hold me after. Then he said, I want to try and suck you as you showed me? Well, it was adorable and he didn't do it very well that first time. I acted like it was awesome. He wanted to fuck me a lot. So I let him we go to my house and we shower together. Tom wanted to stay. I knew now I needed to decide what to do. If he stayed he would be around all the time. If I sent him home for another time, he would come around till he got to stay then find a new guy. I wanted him so badly, his cool friends too. I looked at Tom's face and the only words that came to my mouth shocked me.

Yes, please stay.

Tom lifted me off my feet in the bathroom and carried me to my bed. He was more confident now. A lot more.

I couldn't go surf the waves with them the next day. I was too sore

Tom, I was an item for a long time. One day I knew I would be leaving California. I broke Tom's heart and my own. I set him up with a friend of mine who was awesome. I left soon. I never see a beach or surfboard even to this day without a happy and sad feeling for the heart I left in a van on the beach years ago.

The Tom Event Part 1 and 2 Man On Man Plus
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We all have the one guy that we always wanted but never had. Every so often life can toss in a pleasing surprise. If you read any of my previous stories may have a crown across one with an auto mechanic. That was when I was young and I have always had a thing for motor oil and sweaty auto workers. In between all the hot good sex, I would have lovers. A few of these lovers went right along with the hot good sex. However, many of my long term relationships were faithful, no playing around kind of stuff. To be honest, I am happy in either situation. I was in one of those long term faithful relationships with a guy I really cared about. I had an auto mechanic that I had been using for a long time and I chose him because he was dropped dead gorgeous, handsome. My boyfriend knew that I had a crush on my mechanic. He understood completely saying he was hot too. And FYI, this was not a relationship where at the way would take place. It probably doesn't take a genius to gas but my cars were always in tough peak running order with lots of oil changes. Let us call them mechanic Tom. He was a hot man ex-army auto cool. Tom just was the type that no matter how he looked at you it was sexy. His black hair was straight and trim cut with golden brown eye color and a rugged, scruffy short beard. He was impressive. Tom knew I was gay. He knew my lover and he knew I had the hots for him. Never did I come on to him. I knew this because one time nobody was there, but us. Tom said to me that he could tell that I was gay. He also said I appreciate that after all this time, not once did you really flirt with me? I said yes, you are straight. Tom said yes I am and you are not like the other gays that come here. Tom started to fidget. Tom continues by telling me that his girlfriend had seen me in a show a couple of years ago. Go. I sent that school which one? He said he didn't really remember something with cats in it. I laughed and I told Tom Oh, that was cats. I was dressed like a cat. Tom looked at me very strangely. He said, You mean like with the tail and everything? I said, Yes. He made a face like he was trying to imagine it. Tom Dan tells me that his girlfriend would probably like to meet me. I told Tom that I was not sure that would be appropriate for me. Well, lusting after her boyfriend. Tom started laughing and said, Oh, she knows. I thought a moment and came up with a plan. I tell Tom that they could come to my home for dinner. But the deal is if they came he would have to watch cats on VHS. Yes, I am older now. Tom agreed. Tom and let us call her Lisa arrived well dressed for dinner. I could tell right off Tom hated his talk. They come in and my loved one He's on his way to work. We sit at the dinner table and I had arranged to have the maid service. We had a great meal and Lisa was charming. I almost for Tom was in the room. These are common girls who love gay men. A guy they can talk to that can understand them and listen. Plus, we live in a hip town and Lisa was not from there. So like me, she had traveled and was well educated. Lisa had seen me a few more shows even when I was in the valley company. After dinner, I took them to my recreation room and we all sat on the couch. I told Tom, you can rip that tie off. No need for us to wear them. He smiled so big. We watch cats. Tom at first did not really seem to want to but as soon as the music started, he was glued to the TV. Lisa whispered in my ear. He would never watch this for me. I whispered back, sweetheart. He is he made a deal with me for the invite. She smiled and kissed my cheek. Tom watched the whole thing and after. It was amazing, he was excited and talked all about it. He was like seeing a puppy play in the snow the first time. Lisa was thrilled and I did all I could to get them to talk to each other about cats than other shows and music types. I pulled out Mozart and Bach. Tom was enjoying it also much. The evening was fun and they left. Lisa and I became really good friends. I reminded her on Monday every week. Remember, I still am lusting after Tom. She would say I know. I know you too. I would say okay, true. Just never leave him alone with me for long or drunk or something. She would laugh and agree. This went on for years. They got married and a baby. I was in heaven with my friends that shared that part of life I would not have plus they love my part in it all to them. Out of the blue one day, Lisa calls me.

She said you know that day that you warned me would come one day. I said which one a republican president that's gay. Lisa left. No the other one the one you call me about on Monday. I said what? Lisa tells me that Tom was a little drunk and driving to my house. I said okay, no big deal. I will feed him coffee and you can come over. Lisa freak me out big time. Then. She tells me Tom wanted to have sex with me. I said what? how drunk is he? She said not very drunk at all. Lisa, I am confused. She says Tom had told me a long time ago that even though he was straight, it meant a lot how he always saw how you looked at him. He also told me that when we would be at the pool or when you wore tight pants, he would check your SL. I said no way. She said he wanted to tell you a long time ago. I said get over Here I am not sure how long I will hold out. If he wants me it will be hard for me to say no. Lisa said I know that and I do not want you to say no. I said why this will mess us up. Lisa said maybe but it is for Tom. He needs to do this. I knew exactly what she meant. I started to cry. Lisa said What's wrong? I told her I love you both. I will feel I betrayed our trust even with permission. Lisa said I know but fuck it, sweetheart. If my man wants someone, I am glad it is you. She hung up. Holy crap. My fantasy was coming and his wife wanted me to let him do whatever he wants to me. She had my lover was standing next to me during the call. He looked at me and freak me out. He tells me I saw this coming. Tom told me the other day he wanted to try sex with you. I told him you were spoken for He looked at me and right then I knew. I said, Why didn't you tell me? He smiled and said, You are a great top but I know you personally like to bottom with a super masculine guy. For six years you have not cheated on me and not complained about your needs. Tom is a man he has decided to take you. I can at least give you this. Plus Tommy's a great guy and I love Lisa too. He kissed me and left. Oh shit. I had not had sex as a bottom even with my lover in years. Tom was due soon and he was a stud. I you not. Tom arrived and was not really drunk. If he was I would have a reason to reject him. I lied to him. Tom, you have been drinking you need to sleep it off. Tom said try again. You lie really bad. I tried another trick. What is Lisa finds out? I tried another trick. What if Lisa finds out? Tom says better but you still live badly. You No she knows I'm here. Tom starts removing his t-shirt. His body was sex personified. His chest had a nice short back hair with that sexy line of hair running over his washboard stomach. I was losing my battle of protest fest. He saw my cock swelling in my parents. Tom smiles and grabs me and kisses me deeply. He one I melted. He took off my shirt and felt my smooth body all over. He sucked my nipples. That was interesting not done often to me. His hand plunged into my pants he was feeling my ass. As he did, I felt his pants search and he moaned. Tom said it feels as good as it looks. Tom didn't undress me. He told me to get on my knees and unzip his pants. I started to protest but he grabbed my face bent down and kiss me. After he said, this is about you and me. So unzip my pants. I did. his cock was big and thick as I dream so many times it would be. I was gone now. I sucked him with all the passion and lust of years of longing. Tom was a man he threw me around and fuck me hard and the next time soft and sensual. He even sucked me a bit. I thought after a few hours he was going to be done and then probably feel guilty. No, Tom wanted me to lay in bed as he helped me. This was odd, he kissed and stroked me like a man in love. I had looked in his eyes many times. I never saw anything but love for a friend. This was way different. Tom, let me see inside. He saw I saw it and before I freaked out, he kissed me.

