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Hiking Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 53M
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8/28/2020 11:37 am
Hiking Man On Man

Hiking I really learned like, I rang the doorbell and a rush of thoughts passed through my mind. Honestly, my first thought was just turn around and head home. It occurred how odd it was head over a new friend's house in the middle of the day. Leah and I had just met by chance a few days before in a busy cafe. He texted a few times since we made a plan go on a local hike. I rang the bell again. A few moments later, Lee swung open the door with a big smile. He closed the door behind me and gave me a big hug, which totally caught me off guard. I wanted to pull away. I felt impressive to me a little bit. It was definitely more than a hug to casual friends share. It didn't feel normal, but it also felt a bit electric. As he relaxed his embrace, his arm slid down my side and brushed across my crotch for an instant. He leaned back to look at me and suddenly leaned in to kiss me. It all happened to so quickly. I met his kiss with my own. Our lips parted as we searched for each other's tongues. We pressed back into each other still standing in his entryway. I had never really kissed a man before.

We paused and he turned and led me down the hall. I sat down on the edge of his bed to catch a breath and get my mind wrapped around this situation. He stepped toward me and began massaging my shoulders. Looking down, I could see Lee's caulk begin to swell in his gym shorts. I hesitantly ran my fingers across his shorts. He leaned into me. I had always wanted to try this, so I just grabbed his waistband and pulled down those shorts. I bent over to put him in my mouth. Lee pushed into me filling my mouth. I slid off the edge of the bed, kneeling in front of him as he began pumping in and out with my back to the bed. I was pinned there as he held the back of my head and slid deeper into my throat. I took it as best I could. I had one hand holding on to his ass while playing with his balls with my other hand. I was hard as a roc I couldn't believe this was happening. But it was just the of us. The outside world had completely disappeared. And I had wanted try this for a very long time. After a few minutes, he came the edge, stepped back and guided up onto the bed. I suddenly realized how naked he was ended, I was still dressed, but for my shoes, while I pulled my T shirt off, he undid my shorts. As he climbed onto the bed, he spread my legs and began looking and sucking on my balls. His tongue slipped down to my whole, my cock twitching. I closed my eyes as his tongue darted in and out of . I could feel how wet his mouth was, and then he traded his tongue for a finger and put it deep into . As I pushed into him, he wrapped his lips around the<b> shaft </font></b>of my cockin just stayed there for what seemed like forever. I could feel his tongue swirling around the head of my coc It was more intense than any blowjob the girlfriend had given before. Lean now had fingers inside . I was on the edge, and I thrust my hips up into his face. He took all of in, his face was pressed into my stomach. I could feel the back of his throat with the tip of my coc As we bumped into each other. I felt my come rising, I whispered. I'm going to come expecting him to pull away. His lips just pressed harder against my shaft, and he pumped up in down my coc I could not hold it any longer and exploded deep into his throat, releasing wave after wave have come into his mouth. His lips held tight as he sucked in swallowed my load.

His mouth held on to me until I was soft in spent, he finally climbed up the bed, gave me a kiss and laid next to me. I could taste my cup all over his lips. I had to catch my breath. All I could say was that was intense. After a few minutes of both laying there silently, I could still feel his hard cock pressed up against me. I knew it was my turn. I wanted to finish where we started. I kissed and licked my way down his body, my hands playing with his nipples. Hickok was drenched with pre gum. When I looked around the tip of his cock, my mouth was filled with a sweet, slightly salty taste. What had always been taboo was actually something that I really wanted now, and he wanted me to take it. There was no more teasing. He rested one hand on my nec I knew that was my cue, and I started looking up and down his<b> shaft. </font></b>I let my fingers drift between teasing his balls and probing his hole is deep breathing started become more guttural and draw. My tongue traced back up this<b> shaft </font></b>and I had his cock back in my mouth. He grabbed my hand And guided me while pumping in and out of my mouth. His grunts got louder. I licked in flicked my tongue where I could, but I was under his control now. I heard I'm coming, and then I felt him going a little soft for a second. It happened so fast. My mouth filled with his heart Come, it was too much. My first reaction was to open my mouth and let it spill out. Twilight caught my breath. But I held my lips tight even as I could feel this come fill my mouth and drip down my chin. I held tightly onto his<b> shaft </font></b>with my lips. It felt like he just kept coming in what must have been a half dozen bursts down my throat. I finally pulled up to catch my breath. I could feel my whole face governing come. It was amazing. He nudged me up to lie next to him. Then he leaned over and give me a passionate, sticky kiss. He licked the come from my lips. I could feel my body shudder. My mind was in a dream as we laid on our backs. next to each other until we both fell into a brief nap. When we awoke, we just smiled. Not much needed to be said. I dressed and we made small talk heading for the door, a hug, a promise to see each other again soon. Our hike was over, and I just had some of the best sex in my life.

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