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Bartender My First Crush  

Amcuriousguys 55M
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9/12/2020 12:08 pm
Bartender My First Crush

0:00 Transcription will have a few typos

The bartender that was just too and I had to have him. That sums up what I set to do. The bar, now closed was called the Arabian Nights, nicknamed the tent. It was a real shithole too, but clean and great people. I was not supposed to be in the bar. I was . But they had no idea. I made a point to not go to the bar, but sit a table. That way it was a bit dark and the bartender wouldn't ID . I hid a bar glass and a fake ice cube. When I first would get there, I would go to the bathroom, bring my bar glass and fake ice cube, put a little water in and I was ready to the bar. I was really a good looking guy. So normally within a few minutes, I was brought a drink by someone trying to get to know me. I did this as often as I could. Within a short time, I was considered a regular.

That was the problem to one evening the crowd around my table was rather big. So the barn decided to bring drinks to the table. He served us all but stood next to me a while. Let us the bartender Tom. Tom was breathtaking with his short black hair and sexy trim body. I tried to avoid a direct into my . Then he tapped on the shoulder. I had no choice but to him in his immediately knew I was too but he started to say something then saw the of guys. He then said, when you get a moment come to the bar. I would like to you a shot. I nodded.

As soon as he left a few guys said to , I think you are busted and then a few others the table figured what was up. I then said sorry guys, but in case you did not know I am years old. first, if you said No way. I acted older than I was. Then this really old queen who was always there walks over to I had been nice when he said in the past but never him much attention.

The Queen said You are I said yes. Queen said, um, you always have coffee about 30 minutes before you leave and I have never seen you drunk. Is that true? I said yes. Queen laughs and says, well, hell, you are more grown that half these bitches. You just stay in. You see, I will be right back. I see the old Queen walk up to the bartender and have a rather heated talk. The Queen comes back and says, Go talk to the bartender a minute and you will be fine.

I talked to Tom, the bartender. I just kept looking at him up and down. He was exactly the type I like manly a bit mean looking at. Tom says I am a bit pissed at you for coming in here and putting my job and this bar in danger. I said I am sorry, but I am coming and Tom said yes. I can tell Here's the deal. That old Queen owned this bar and he told to give you any drinks you asked for and Bill his . He would take full responsibility. I said no shit. Tom said I am not particularly happy. But as I see you here I get why. I gave him a puzzled . Well, he told he knew you were the first time you came in. He let you stay because you conducted yourself as an adult. You did not hustle men. You talk to everyone, even men that you were way too attractive to talk to. I said, Okay, Tom said, and now that I am looking into those beautiful eyes. He stopped well asked me in a few years,

I spent the rest of that night talking to the old Queen and Tom. The Queen was a fantastic guy. I learned about the days when they used to come in and raid the bars and put everybody in jail. He had been all over the world and we talked about a few places I had been in common Well, just an awesome evening. The bar closed and I got to stay after my parents were going to . FYI. I helped them clean up. The old Queen then<b> freak </font></b>up. He said, Tom, you take this to have coffee tonight. Teach him the things he needs to know.

Tom said okay, we went to Denny's and talk till the sun came up. I was in deep shit home already and I told Tom, I want to go home with you. Tom said you are too . It is not right. I told him I had already been with a few men. Tom wanted me so badly. But he said if I bring you home, you can sleep on the couch. I kissed his cheek and said deal.

We got to his place and it was rather nice. He gave me a pillow and blanket and then to his bedroom. I tossed and turned. All I could do is think how sexy he was and he was just in the other room is thinking of going into his room. Just then his ex-lover came in to pick up the last of his things. Tom came to help him with his stuff. The saw but saw I was on the couch so figured I was a friend. After the lover left and I saw Tom's . I almost cried. His heart was broken. He sat next to on the couch, said, I am sorry, I did not think he was coming today. He put his hands in his head as he bent over. He was crying. I just held him. He cried for a little bit as I tried to hold him in my arms. He was bigger than .

He then realized I was holding him and he had taken comfort in my arms. Tom said fuck, you're more grown than most men. I know. He kissed me. I could feel him begin to back off. I wanted him bad and decided was getting him. I was going to use everything I could to be with him. he was my first crush, FYI. Tom, I said you just need me to hold you tonight. Yes, I am but I have you in my heart and I need you to heal your heart before I would have a chance with you anyway. Tom smiled really big. Kiss and we went to the bedroom. I held Tom and we fell asleep.

I woke first and looked Tom. He was beautiful. His handsome and manly laying on my chest as I held him. Tom woke with looking him. He smiled really big. And said to , it was all I could do to not fuck you last night.

Then like clockwork, the phone rang, and it was the old queen. Tom and he talked a bit then Tom put on the phone. Queen asked if I was okay and comfortable. I said yes. Good. Have you had sex yet? I said no. Queen said Okay. Do you want Tom I know Do I saw how you both looked each other? I said yes, I would very much. He said Great. You will need to go to him. He is hung up on age. That's bullshit. I am old as dirt and age is the soul. So , go for what you want. He hung up.

Tom asked what the Queen said. I told him that he just was making sure I was okay. Next, I told Tom Well, I had a man checking up on . It is your turn. I just started sucking Tom. he protested, but not much. I knew exactly what to do to drive a man wild. Tom then was all in. He took over and sucked and kissed with my load in his mouth. He used it on his hand to finger my ass a bit. Then he slid his hard knee-deep into .

He was fucking , but I could tell with gloves. I stopped him. I said Tom I won't break you can fuck hard and take my ass. I want you to give your man cock. Show You are man enough to own a . Tom was thrilled. A full fuck man was now ready for . Tom fuck all .

Queen called two hours before he wants to be work. Get this shit. Queen calls and says Tom I already arranged your off. Oh, I am guessing I am right he is in bed with you as we speak. I take the phone and say hello. Queen says See I knew you were reading Tom's needs you as much as you need him. His ex-lover was bad to him cheating and lying guy. I said thank you. Queen says just please make sure he makes work tomorrow and you boys have fun.

We did too. We had sex and then did a great . We went to the art gallery and for sushi. Then I said to Tom Please take to your bed. I need you now. We dated a very long time. Well, as much as we could I was . After , I went to college.

My first of college was in three days. Tom and the bar had a huge send-off party for . That night, my heart broke as Tom and I had sex for what we knew would be most likely the last time we made sure we would remember each other.

It worked. As I write this, my heart swells with the feeling I have for him even after over 35 years.


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