She had worked again, Melvin. Tom made love to me all day and night. My lover came home and slept in the guest house. I felt very uncomfortable. But that Darren stud Tom would kiss me and this was all into Lisa called the next day. I was freaked out. She was awesome. Lisa said Tom is pretty fucking good in bed, isn't he? I told her well No wonder you're always in a good mood. She left and said to you what you are my family too. We all had a strange situation for a while. My lover did not ever try to stop anytime the event as he called it. I asked Tom for only one favor. Tom, you know my love is really heartbroken sharing me with you. Tom got nervous, said yes. He is a bottom you know, Tom said okay, well, it is not fair. You fuck me whenever you want. But my lover has remained 100% faithful to me. Tom said I know what you want me to do. I will do it one time for you. But well, I case you had not figured it out. I am really just a game for you. I smiled and arranged for my lover's night. But that's a story for another day.

Transcribed Part 2
In a previous story, I explained that a guy Tom and his wife, Lisa had arranged for me to be about him on a regular basis. Tom had a thing for me and was only get with me. I had a lover for years who I topped. My lover allowed the situation because I knew he had little choice. He never cheated on me. My guilty feelings were becoming problematic. So I decided to ease my guilt and I asked Tom a favor. Tom, I said, it is not right that you can fuck me anytime you wish. And my lover always allows it. Tom knew what I was going to ask. I said it would make me feel better if you would take him just once. Tom said I love only you I am not wanting to have sex with any other men. I said I know. Tom made a face that he said I will do this because you asked me to. I kissed him and could tell he was not happy about it. Not one little bit. Tom said if I do this, you have to be With us, I knew that would probably be uncomfortable for my lover wouldn't bother me at all. So I came up with a plan. My lover knew Tom was due to arrive, and he was such a good boy. I saw the sadness in his face as he watched the clock. He started to gather his stuff for his trip to the guest house. It tore my heart to watch him. He smiled at me when he noticed me watching him. He said It is the okay baby. I know Tom loves you very much. I knew Tom was planning on catching my lover and me having sex. I had not realized at the planning time what Tom's reaction would be. I walked my lover to the guest's house and rip his clothes off and started fucking him. As planned. Tom came in caught us. The look on Tom's face was not good. Yet he did what I asked. He said No wonder you will not leave him for me. I tell Tom then you know it is only fair. He gets do enjoy what he allows me to enjoy. My lover was not saying anything. I pulled out and Tom was not really hard, but he fucked my lover. My lover had only had me in him for almost seven years. Tom was just a bit bigger than me. Plus he was a stud to my lover responded but not that much. Tom was doing a good job but as I looked in his eyes, I could see it was because I asked him to, they finished and my lover said, Okay, do you feel less guilty now? I said, Well, yes, a little. Both Tom and he said well. I was so off base here. Tom took me to my bedroom. He said only one thing. Your lover does have a nice ass but does not ever ask me to do something like that again. Well, shit. I felt worse now. I used my men again but to ease my guilt. I was just wrong. My lover later that night told me Tom was good, but he didn't want me I could tell my lover Vincent. I think Tom is going to make you get rid of me soon. I started to cry. I knew he was right. My lover said you need to be with Tom and Lisa they offer you a real family with too. I agreed inside but I wanted my cake and eat it too. I didn't want to lose a man I loved a long time. But I did love Tom and not just a little. I did love Lisa too. The next few days were normal. Then I come home Tom and Lisa plus my lover were all at the table. My lover's bags were packed. I just began crying. I had to free my lover I knew it. Tom came to me and said, Well, I'll love you but your lover just can't do this anymore. And if he stays much longer, well, I would run him off eventually and you would hate me for that. I cannot do that to you. My now ex-lover said I should have left long ago. But we all are so happy but it is time. Lisa Tom and I had years of a great life. The are now all in college and even though I eventually left the sexual situation, we talk weekly and still do

The Perfect Man Plan Man On Man
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The average perfect man would be just a tad taller than feet with a weight of 187 pounds. That's roughly the size of Bradley Cooper Channing Tatum or Gerard Butler. In case you were wondering, I really don't like really skinny guys or really fat. I like a little cushion for the pushing.

Growing up, I was really fit. So I decided after I finally got comfortable with being gay, that I was going to find a perfect man. I also realized that just randomly hooking up with guys that crossed my path would be unlikely to get results. So just like my business, I started what I called my stud plan and I made a list of all the personal attributes that I thought were most important in a man and then I made a list of all the physical attributes that I liked. Next was the hard part. I made a list of all the very attractive men that I knew that would possibly be able to qualify. Believe it or not, I was a little So that was a rather large list.

However, as I went through my past experience list, they were just too many things that I wanted that not everyone seemed to possess. Yet I did find three good candidates on my list and I decided to go and review those men and I came up with a plan to do it. My birthday was coming up soon, so I only sent invitations to my three candidates, rather than the large huge block party spectacle that I normally have. Just the three for my birthday, I made a very romantic setting and a table set for I didn't want to be distracted with serving the meal or anything like that. So I hired one of my dancers to be the waiter. FYI, I did not screw with my dancer employees. And I let him in on my plan for the evening.

The guys arrive and I said about figuring out which, if any, would make the . The first test was pretty simple. I had a wide variety of friends, many of whom were extremely posh. I knew if I wanted to have the perfect men on my arm, he would need to know how to properly eat a meal.

The best test is the silverware use. In general, knife blades are always placed with the cutting edge toward the plate. No more than three of any implement are ever placed on the table, except when an oyster fork is used in addition to three other forks. If more than three courses are served before dessert, then the utensils for the fourth course are brought in with the food. Likewise, the salad fork and knife may be brought in when the salad course is served. Dessert spoons and forks are brought in on the dessert plate just before dessert is served.

One guy failed immediately. It was a pity to he had the biggest cock Paul, one guy did okay. trainable. The guy that one let us him Tom. He had no issues and it did not even require thought. We finished the meal and I just made The two and Tom remains. I got my dance to take the other two boys to my guest house. Not a bad consolation prize either. I have a great story I'll share about their adventure told to me by that dancer. But that's for another .

Tom seems to be happy to be alone with . We caught up on things and enjoyed wine on the couch. next phase test ethics and cognitive skills. Here I was a bit tricky. I told stories of relationships and different scenarios that could happen like cheating lovers, etc. I also included some twisted sexual stories to see his responses. He passed the sex stories with flying colors, but ethically he would have been screwing everybody that worked for me and the mailman. Bummer.

But hey guys, it was my birthday. Tom was a stud of a guy so I had my birthday cock but I was very disappointed. I did not find my perfect study.

Plan B well Since all the guys I already knew didn't measure up, I had to come up with a way to find a new man that might pass the test. Know-How the heck am I gonna do that? Well, just like my business, I decided on an advertisement with that in itself presented certain problems. How can you advertise that you're looking for a perfect man without putting the criteria that you're looking for? Anybody can pretend to follow a list of attributes. So I decided to post personnel that would possibly draw in the right kind of man.

Looking for a handsome man to mend my broken heart five years of relationship overdue to cheating. It was longer and worded more carefully, but you can get the idea. It started to work. I went on four separate dates. The guys were all pretty damn good too. Yet other than having really good sex. All had at least one thing that was incomplete until the fifth date.

