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Ballet and a Stage Hand Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 53M
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9/12/2020 12:13 pm
Ballet and a Stage Hand Man On Man

0:00 transcription will have a few typos

Today going to share a story that may surprise you. If you've been following along and reading my stories you probably have heard mentioned several times that I dance ballet. Not only did I dance ballet, but I danced with several other off shows. I was not just taking classes but was in the valley company also auditioned all over. I appeared in many to many famous people I have met my dance career was rather short-lived because I got a knee injury but I did a lot.

Okay. I always hear from everyone so you must have turned gay in the valley. Well, to tell the truth absolutely not surprised during the entire time during dance classes, Valley performances, auditions, everything I did. Not any gay type of behavior did I ever see? None. There were a few gay guys but no flirting or female type behavior.

I did ask one guy in the valley company your question only one time We were in the dressing room and I asked him, you know, I am really and he nodded. I said, Please, I need to know something. Can you tell I may be gay? He looked very hard. I sat down. He said, basically that only I could really figure that . I should wait to find . I sent it to him. Well, three guys, well educated . He looked in my and said, Are you injured? I said, No. He said, You need to seek help, but I know you cannot do to our environment. And he continued with I think a few guys here believe you may be gay, but you do all that very strange stuff. I personally think you are too sensitive to be straight. I sent Thank you.

After we walked of the building, he said, Never forget this. He handed his . If you need help, . Oh, and I am not a guy who would fool with a so you do not need to worry About that I sent Okay. That was the extent of the gay in ballet.

The Gay action all came from straight guys except a few. It was not till after college before the real game ended I have relationships with. This is not to say that my situation is regular. It could have been my age. I also never went out with them after shows until touring and that's a media show.

Okay, the fun part. After belly. I had the knee surgery from the Chiefs football team. And I 98% of my dance abilities I got back 2% is enough to not perform teaching I did for a bit. I was good too but time was not worth the and my life had moved on. I audition for several shows and got a few mid-level parts.

Now the good part you guys will enjoy. I am standing near the stage outside the exit door and this good looking construction type worker comes walking up To me and asks for a light. FYI all Valley dancers smoke a bit. Let's him Tom. He stands a bit closer than men normally do to me as I liked his cigarette. He was awfully handsome standing there with his construction hat on and tool belt full of tools big muscular body, but not massive trim but big. His jeans were all dirty and torn. His shirt was a little sweaty and I could kind of see-through his t-shirt. What I liked most though about Tom was his , square jar, bright shiny teeth, sparkly blue-green eyes. He also I've been working and had that nice working man smell not like stinky but manly musk.

Tom Van tells me that he is a stagehand and he does construction also with the little company he started. I tell him that I am doing a role as a backup dancer in a couple of scenes in the show. Tom goes, that's cool. I've never really sat in the front and watch the show, but always the side stage. Tom then told all kinds of backstage stories in the history of the theater and it was a fabulous conversation. not the type that you would normally expect from this early kind of sexy construction worker. He finished his cigarette and went into work and I took off for the . I would be coming back for the nighttime performance soon.

I am in my dressing room with all the other backup dancers in front of the mirror and the lights, putting that damn makeup on I absolutely hated to do, and then all of a sudden the dressing room got silent. That never really happens hardly ever, at least. And I feel a hand on my shoulder. Tom was standing there so handsome in a nice tailored suit with a few roses. He sets them on the table in front of me and says Break a leg. And then he just walked .

Oh my god. The dressing room was abuzz. Everyone wanted to know who that man was and why he was<b> giving </font></b>flowers. It was mostly the female dancers that came around asking, but there were a couple of the guys that came over to One of the guys that came over told me and the , he had been dancing there for years and never had that guy talk to anybody. And several of the girls go, yeah, we flirt with him all the time. And I was like, I didn't know he was gonna do this. All I did was light his cigarette. The show must go on, and it did and I tried my damnedest to do a good job, but all I could think of was Tom.

After the show, Tom was waiting outside the dressing room. We went out for just a fantastic evening he took me to dinner. Then we went out to a nightclub and dance. We went for a walk along the park. Tom then says there's something I really want to show you. We get to his house and you could tell he was a single guy. It was a mess. Not dirty, just stuff everywhere. Then we walked through the house and we go out into his backyard.

My jaw dropped to the floor as I looked out over the most beautiful yard with decking throughout and waterfalls and Koi ponds. The lighting was breathtaking. We sit at a prepared table in the center. Tom says to me, you see how nice this backyard looks? It's because, for years, this is what I did. This is all I did. I never went out on dates. I did my business and I worked in the yard. I asked him why. You're very handsome and smart. Tom said he had a wife but he did not love her. So they split and it was not a bad split. They still were good friends and she was happy and married. I said, Okay, you're not messed up over a woman. He said exactly.

Tom went on to tell me he hated himself for his gay feelings. It took years to deal with his religious conflict, self-identity. Then he went to a bar one time I interrupted him. I said you found it petty and trivial and shallow. Right? Tom smiled, said yes. Tom then said, I saw you standing there and I came up next to you and I noticed you check me out but you look me in my eyes the entire time. I suppose. Can you listen to everything I said, even though I didn't really say too much? Plus, when you were walking down the street as I was going in the door that asked was just so fun.

Do you know it's funny as writing this, I remembered I thought if he made this back yard pouring all his sexual frustration into his labors, what the hell was sex going to be? Like? I replied I am very flattered. And when you brought those flowers into the dressing room, I was shocked and a little freaked , but that was so sweet. I noticed Tom fidgeting with the collar and tie he had and then I realized he was terribly uncomfortable being dressed like that. And if you've ever read any of my previous stories, I say it all the time. flattery goes pretty far with me, especially from a stud.

I tell Tom, as I also change my into a light, cheery mood and brighten my eyes. Do you know what time just dying for you to take around and show how you constructed all this? But first, you got to get of that beautiful suit. Tom smiled so big as he ripped his tie off and tore open the top button and Tom says, Oh, thanks those ties .

No, remember everyone This man has not busted a nut with another person in a very long time. When a man is very wanting to do it and hasn't in a long time, they put a lot of personal pressure on themselves. So I calculated a way to back Tom for the beautiful evening he gave first I had to get rid of his tension and let him bust and also ego needs to be considered. He would pop quickly and then feel a poor performance. The easy fix is to control him first.

So I began, Tom before you rip all of that suit off, come stand over here and show it off for me. Next, as he modeled it, I stood up and I said for Tom to just stand there. I slowly undressed him and neatly folded his clothing. He was amazing to his cock hard as rock and body to

Next, I knew to make a joke and lighten the mood. So I said to him, oh goodness, maybe I should run away. You are such a big man. His body pulses told him to sit in the chair and then sat on his lap kissing him. I slid down and sucked his cock and did it to make him pop fast. I then kissed him and said, Okay, now show this awesome yard. He got a pair of boxers and showed me his awesome yard.

Then we had great sex all night. I dated him. Before I left I set him up with a nice guy. We lost touch as his company grew and I moved into other businesses of shows.


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