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Ed The Mooch Man On Man  

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9/17/2020 1:38 pm
Ed The Mooch Man On Man

0:02 transcribed and will have some typos

My trip to Washington DC was a fun time. I was with my friend I called it the mooch I loved and he was a long term friend. But no matter what trip I was on if he knew I was going to be in the city he would show up Never had really enough money to travel and go with me. I always just paid and at that time, it was no big deal. But I could always was bothered me a little and was more fun than you could imagine. Not super handsome but hot. He had a happy carefree attitude. And no fear. Not much common sense at times either. But his company always proved to be fun.

I was in DC on business, but he heard from a friend I was there for a month. Week two in DC hotel informed me. The gentleman you warned us about came but we did as instructed and got his hotel information. I said thanks. Thank you. continued with, I would suggest you send a car for him rather than go yourself. He whispered. It's a shithole. I said I am not surprised. The clerk laughed.

He said I remember you. I said, Oh, you were in the ballet company that was here a few years ago. I looked at him at that point. I remembered him then. Let us call him Tom. I said you were the guy that brought my breakfast to my room. He smiled. Oh, yes. I then realized when he did my cock was deep in a hot guy I picked up I smiled. He said how about I send a friend of mine in his car to keep your visitor busy. I get off in 35 minutes. I would love to take you around DC. show you some fun places. I said you know that sounds awesome. Here is some cash. Your friend will go broke if not. He left and said you will have The receipts no problem.

So instead of going about my busy day, I call my P A. I am going on a date. She said Thank God. I will handle everything. Oh, and the mooch left a few<b> messages. </font></b>I sent to tell him I am sending a friend. It is important he shows him a good time and keeps him busy as long as possible. I have a really hard thing I need to handle and get it behind me. FYI read that last sentence and think dirty Ed was thrilled thinking he could help me. He was a mooch, but don't get me wrong. He would walk on broken glass for a person he liked money or not.

Five minutes till Tom would be off. I was nervous. This is a very unusual situation for me. I could bust in with some guy I like 50 times a day if I wanted. But it was extremely rare. I would go on a date. Tom was educated and handsome. It's kind of hard for me to describe Tom, he was a mix of cute and Butch. His face was beautiful with deep brooding blue eyes and dark hair. He was very good. The hotel gym was awesome. And he used it you could tell he had no swish and was very masculine in speaking and behavior. His bug was q2. I sat in the corner of the lobby and saw him come in. I could see he was looking around for me then he saw me and his smile was so sexy.

We go all over DC I said to him, you know if you like I have to go to the Smithsonian. That's part of why I am in DC. He said, awesome. He went off and I wanted to show Tom a tiny bit about me. I needed more than COC and s. He seemed surprised at the entrance I was using. I showed my pass he signed in as my guest. He said, Well, I never have been in this part. I take him to the Behavioral Sciences section. I was just a tiny part of a big project. Tom enjoyed what I shared with him. I said, Okay, show me something about yourself. Tom smiled and I could see him debate if I was a man he wanted to share with.

Tom took me out of the parts I knew of DC. We arrived at an old brick building. It was in not too bad condition. You could see current work going on to Tom says, I got a bit of money when my folks passed, and I put it all into this. I looked and said, You're making nice art studios. Tom smiled and said, How did you know? I laughed and said that's what I would do. Tom beam that without knowing I choose the same view. He tells me his brother and sister told him he was a fool. I said it is all math. Can you afford to keep it if nobody rents and how long? He said as long as taxes are paid? I said Good. Then I asked Do you love working on it?

He said, Yes. I sent him the fool is your siblings if you don't mind me saying, Tom kissed me and was like a with excitement as he showed me his project. I must admit I was impressed. I knew about business in a big way. I said, Tom, what's the drama? He said, What do you mean? I informed him all business has a drama, something that's hard to deal with. He said, Oh, yes, mine is workers. I have to do a lot myself. I said, Okay. We had great sex in a few areas.

Then he asked me to dance ballet for him. That studio was completely done. It had been a while but I was still good. I danced as the stereo played. Now I was a professional ballet dancer and when dancing the world disappears and you are the music and movement. After I was sweating. I looked at Tom he's I was huge. So was his dick I could see the Bulge. He walked over to me and kissed me. He said he had never seen belly and that was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He told me that he saw my body and felt my feelings. I have said many times, flattering me works really well with me. Coming from a hot excited guy even more. Tom, I said, thanks. That makes me feel good, but I need a shower or will stink really bad soon. Tom laughs We took a shower together and he explored my whole body. He was so horny. Then he blew my mind.

He tells me he has never been all the way with a gut. Only had his dick sucked a few times. I said really well then let me see what else I can share with you right here right now. I showed him everything. I taught him all the good, clean, gay sex. Then I showed him some things that would put a bank cocksucker to shame and the mooch did.

You forget about him. Well, he and the distraction ended up becoming an item that blew both Tom and my mind. I knew Tom's drama was workers. Well, that's just men. I knew I could help him before I left DC. I knew how to. I went to a leather bar one night and I found daddies that looked like construction workers.

I meet for I told him I had a normal man with a project. He needed construction health. I would love to watch them get all sweaty working. And if they gave me a good show that helped my normal man, I would be a good boy putting on a show for them. That turned them on. I knew for real work I would need to give them more value than my ass. I said if you promise me you will not tell my normal man Tom. I will pay you for your hours of hard sweaty work. It will not be what you're worth. You will have to find another way to get that from me.

Those men were at Tom's at 6 am and brought two friends. They work all day. I helped write in with them. FYI the Daddy's got turned on by me sweating with them. I was scared of what this was going to cost me. Both money and as well. Little did I know one of the daddies owned a construction company. He liked how I was willing to do so much I help a guy I liked. He also did not want to share my ass. The other guys all left.

Tom was in another part of the building. I said to daddy. Thank you. This was more than I expected. I handed him a big roll of hundreds. He smiled and put it in my pocket. Kiss me on the cheek. He said I had more fun working today than I have in years. If you would go to dinner with me tomorrow night, we will call it even like lightly agreed.

Okay, what happened at dinner was awesome. He then took me to his house and no SNM but a wonderful night of good hard man on man dirty sex. Tom, I only saw a few more times. I enjoyed the last week with my daddy

Ed was too busy driving his new boyfriend crazy.


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