Let's him Aaron. He called and immediately I could tell He was quality. Aaron said that he had read my ad and could sympathize because his lover had cheated on him. But this is what he said that got my attention. I don't honestly know if I can mend a broken heart. I think that just comes with time and then finding someone you can slowly fill it with the love that was lost. Bingo IQ. I could tell right off that it wouldn't be an ethical situation. All I had left to find is what did he like what he meets my very particular physical requirements.

We arranged to meet at a cafe. Men want to know that you get them and that feeling understood is an important part of a good relationship. I asked him to wear something that I would know it was him based on what we talked about. Aaron said, Hmm, this could be interesting. He showed up in a leather jacket with a yellow in his hand and immediately I knew he was Aaron. Standing about feet tall with golden-brown hair and a slight tan. He spotted quickly and his lit the whole room with a smile.

Do you know that saying that when you see the person that you're going to fall in love with you either get really nauseous or you get infatuated and your heart palpitations, I did both? We had a fabulous time we ended up going back to my place and the sex was unbelievably good.

But unfortunately, I had a significant problem with my plan for the perfect stud. It's called predetermined expectations. We dated for a long time and became very, very close. But as time went on, I realized that I had made a mistake, not Aaron, he was perfect. The error was that rather than perfection being found through growth together, where it has true meaning, I shopped for it. At that very moment, I realized that the true perfection that I had found I had in my house on my birthday and I sent him off with a stripper. It wasn't even the guy that had passed the test and I even dated on my birthday. It was the Barbarian that did not know how to eat.

Let's call him Paul. I discovered that the perfect stud might be what I thought I wanted. But what I needed was a man as he is not my idea of how he should be. I called Paul. He came to swim in my pool. I knew I needed to tell him what I had done. Honesty is very important. As I spelled all my plans, Paul did not really speak. When it was all over. Paul stood up, walked over to , and hugged . Not sex hug, but comfort. All he said was go ahead and cry now. He really broke your heart. You see, he was the perfect stud. I began to cry.

It all came then. Everything, the abuse when I was a , the loss of people I cared about. I mean everything. Paul was a real man. He held me tight, he stroked my hair, dried my tears for a long time. I was embarrassed after it. Then it started to pass. I dumped the life held in pain on Paul. He should have run for the hills. Paul said let's go to bed. I figured he wanted a reward least for having such a messed update. Paul held me all night. He did not fuck me. He did not do anything but hold me all night.

The morning I wake up. Paul was not in bed. I figured he ran for the hills and did not blame him one bit. Just then Paul walks in with my cheating ex-lover who looked all beat up. Paul said he is the bastard who broke your heart. I brought him here so he could get the last of his crap of your house. I told him he broke your heart on the way here. Asshole tried to suck my dick. I got really pissed and beat him up. I only stopped because I knew you would be upset with if I heard him a lot. My ex looked said only one thing. Keep this one

I did to the next Paul came over and we talked and he acted like I had not been a basket case the before. Eventually, we go to bed. Paul was unbelievably good. He had suck him then kiss . Next, he held for a bit. He fucked then. Not fucked but made love to is a better description. Paul was with all through my carjacking. I died and took months before I could walk or breathe on my own.

Paul loved . You know how I really know. I fell in love with another guy. Paul, let go. I still talk to him now years later.

I have A Thing For Irish Guys Man On Man
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Irishmen wanted thinking of my first, Irish men's appearance is believed to be bright red hair, freckles, and blue eyes. But in fact, that is just the stereotype. There are a few males with red hair in Ireland. Both the guys with dark hair and a red beard are met very often in this country.

Mostly, they have Harry Potter's features narrow , often elongated, hollow cheeks that often get blush, style, and behavior of Irish men judging by the close men in Ireland may be divided into three categories. knackers fashionistas and ordinary guys, knackers are met everywhere. They are guys from to 24, who drink smoke and make lawlessness on the streets to come to a stranger and mimic him a common thing. They like not too bad grain. It's sports pants, backpacks, and sneakers. fashionistas men dressed up in cute coats, skinny trousers. Have Joe laid hairstyles. He does everything clearly with ordinary guys. They do not try to stand . They are everywhere. Irish males in most cases harsh, but the same time with a little bit cunning in their eyes, brutal but with a kind heart, strong but still gentle and also, the main features of every Irish man can be called the straightforwardness, mystery leadership qualities, the ability to perform feats for the sake of the Beloved one patriotism, a serious attitude to marriage and relationships. They love beer and football. If you share their interests, you will find a lot of friends in the of Irishmen.

In general, Irish males are open to dialogue and have an excellent sense of humor. They like to get rest in public places where there are talks and debates on the football theme and an atmosphere of friendliness and fun. Even after two drunk pints of beer. They love to dance the Irish jig. Irish guys are very talkative and at the same time balanced enough.

You may or may not know that Matthew McConaughey born fourth of November American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. He is Irish. I saw him naked at a pool party at Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Just before he had made it big. Well, believe me, he definitely was impressive. (no sex)

But honestly not the Irish type I want to. I want a bit of reading. If you have read some of my other stories, there was an Irish cop from New York. I met in California, they rocked my world. He was a big guy with brown-red hair, white creamy skin.

Okay, I have to come clean at this point in the story. The biggest reason I want red, that white pink caulk the foreskin, oh my even better. I've only had three red men in my life. The cop I mentioned, a cute little bottom , no clue what his name was. And the reason I really want To find a pink comp Now, let's him Tom. He was about three years older than .

Until this time, I had only experienced sex one time. And also, I had a rude awakening, meaning I did not ask for sex. I did not even know what sex was. not sure if I was gay or not after getting fucked by the three men who educated me. I had never looked to be with a man at all.

Tom and I were on a camping trip and others were on the trip with us. But we all were using two-man tents and the tents were all arranged in a huge circle around a common fire pit. They were among the trees far apart. So basically alone, I was sleeping and I hear a bit of noise. I open my eyes and I see Tom's sleeping bag is open and he is naked and I started to close my eyes. I figured he was midsummer temperatures, but as my eyes closed, I realized his cock was . Tom did not No I have stirred and I kept my eyes looking but mostly closed.

I was not thinking of sucking him or anything. I just wanted to watch it. You all need to know more about Tom to really appreciate what I was looking at a football player, red nut farmer religious I was too huge and fit. He lay on his sleeping bag, all feet of him. His skin was smooth and white. The moonlight was shining across his body and it made his washboard stomach muscles show even more. Then I saw his dick. Oh my god. The only three I had seen before were big, especially one of them.

But Tom's was gigantic. Not just saying this. I could see him jacking with both hands and just jiggle up and down full strokes and being a bit of a nerd. I did the math and it is four inches. He had both hands that are inches and he was going up and down two to three inches. Then I remembered he wore extra super large gloves. I added another inch. Holy crap I noticed he was not all hard yet. his cock was thick to really thick. There was a big gap between his thumb and fingers as it held his still swelling shaft. He did this for a while. I was frozen looking .

Tom glanced over a few times to make sure I was sleeping. He then really got into it. He was jacking faster than faster. I saw his sexy moonlit muscles glistening with sweat flexing, he moans a bit and shot his load straight up. It was so thinking and much could not believe it. He pumped five blasts all reached impressive heights. He cleaned up and fell asleep. my cock was yards and dripping preco I had not touched myself. The next . I just played the scene over and over in my head.

