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Atlanta Deal For Construction Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 55M
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9/21/2020 12:15 pm
Atlanta Deal For Construction Man On Man

0:00 Transcription will have some typos

The fun with picking a man is often not the sex so much about the situation that leads it. Today I am sharing a time I was in Atlanta. The story started at a pool party in Kansas City, Missouri. I was 19 years old and was smooth and muscular and many men at the party were trying to get in my swimming trunks. I was not really interested in most of them and just wanted to have fun in the pool. So was swimming a lot not really paying attention to anything thing else. I get out and a man hands me a towel. After I dry my face. I looked at him. Let us call him Tom. He was about 25 years old and his body was very big and strong looking and he looked at me like he saw candy. I was flattered because he was extremely attractive and there were some really hot guys at this party. Tom's eyes never left me. I decided instead of jumping back in the pool to sunbathe and see if he would talk to me. I was sure to lay down in a way to look attractive. Several other boys and men came over and flirted with me. And Tom watched them one by one get rejected. I was thinking maybe he was not really interested but just enjoying the view. Then as I was getting ready to dive into the pool, Tom touched my arm and said, I was watching you and wanted to say hello. I smiled and said hello then dive in the pool. Tom did not expect me to take off on him by getting in the water. I knew he would now be more interested in Tom delvin after me when I surfaced and winked at him. He came right in the water and he was so hot. His body had that well-defined look that just screams . Tom said, How old are you? I said old enough. He smiled and then he reached around and grabbed my ass. His eyes got big as he said, Boy, that acid is fine. I smiled and swam away. Tom chasing after I popped out of the water and sat the side of the pool with my legs in the water. Tom came and his face was in the water near my crotch. Tom smiled big and said, Well, I guess you have more than just a hot ass. I smiled and told Tom if he wanted to find out maybe we could go out sometime. Tom seemed happy at that. But said Well, I have a house remodeling in Atlanta tomorrow and won't be back for a month. I sent Shane. Then Tom said would you like to come with me to Atlanta with me? I looked at him and said, Why would I do that? Tom liked I was making him work to pick me . And Tom said Well, I would show you the town and I said I can do that my own. I want a good reason. Tom smiled. I can offer you a job working for while there if you like and well. I smiled and said that might be nice. I enjoy working. But I make really good money already. Tom knew this wasn't going to be easy. He liked that too. So he tried a different approach. He sits next to the edge of the pool and leans back showing off his sexy ripped body. Plus a very Anvil box. his cock was soft but easy. It was eight inches soft. I couldn't help but smile. Tom was clever and said you like my stomach. I have been working hard it. I took my finger and very lightly ran it down his stomach. His whole body tensed. Tom was really hot for now. I dove into the water and was sure to splash him when I did. I circled back around now this time My face was near his box. He looked around nervously because he was getting a hard- and his dick was very large. Luckily my cock was underwater. Tom says if you go with , I will kiss you a roof with the bed view of Atlanta. I saw Tom was trying to be original. I said, Okay, go . Tom then said after we will have a great meal. I said what type of Tom was smart here? He said, Well, anything that you want. It will be the best available no matter what type you choose. I smiled knowing he was avoiding any possible wrong selection. And I said, Well tell me about the remodeling job. Tom got a bit excited. Men enjoy talking about work. Tom says Well, I started a small company doing wallpaper mostly at first. It grew some I am not super big but do okay and growing. And my next question was What is your business drama? Tom smiled and said good workers. I said Really? why that's just men. Tom smiled and said well, I am not a cute boy like you. I smiled and said, Tell me more about the house. He said it was a very biggest date.

It needed a huge circular staircase redone and wallpaper all over. I said, Okay, I would like to work with you in the house. Tom said Really? I said, Sure. I love doing construction and Tom was very happy. I said, Tom, what else would we do besides work? Tom said, if you would come here and kiss me, you may get an idea of some things I would show you. I liked his confidence. I kissed him and he was a great kisser. I could tell he would be tearing up my ass if I let him have it. Tom then said I have to tell you this. I said What is it? Tom tells me if we don't get out of here. My cock is going to break through my pants. You are a hottie. I noticed that he was not kidding. I dove in the water. So did Tom. He cuddles with me. It's the water a bit. I whispered in his ear. You're going to take me to your place and convince me to go with you. Tom was so excited. Things go great. And he took me several times. He sucked me and I fucked him to. Tom gets on my phone and makes a bunch of calls. I just called my PA. And she said she could run things a week or two. She said What is up? I told her I had a date. She said thank God have fun. And Tom had pulled out all the stops. limo to the airport and first-class tickets. We arrived at his place and it was nice. He had put a few yellow roses out. I said How did you know those were my favorite. Tom said I asked around about you a long time ago. I said Really? Tom said you never really noticed me but I have had the hots for you since you got busted in a bar at Tom was awesome the job and Tom was so sexy working and I was helping him. He kept stopping work to have sex with a lot. Finally, I tell Tom you know here is not really helpful and get this job done. Tom laughs and says I don't care and kisses . Well, you may remember I said that's just men. I knew exactly how help Tom and get the COC I wanted . I tell Tom I want him to take a leather bar. Tom seemed shocked and said Are you sure? I said yes. He said okay if I do I will protect you. I smiled and said okay, but who will protect them? He left thought I was kidding. I was not we go to the bar it was adorable. Tom definitely did his daddy job and made it clear I was his boy I tell Tom to watch this. I started doing a sexy dance with him and in second those Bushmen eyes were . Tom was loving it too. I then said I really need some construction workers dot with those big tools. Five Guys come over. I said I am trying to with my daddy but have this work do. I can't get any time . The guys knew that exactly what I wanted. I then said I would just be so grateful for you big sting guys help out. Tom whispered in my ear. You mix. I smiled and said to him you want the job done so we can or not? Tom said Go ahead. I am enjoying watching you with these guys. I was having fun too. I tell the now crowd of seven daddies if they want to work with tomorrow and get sweaty together show . Tom gave the guys the address. Well, five showed . I gave these boys a show too. I wore tie jeans and no shirt as I got plaster and glue over myself working. Every one of those guys had a hard-on day. I swear I never dropped and bent over pick so many things in my life. They worked day. Know the cost. Tom knew as hard as they worked I would need to give my ass. Honestly, it was only right I may teach them work but I wouldn't make the offer then back out that is worse than being a slug. That's a tease. I tell Tom Are you going to be okay? I am going to have to give these men a reward. Tom was thrilled to have so much work done but he was not particularly happy. I was going to have to be shared. But Tom loved me for setting this . The daddies were cool only two wanted my s the other said hey, it was enough watching that pretty boy day. So I had Bushmen I had do Tom was not sure what to do. It was cute.

I took over. I tell the line and show what they had offer. , my one-two buffets. Tom was the biggest but the others were sexy too. I sucked them. I said after a bit of that that someone better with my ass before it got cold and I had warm it at home. The men knew then it was free for time. They had fun with , but they treated well. of them left. I tell Tom Okay, I did this so we can spend time together. Tom kissed me and said, You<b> freak </font></b>me out. I saw your work those men. I also saw you knew the price and gladly paid it. Tom looked in my eyes and said, I also see that you did it for me. I kissed him and said, boy, he will do anything for his daddy. Tom and I had a blast. He took everywhere and any place he even thought I might enjoy. Okay, that was the trip. Now the part I share just so you know. Yes, I gave my ass and yes, I felt like trash doing it. But when I saw how much that helped did for my friend's business and the look in his eyes knowing what I had done. My trash feeling was worth a bit of my soul. It cost


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