The next night we are in the tent talking. We are really enjoying our conversation and he talks about the military which he was going into very soon. He mentioned some of the things I had been doing to, even though I was , we equal and rank. We talked about that some and then Tom say, No shit, you are than everyone and I explained to him when I moved here as a I tested too to put in the correct and Tom chuckled and said he figured that was true because everyone knew I was an egghead. The whole while I was talking to him, all I could think about was that ginormous stick. I just couldn't push it out of my mind. I remembered in the situation I had before how the guys wanted me to blow them and how I'd gotten pretty good at it. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to do that with Tom. I also figured I'd get punched in the .

Then Tom changed the subject into talking about his girlfriend and sex. Holy crap. His sleeping bag started to mount as he described in detail his girlfriend's sucking him fingering, then places they fucked. He was not coming on to but educating on sex. This is a cool thing he was doing in his mind. I was so hard I was scared he would see so it. It was like a switch flipped on . I wanted to suck his huge dick. I wanted to compare his comm taste to the three I had tasted and I had to figure how, but I felt wrong. I should not. This was against everything I believed and Tom to how could I try for what I knew I really wanted.

Tom must have seen something in my . He sits upon the cart and he is in boxers as if that matters with all his meat. You could see it all. He says Tell me about your girlfriend, Lisa. I sat up carefully and said well, not much to tell. We have played around some but our dating. Tom says ghuli then freaked me out a bit. He says flat out I think you're gay. Probably. I said What? Why? He explained that he just felt it when I was near. I did not understand. Tom seemed to be uncomfortable with telling me more than he looked In my eyes, he knew that I needed to understand. Okay, shit, Tom says. He then explained in a very kind way all about sex, straight sex first, I got it.

Then he said to , You like men, you know how I know? It is because you are more like a in many ways. Not that you really act like one, but you feel like one, you know, smart, nice, and the kind of shit. I kinda agreed. Tom then says you keep this to yourself until you are older and Sure, okay. We went to sleep. Well, Tom did the next night. Tom is talking and we are getting along fine.

And then I tell him the truth. I say that I was made to have sex last year. I told it all to him and he said he was sorry it happened and he was kind of angry. I did not know why so asked. He said I am pissed because that was wrong to do. They could have educated you without hurting you. Tom said okay. Do you want to know if you are gay? I said yes. He said, Come lay in my sleeping bag with me. I said, Okay, I was scared to. He held me in his arms. And at first, I was feeling odd, but after seconds, it was amazing. I felt like curling up. No Boehner yet.

Tom said okay, yep, you're gay. I see your . I expected him to open the sleeping bag so I could exit. He did not. I stayed like that all night. No sex. I wanted to play with his cock. But just that he let curl up and enjoy. That was awesome. The morning came and Tom only said I am not gay. But I did feel you in my arms and you needed me. I just never tell anyone.

That night. Tom was just as nice as ever and we were doing normal stuff. I had to ask Tom a question but was afraid I wanted to admit I saw him jack off. I also wanted to know why his dick was so big minds, big guys. But he was huge. I just couldn't bring myself to ask if the moon was shining and like before and it was very and humid. I could not sleep in my sleeping bag.

So got wearing my T-shirt and boxers all pretty sweaty. Tom woke then and says a good idea. It was not this bad. When I went to sleep. There was a small shower before dark. Tom was more sweaty than . His t-shirt and boxer stuck to him all over and I could see through shit. I was on top of my sleeping bag. instantly. I got hard. No time to think of dead puppies and church. Tom saw I tried to cover and rollover and he did not say anything.

But I feel his hand on my shoulder and he said for not to worry about it and he was flattered and then we took our sleeping bags outside to air dry the sweat. We went back into the tent and sat on our cots. Tom then said I am going to change out of these wet clothes. You should too Than he freaked . He stood up in his huge mitteilungen wet sweaty boxer was inches from my . I looked up his ripped body. His looked down .

first, he looked unsure. Tom said, you really want my cock? I said, I first want to know how the hell you cock is so fucking big. Tom grinned from ear to ear and said it gets bigger. I knew then he had agreed to let suck him. He picks off my cot. He undressed while saying things like if you do become gay, do not let anyone abuse you. And no matter what, remember, you're a good person. I was nude now. He grabbed my shoulders and looked deep in my eyes, and made me a promise. He smiled then said, Okay, this one time, and if you tell I will you. I sucked him and he came. He had a hell of a time getting that meat in me and never used it all. He did not hurt me. He was so gentle.

And then as I figured how to relax he showed something Everyone positions and came all over my mouth and asked after we got our sleeping bags I got in mind alone. As I started to fall asleep Tom slipped into my sleeping bag. He said I wanted you to know I am definitely straight but I will remember. He held me about an hour then return to his cot.

nothing ever happened again and soon he was gone.

Leather Daddy Boy In Training Man On Man
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I was not sure I would share this story. It is pretty sleazy and not something I did more than the one time. I had written a list of all the sexual things I knew of and vowed to try all of them once. This next story was arranged by a leather by my request years ago. I want to say again, this is not my normal sexual behavior. I wanted to try everything once. I had a house full of guests arranging a gay pride float for a bar I had been a bartender at there were several lover couples and one guy from another bar that was a leather SNM place. He was over to see if I could draw the blueprints for him.

I was the local gay Egghead.

I knew most people in the city but I've never seen this leather .

Let us him Tom.

He stood against the back wall in the room where we were all working. He just kind of stood against the wall watching us. I caught myself peeking over at him all the time at this point In my life I had never been with a leather guy and I had only been to a leather bar once. I was a trim cute guy with a nice body. People normally said I was cute. I did not feminine or act that way. I was masculine looking, but not in a burly way.

More like a swimmer.

FYI, he had been a professional ballet dancer.

Tom was a man. just huge.

feet four inches least. What I seem to notice the most were his big hairy chest and it was a jungle of thick black hair. It went well with his muscles and square jaw . He had no shirt on but wore a leather jacket and pants. I noticed on his boots a stud spur. He looked like he jumped of a Tom of Finland poster. He scared some to me kinda like that. I was extremely busy with my friends doing rather complicated work and I knew he was just standing there patiently waiting. I thought I better go see If he was okay, as I walked up to Tom, he seemed to puff up. His dark eyes looked at me and it felt different. It was like he was thinking of all the things he wanted to do to me. It was kind of and weird the same time. I said, Sorry to make you wave. He said in a deep voice. My knees got weak the sound. No problem. You seem to have your hands full with the Queen's next he said that he did not mind waiting. He was enjoying the view. Then he winked at and I could see his touch lick his lips.

Very suddenly to

I stammering said okay, and scuttled back to work. I was thrilled but scared of him sorta. I did like how he looks so lustily . The Queen's were full of questions. But I noticed one of the Queen's didn't ask any questions and was looking very intensely. We finished up all but the one Queen left.

She says for to walk her .

As I do, she says for to be careful. Tom is a good guy but is a leather . I sent your she said that you never do anything with a leather guy unless you know them well. She stopped and put her hand on my arm and

said, Tom is safe.

Okay. He is very too and I saw him looking you.

He is going to try for you. I will I never had done leather. She smiled and says,

just be sure you want it before you agree to anything. I said, Well, I probably will just tell him No. She smiled at and said

Good luck with that. And left.

Tom had moved to the desk and hand his poorly drawn blueprints for to make work. Well, I said, Okay, great. You see that trashcan?

He said, Yes.

I told him to put this in it and come sit next to me. Tell me what you want and I will create it. Tom smiled and sat next to me I had put the chair a bit far away.

He noticed that and smiled.

I designed a fantastic float.

Tom was impressed.

He tips back in his chair and as he does I see in his leather pants a nice thick caulk. his jacket opened as leaned back, showing a sexy body. His was so sexy guys sorry, but I lacked the writing skills to really describe how manly and the gaze was. I almost melted then remembered the Queen said,

Good luck with that. It sunk in then he saw me drool, smiled even more.

We talk some now and I told him my lack of leather experience. Tom got even more turned on. I was scared to death yet wanted it to. Then Tom really surprised me. He said forward in his chair and told me I want you to know a few things. You should not go with a leather guy any place other than public until you set rules.

I asked Okay, why?

Tom said Well, some are into very extreme things. If you are not careful, it can be bad. Then some leather etiquette rules so on and so forth. I found it very interesting.

Tom freaked more now.

Tom continues to tell that he hasn't been in town very long that he just got through filming a movie.

porn movie too.

I said, cool. Where is it? I want to see it. Tom laughs saying now Where do you think I would have a VHS tape in this outfit? Then I don't know what happened. I guess my slot switch flipped on. I sent to Tom is that an invitation to ? He was shocked a second. Then he stood up and stretched his arms up and to the side. He filled the room it seemed. He said I could not stop looking you. You can have anything you want. I was kidding. Kinda. But it was so . I felt him all over. He did not move. Then it Holy crap, I have a porn stud letting explore him all over. I knelt before his crotch bulging in those leather pants. He looks down at and says, I will let you suck your 's COC. First, you need to ask . Do you understand what I am asking for?

I said I think so.

Tom picked up then and carried into my bedroom. He told while laying down on my bed, I want you to know something. You are not just meat like most guys, I fuck. It might be all . He paused a bit then said I was thinking of all the sex I wanted with your cute s. But then I looked a bit more. I want you not just to play with. I know I scared you. You terrify . We had sex not leather sex but romantic sex.

It was awesome.

Okay, next week we go to his leather bar. Tom says to me, do you remember the rules I said yes. He reminded me that I only do what he says.

I replied, Yes sir.

Tom had been teaching me all the things about leather life. He also expected me to only have to show off as his . That also could mean I had to have sex with others have told. Tom promised he would not have me do anything much this first time.

We walk into order a drink. I hear. Hey, I see

you did not have much luck with that. I turned around and the queen is grinning from ear to ear. Tom say you to talk I need to around before we go to the back.

Queen tells

I knew it as he was looking you along the wall your house. Tom fell in love with you the second he saw you. I was afraid it was less but I can tell he loves you. I blushed and she tells that he had been in several times and did not do anything.

I said Really? What do you mean? Tom was walking back

Queen points or the crowd as Tom walks up. I got it then. Everyone knew who he was and he could have guy's much better looking than me. I turned to my queen friend and said,

oh crap.

Queen says you're in deep should now love to make SNM like candy. Tom showed off and around as he picked what interesting men were there. I was treated well by most but I saw a few that scared me. Tom grabs two guys and tells me to talk to them. See if my would like a couple of toys. The guys were doing their best to impress . They wanted Tom

he noticed that in my . He whispered in my ear. They may want but I want you

play with the menu like and remember it's me that you go home with Tom was a good . And sure enough, he did love . We all forego to the back and I noticed my queen friend right behind us. We go In the back room and I hear her sing

backup voice. This is not a public voice and training.

I felt special and Tom asked the two guys to kneel before him to suck us both off.

The did

Tom Gabs my ass then tell one to lick and get ready for a show.

Tom had them watch as he fucked .

He came in whispered to me step one being watched. Are you okay ? I said yes what now sir? Tom was thrilled.

Tom says from the to shotgun mouth and as hard as it was good. I watched Tom and he liked seeing get it.

That's what turned on. Pass. Step two.

Step three was harder for . I watched Tom fuck on as the other suck .

first, I was jealous.

I noticed that just like . Tom was not watching the guy whose eyes were on . I smiled. Tom then put on a show. I will never Forget he fucked all of us then had fuck the guys on the way home. Tom says okay You were an awesome . I will warn you now that you might have issues watching with others pop up.

I will do that only if we are playing or a movie.

I said okay. He kissed we get home.

In my bed is a cute bottom naked. Tom says a present for you. I know you like to top Queen told . I did not particularly want him. But the voice stared flirting and he was just too . Tom say in a chair and said tonight you boys will be my porn movie. I really like the year I was Tom's

Flight During and After Man On Man
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This is a fun story when I was traveling. I was flying from Dallas to LA. It was almost an empty flight late at night on an odd . Tuesday, I think onboarding they said sit wherever you like. I went all the way to the back. Nobody except a couple and a guy. The guy was rather handsome. Typical business executive. Nice Ralph Lauren smoke gray suit, very nicely groomed. He also had a of power and accomplishment. I knew many people like him, straight married his wife with Steph and birth of a . As I passed him he did the standard and nod with a busy as he was looking his presentation. Probably investing by his . A very handsome family man fit from the . You get the picture. The married couple were considerably more interesting. The noticed I was gay right off the guy kind

, but you could tell not sure. They stopped as I passed and asked if I would take a picture. Of course, I did and went to about rows back and sat down. There was a bathroom close, but the center one and the bathroom in the front everyone used. We had a messed up flight due to fires in California. Major delays and route changes. I fell asleep. I feel a touch on my arm. The was sitting across the aisle. She smiled and said, My boyfriend, has fallen asleep. He's a championship karate expert. And I am anxious and just did not feel like sleeping. He just got through with a major competition and I just couldn't wake him up. I hope you don't mind bothering you. I said, Well, no, not all were delayed anyway. She left and said Yeah, well, you know it happens. To make a long story short, we had a wonderful conversation but eventually, it came around to this

She said my guy said you did not really check him and I said, Well, yes and no. She smiled and said, Okay, I am dying to know what that means. I explained that I scan a man's body fast, but I am not like a lot of gays. Well, in some ways, I continued by saying that it is not really all about the body with me. It is the eyes. She said like a color. I laughed just a bit and said no, lean in close and in my eyes. But before you do, don't for something. Just see what you see. Do you feel anything no matter what that feeling is? Do you follow? She said yes, I think I said now do not freak . I will into you through your eyes and I also can read the with extreme details. I worked in behavioral analysis for the state. She was very interested in the guy. Let's him jack and we will her Jill. JACK has got

up and move in close he smiles but indicated to us to just keep talking. So I did my scan. She looked just for what she saw. She smiled really big. She said I thought maybe you were joking or a mystic type guy. Well, I have to say I tried to see at first but the second you started looking I expected a stare. Well, no, it looked as if you were glancing in a store window. But what I saw was a pain for a second then it was like it flipped into joy. I saw it I felt it. JACK says bullshit. She says okay, honey, I will make you a bit. He says okay. If you look and don't feel or see anything, you win, no questions. Nothing. He says okay, but if you feel or notice I expect you to do a favor. Anything I asked for. He said deal. I was reluctant to in his eyes. karate champion stud gorgeous, sexy , sexy eyes.

I knew what he might see. Unfortunately, I can glance scan, but I cannot be deceptive. It just doesn't work that way. I cannot say anything in advance or it would not work at least on his end. JACK starts to move to get close. I said no stay there distance is not important. It's vision we use not magic. She says before I glanced, get ready to up. I knew he would be a bit more difficult. Just the fact knowing I am doing it makes it hard enough to get a result. He will not wish to really FYI, I have tricks to get them to and see how it is. That's what my soul reflects as I scan them the best way I think to paraphrase it I had to open up much more to light the way enough for him to it's light attractive like a nightlight. JACK looked I did not open glance right off till he started to being to say I see nothing. Just before he did

I opened myself with my eyes and he kind of made a . I had to stop. He said, okay, Shiv. She wanted to know. What did you see? He said first, but then I felt like well, horning. She said what Really? I kept quiet. JACK said I saw the response he has to a man. It's very erotic. She said he looked at the same I did not see flirting. His was stone. JACK says well , he stood up with a heart on she say well okay. I when I then say I am sorry but I must open myself to draw a close enough gaze to make it work. To see deep enough human attention span is in the seconds and only in those seconds Do you really see each other. We are exiting the plane all still chatting and we had the same hotel. at the hotel, we meet for drinks.

That evening and they have a friend with them. He is breathtaking. It is a trainer that worked for jack. He taught self-defense all over the world in workshops. The second I sat down, I said hello and introduce myself. Jill says I remember our bed. Well, guess what I asked for? I shrugged. I told him to find you a guy to go on a date with just then. Let us him Tom says with a very sexy smile. Hey guys, he could find a date easy. I have probably said before in my stories from the past, that flattery seems to work pretty well with . especially coming from a beautiful start of a man and then Tom asked about the bed. He seemed interested. I did not want him to . Tom say Why? I said Should I glanced he immediately noticed and said oh my

I see you open yourself like for real. Tom was smarter than I expected. He says, Okay, what did you see? I said You're bisexual. Before I even looked, I noticed you check my package in my s. You did your own type of glance and notice my facial expression was kind and reacted in your own with the same kind of appearance. Now Tom was really intrigued and you scan the room many times as if you were looking for someone or something. Then I realized that's probably a side effect from being in karate and being bisexual. Tom gasped. I could also tell by your first reaction to me you were hoping I would be larger in size that indicates to me You probably like a dominant top. jack and jill look at each other. Tom looks at them looks at me and says yes. I smiled at him and say, but in luck because every so often you like a nice piece of ass. that point, it

Tell them I really would like to stop. I'd much rather enjoy getting to know someone with experience rather than using clinical analysis and opening myself up to get them to enough that I can use it. We talked for hours and had a wonderful time Tom was enthralled with me, I was enthralled with him. jack and jill were charming. I explained to them that I worked in a very restricted research area for the Department of Mental health and behavioral analysis. And I had special training to do that. I also told them that I learned the technique of reflecting myself through my eyes to get enough attention to make a true analysis, but that's something I did on my own. It was a mistake, I was only able to hold that job and keep from going crazy for about five years. It's very draining and I told them if they really wanted to learn about it, all they had to do is up behavioral analysis. up analysis. Do you remember guys I told you Tom was pretty darn smart? Tom tells me you know that good.

Be kind of dangerous to be able to analyze someone that well, especially if you took advantage of it, and I chuckled and said Don't ask me to go to Vegas with you. FYI, I cannot go to Reno again ever. But that's a story for another . Oh, sex. I forgot running through memories. jack and jill. Well, they need to get a pail of water. No, they had major business to do before his next match, which was in two days in NYC. Tom and jack had to run to the car to get some papers that he needed. Jill told me when you went to the bathroom, Tom said he is smart and very cool. He listened to me. What really got me is him knowing I like a top for sex most. Nobody knows that. He could not tell that from how I act or . He also said during your glance him, his dick got hard and he felt like fucking you. I said no shit. I missed that.

It was his I was looking . She continued with Tom is definitely by but only a tiny few know it, you know self-defense and he competes in karate to Semi-Pro. I got it. I said, Jill smiles and says, jack fuck better than he ever when we landed. I ask him why? He told , you know the gay guy. I could see he is submissive. It makes a guy want to bang him. I would not I am not gay. But damn it did turn on my sex drive. Just then we noticed the guys had already returned and as they stood behind her heard it awkward. But Tom just took over. He said Well, I think I would like to show him the studio. JACK smiles hands Tom the keys and we leave. Tom was awesome. First he tells me that he wanted me to check his karate routine. He changed into his outfit and displayed an amazing

series of complex moves. I was beyond impressed. he exited the ring and as he wiped the sweat from his said, you know I never have shown off for a guy. I thought of how you watched with so much attention to detail. I tried to be perfect. I looked at him smiled and sent to him how impressed I was. He was happy and seemed to light up that I enjoyed it. He said opened those beautiful eyes for . Let again and this time Do not shy away. Tom, I said, Let's get you in the shower and you can see more than my eyes if you like. Tom grabs my hand and rips off my clothing and we are in the shower. His body was amazing. With that fit. . Only daily massive training gets a body. As the water poured down our bodies. I felt his hands on my ass. He lifts off the ground and I wrap my legs around his waist. He rammed his big cock in my ass and as my arms around his neck, I held on he

Fuck holding in front of him. My whole body felt rippled muscles pulsing as his cock dropped and then I felt his come filling my s. We got all dry and dressed. I figured he had fucked me and he really wanted a bush top. I was getting ready to ask for a ride to the hotel. But before I did, Tom grabs me kisses me. He touched my bulge. I feel his hand reach in and grab my cock. He saw the surprise in my . He grins and tells you did not see this. Neither did I. But you do not have to be a big top. Your cock is really big. I thought fuck yet, and I top that man. He told afterward, you fucked as good if not better than any dominating top. Needless to say, I hoped he would contact . He did only a few times. I get a in San Diego from jack a year later.

He tells jail is in some big meeting and cannot come with him. He has to have everything you know shows dinner and tickets and vouchers and marketing stuff. We had fun and it was all normal till after his fight. He won. We are in my hotel a tad drunk too. JACK has me fixed up his dressings on a few cuts. He then just kissed me with his hands on my head. first, I tried to pull away. I was held in place. Then I melted. JACK says I want to fuck you badly. I asked why. Jill is awesome. He says Oh, hell yes. I love her. She told me I need to see you. I was not expecting that. He said then I saw that submission in you. Tom still mentions you. I said okay. If you want to dominate me we have rules for that. JACK fuck the living holy hell of . He loved to handle

They'll be really rough. I liked it. But he never hurt . And it was a knockout for all the way. JACK filled up over and over every place and way. Jail calls. JACK puts on the phone. She says, Did you have a good time? I said, unbelievably. So she says, Okay, good. Did he find what he needed? I said I think so. She says then, okay, cool. I put back on and they seem to be all good. He fucked until I had to catch my flight. I had fun a few more times with Tom years later, but jack I talked with NGLS friends only. Oh crap. I totally forgot about the businessman. When I was having lunch, he came over to my table and said he remembered me from the plane. I said How did your meeting go? He looked at me funny. We never talked. He said okay, I got the deal.

Now the pressure is on. We talked about business and he was a great guy. He said that his wife and he had been so messed up with the Boo and his were all busy in . He went on to say he wanted to go to a stripper bar. I told him I knew one clothes. I had not been in it, but it looked nice. He said, Really? I took him to it and he wanted to go in with him. I said, I am gay and I will go in with you if you want, but you should know. He looked . Then he looked up and down. He said you don't gay. You are good looking. I sent you so let's get you some fun. He was thrilled. I forgot what a straight place was like, you know a gay guy in a strip club. Well, in case you do not, within a short time, every not working was talking to . The guy's had a . I have seen many times of being puzzled. Why does that gay guy have

The girls. My friend was in heaven as I introduced him as this is my straight buddy. He needs some fun. He is so stressed . Three girls moan and say, Oh no, we can't have that. Three lap dance on him free. The owner came to me and said my girls all him for the dance. They did. I offered to . He said, No. They never did that. And if they wanted not to have you , that's okay. This time. We left and he wanted to get a nightcap. He took me to his office. It was awesome with a skyline view. He tells me he had a blast. And I said I did too. Then he freaked me and he said, Come here and Suck my cock. I said what? He tells me that he would never cheat with a woman on his wife. But since I told him I was gay. He paused. Well, I have been looking at your S

I see why a guy would want you. I have said many times before, flattery works pretty well with me. He moves in front of the skyline wall. He pulls of a sexy thick cock. I just went for it. I sucked him off several times. Then he threw me over his desk. He fucked me till he came. Okay, that is the flight and after the events that happened, I did not join the Mile Club on this flight. that is a story for another .


The scariest sex Man On Man
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The scariest sex ever. We will the guy Tom. I was leaving a bar after getting a bit drunk. I walked home rather than drive. I see a good looking but dangerous and rough guy leaning against a building as I started to pass he asks for a light and is holding a cigar. I pull my Zippo and say sorry, I don't have matches. He smiled and said that's okay. This is a cheap cigar. He was nice and no red flags. I waved as I walked off, he puffed and I looked back he was still in the same place.

Later when I was halfway home, I stopped in at a station and picked up a bottle of aspirin for what I knew would be a hangover. I see the guy, Tom. He was hanging around just up the street. I just continued home. He must have followed me home. He was a rough guy just of jail. Dirty blond hair, rip muscles thin and trim. He wore jeans And a white t-shirt and work boots. I saw him but didn't realize he had followed all the way home.

I am in bed. I hear a tap my window. It's Tom. He noticed I had woken as he opens my window and climbs in. I was thinking of robbery. Tom says, Do not move. If you do, it will be bad. Get it? I nodded. He closed the window. It was kind of dark, but I could see him walking up to the foot of my bed. Tom tells to turn over on my stomach and put my hands behind my back. I rolled over but did not put my hands back. Tom grabs my arms and ties my wrists behind my back. He then just stood there looking .

Next, I feel his finger in my ass. I noticed his cock was of his jeans. He had a really big dig that I saw him stoking. Tom says you will not make a sound, I am going to fuck you. Then he said, I just got of jail and I have a couple of buddies that I am going to have come here. We need a place. I was scared. He then said you do as told you will be fine. I get it. I said yes. I knew to not say more. Tom then climbed on the bed and fuck me till he came. He did not hurt me. He fucked me good. Tom said, Good . You may even enjoy the company if you behave.

He left the room. I struggled to get free but it was no good. He came in about minutes later with two big guys. One black-haired guy, feet tall and very huge. like a construction worker. The other looks similar to Tom with a bit more bulk, like a boxer. They got undressed and I could not help but notice tattoos and very sexy Manley bodies. Thank goodness they all had about to -inch Cox I was afraid they would have bigger ones. construction worker looking one flip over on my back and looked all over. He grabbed my dick and said, You will be fine if you do not fight. I nodded. He smiled and then feed his cock.

My hands were tied and the other two took an ankle and spread my legs open and back some each fingered me. Then Tom licked my hole. They did not really say anything but took turns fucking me. That did not hurt me. And if I was asked to do this, well, it would have been awesome. So I just tried to go with the flow. After a few hours, they all lay in my bed and slept. I did not.

The morning came and they untied my hands and put me on the floor. They all three set on the side of the bed and had me suck them all off. Tom then said go to the bathroom and take a shower. He walked me into the bathroom. I got in the shower. he exited the bathroom. When I came , they were gone. Nothing was stolen. just gone. I walked directly to the phone and to have a security system installed.

Tom showed up my front door about a week later. I said leave or I will the cops. He did not bang on the door or anything but did not leave. He sent through the door. Let in, please. If you do not I can get in anywhere. I am asking to come in. I set my alarm to go off in minutes and open the door. Tom walks in and says sit on the couch. He tells that he was sorry he used . He was in a bind. The construction worker protected him in jail but agreed to collect payment with a pretty

He was not really there to say sorry I could tell he was wanting us. But he wanted to participate back. He was going to fuck either way. So I said to him, you can take to bed and I will do anything you ask. However, if you plan to ever enter my front door again you need to be invited. You get this time. Tom

was confused a second then he smiled big. Tom said the next time I come here will be after we go to dinner or something. I said deal. Tom and I talked for hours. he spilled a messed up life and I was honest as I always am. first, he got angry for my candor. I reminded come. I said You are a big man. Scared of truth. It is only you and I here. So you are not scared of me. So think about it. And when you man up. Well, I will rock your world.

What I did here was extremely dangerous. Tom says back in his chair thinking then said, you get me a beer. No, wait, please would you bring me a beer? I smiled and said sure. And how about a shot of jack? Tom smiles big. We had a great evening.

Tom did and we did go on many dates together. Last I heard Tom had gotten a lover and they run a small store together.

his lover contacted and told that Tom had cleaned up his life. He also said it was what I told him. I asked What did I say? He said, Well, I do not know exactly but it was you showed him he was scared of the truth about himself. His victim was more man than he was. I told the lover exactly what I said. He also told that you were in bed. Then the lover said Oh, the main reason I tracked you down. You do not know this. But the other two guys wanted to visit you again. Tom told them that the cops had your place staked . I say Really? Then we ended the with his lover saying, Tom brings you up in the conversation about one or two times a year. I ask Really? He tells me I noticed when he does, he has a funny in his eyes. And I just wanted you to know,

FYI, of all the things that ever happened to was the worst. It was pure luck. My psychology worked. I made dangerous choices.

Three Twisted Encounters Man On Man
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List of twisted things that happened one I was in the bathroom and a truck driver came in then was urinating next to me. I glanced in his cock was really big, but only a glance. He leaned his upper body back some and looked at my ass. I did not know if I should just keep pissing or look at him. He was a burly guy, about feet tall and a muscular body. His brown hair was short in his arms were sexy, big biceps, and just the right of tattoos. Very . Very rough. very scared. He made a growl type sound. I finished and zipped up. As I exited the door. He was looking still pissing he winked. I am almost to my car after buying a bottle of water. Let us him Tom. He walked up to and grabbed my ass outside in public. I started to speak and he said, You are going to follow to my truck. He had a deep, powerful voice and he looked . I could not describe it, but I just followed him. I thought we would have fun in his truck, Tom said as we drove a shortwave

to a hotel point, I need a bed for that s that trucker five to be every which way there is. Why is this twisted? Well was only my fourth time. I was still in the closet to I was really drunk in New Orleans and I saw a homeless guy peeing I took him to my hotel made him take a shower and suck him off. He had a really big cock. I was really really drunk three in college in the dorm and I had a double room so most of the guys would spend a lot of time in my extra side of my dorm room right had set up like a living room and office where I did tutoring. A few of the football players I tutored, the ones I tutored, I had an event with that I wrote about but that's not the strange one. It was after a football game and I was at my office side of my dorm room. Four of the football players that I did not tutor live down the hall for me and they saw that I was up and working and they were in a party mood and I had a fridge full of beer always so they came in and helped himself dropping in the jar, no big deal. Normally when they were partying like that they'd stay for a minute or two take their video.

And go down to their own room. Instead, they flopped down on the couch and on the chairs and started talking to . We really were having a really good time. So I stopped working and started partying and drinking with them. One of the guys pulls a bottle of jack daniels and we all do shots and then another guy pulls another bottle of jack and hands it to to start off. I don't know what happened. I wake up with my arms and legs tied to my bed on my stomach. Then I noticed that all the guys are naked. I guess they were waiting for to wake up. Well, no, I noticed my SS and full of Jews. They didn't give a chance to say anything. There was a caulk in my ass in my mouth. As soon as I gained consciousness, they didn't give a chance to say anything. There was a caulk in my ass in my mouth as soon as I gained consciousness. first, I was seriously freaking pissed off, but damn, those boys could fuck good. They all swapped between my mouth and my ass for hours. I don't even know how long and then eventually it was down to one now is where it gets even more twisted. He licked all the come out of my ass. Spit it out. kaka fucked me, then untied one arm and leg had me on my back. He feeds me his cock because he was on my chest. He said, You will never tell or I will you. Then he spits on his hand and got my . He wrote a while, then sucked off, then left after he untied my other arm. I untied my leg took a shower. I was pissed, kindly, but literally fuck would be being angry of . That had to be the best damn sex I ever had.

Hot Man Broken Heart Man On Man
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When I am sharing my stories, I am often surprised. I expected that most of the messages I would get would all be sexual in nature. Even though a majority of the communications I get are guys that are really horny after reading my stories, a percentage is more interested in the scenario. This actually makes me happy. I would love to have a sex hookup with a good man. The guys that I feel have the best shot at scoring with have been the ones that want to know more about what happened and not just the great sex. So today I decided to share an event that happened when I was still all messed up from being carjacked. This happened after years of being a hottie. Warnings it is a bit upsetting.

Well first off, you need to know a little bit more about me at the time with this story took place. I owned a company called keyhole production studios. I had 0 dancers working all over the country and doing tours putting on shows. I know sounds great. Really , right? Well, it was really , but it had a serious problem. It's called my ethics. I knew better than to screw around with my dancers. And for the most part, I stuck to my rule. I did two of my dancers for a very, very long time. It was more of a relationship than screwing around but I never just had sex with the dancers. I could have too many times. Now that I back I probably would have made a different decision and enjoy myself.

Okay, so here is what happened. It was three o'clock in the morning and I pulled into an Exxon station to get the station I stopped at was rather dark but was just off the highway. Long story short, I was shot in the neck and ended up in a military hospital. It was bad. I did die too. I came back. I was in a hospital ward with some very attractive military patients all over the place. I had breathing tubes in my nose and neck But other than that I was not damaged. After about a week I was able to move around a bit. I had a big machine to breath to push around but could go short distances.

Everybody there knew I was gay. I was visited by vast numbers of and female dancers. Plus a few queens. Now I am laying in the ward full of bunch masculine redneck military guys in Texas. I thought I would get hassled and a few guys did but mostly they were enjoying the flesh parade visiting . No privacy here all.

One time three of my girls were there. It was funny too. As I looked all eyes were on us. Every COC was hard. I told the girls to look they smiled. I said so all good here. Girls. Look, these boys are stuck in here bored. The girls started to smile. They knew me well. Next, I said I bet all those men are just horny as Looking you sexy girls. I know I've been popping up owners the whole time with these men in the room. All the men set up in bed if they could, eyes as big as saucers too. I told one of the girls to get the nurse. I tell the nurse, I want to have some privacy. When he guards the door. He smiled and said, I can get in big trouble for this. Fucking. I will watch the door.

My girls went back to bed. They dance they sucked and fuck the room. The guys were in heaven. My view was awesome, too. We got away with it too. From then on. Those guys treated me awesome.

Late one night about a week later. One of the guys was getting released the next with a medical discharge. Let us him Tom. He woke and indicated for to be silent. He slipped in bed with . Tom says do not ask. Do not tell. My mouth was out of commission. He was not. He sucked every drop of comb out of . He rolled on my side and put his big cock in . He just pumped all night. A few of the other guys woke and saw what was happening. One just went back to sleep to jacked off watching. The nurse woke us up in bed together, said, Hey guys, you have to clean up before staff arrives. He was awesome. So was the word of guys.

It was as if a crew came in invade us and got us cleaned up. The guy's all told us that I was awesome gay or not. This might not sound like a big deal. Remember, these are mostly all very alpha males. Very straight. Tom left.

About a week later Tom shows up with flowers and candy. Tom visited me as often as he could tell I was out of the hospital.

I got home and did have a man I was dating. My lover comes into the bedroom one morning, not happy at all. says your military guy is in the living room. Oh shit. I said, My lover, said No kidding. Tom, I came out to see Tom. He was so handsome. My lover saw his eyes then mind. He knew at that moment things were different. I saw his eyes tear up and it broke my heart to my lover really, really loved me. You know how I know. I will tell you later.

My lover said I am going to go to the store. You guys have fun and we will have a nice dinner when I return. Tom picked up something was up but his mind was on me. I walked my lover out and he was cool as he got in the car. He said I love you enough to let you go. He said that man is madly in love with you and I know you you love him too. This was all true. FYI. lover love me too much. How could I let him go? But he drove off.

Tom was in my house. I did love Tom and I decided to try Tom. We had awesome sex. My lover showed up while we were in my bed. He was cool. He came in with drinks for us. Tom went to shower and I said I would join him soon.

My lover sat next to me. I expected drama. He just said I see it you guys are falling for each other. I want only you to be happy and even though I love you, I know to let you go. I want you as part of my life even if it is not the way I want it to be. He said you shower and have fun dinner is in two hours. Oh my god. What the hell am I doing? My lover was perfect, but my heart was not.

Tom and I talked in the shower. I told him everything. Tom started to cry a bit. He asked how are you staying with him? I paused water running over me. I knew this was a life-changing decision and I looked in Tom's eyes that made the choice for me. I had fallen for Tom and I had a great lover but my heart was now Tom's Tom was so happy. I have seen joy and sorrow before Tom was in heaven. I was happy but had pain to my now ex-lover and dinner in now one hour, minutes.

diner, believe it or not, was awesome. My ex had set a place for two. I felt awkward. x said coolly. I ate already and want you guys to really have a special dinner. He served us an awesome meal. all the bells and whistles to after dinner we all had wine around the pool. My ex and Tom were taking I felt really odd stress to so jump in the pool. They talked a long time

after I got . My ex kisses on the cheek. He said, tears in his eyes. Tom is awesome. I see why you fell for him. I said okay. He continues to tell me I love you enough to know Tom is good for you and he said I could remain friends with you guys as long as I could handle that. I whispered to my ex. You know, I feel bad.

He stopped me and said do not the heart does what it does. You did not seek Tom he found you. I got a few of the best years of my life. Tom is coming he needs you and he is a top. I know you prefer a top yet for all the time we have been together not one time did you complain? It's his time. I kissed him. It was done.

Tom and I then went swimming. By the time we got my ex had taken a few things and went to stay and a friend of ours. I got over my sad feelings. Tom could tell my heart was a bit tattered. He told they had had a very interesting conversation. And Tom also said, that guy really loves you. You know. I started to cry. Tom held all night. Tom was very scared. I might want what I let go. I did not want him to live in doubt. I did something I almost never do. I lied. I told Tom part truth.

He was a bottom and I only stayed because he loved me so much. I was ready to find a new man already. The last part was a lie. Tom smiled says you do not lie worth a shit. But thank you.

Okay, that's it. We are all still friends even 22 years later.

Okay, the sex. Where is that in the story? Tom was feet one inch tall. golden brown hair builds like a Greek god -inch cock and all top man The sex was fantastic. After I was healed, I would swallow his cock every morning and he would bring flowers or wine or something every night. He was romantic. When he would put his cock in me it was all about making me feel good. Tom was a great lover.



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