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Hookup In A Straight Bar Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 53M
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9/7/2020 12:05 pm
Hookup In A Straight Bar Man On Man

Via hookup in a straight bar. transcription there will be a few typos

I was in Atlanta on business. I had lived in Atlanta a very short time about years before. I never went any bars before when I lived here, so decided check them out. I ended at a straight bar. The staff was friendly and inviting. A cool place chill out. The drinks were a bit pricey, but maid well they had a lot of handsome men working there and as customers. I like that a lot. The men were really hot, to be honest. I wanted to find a gay bar. I had not been with a man in almost a year. I just could not bring myself to leave.

Two guys. One work there. They had my eye. One I liked was just way too straight, had his girl with him and they look like a religious couple. The other worked as the bartender. Let us call him Tom. feet tall with massively broad shoulders. Very, very handsome. He looks like a football player. With his brown hair and dark eyes, he had a very sexy look and face. It appeared as he played sports regularly because his body was ripped with muscles. Through his clothing, you could see them as he moved.

As I said, this guy was a real man and I knew he was straight by watching him.

Girls seem be over him too. I finished my drink and wanted to get a man. I decided what the hell walk straight the bar and ask Tom if he had a bar guide or something. I need a place to find a man. You know, like a gay bar. Several people looked over but not in a bad way. More like Did I just hear what I heard?

Tom was cool. He let me know that he did not know but could call a friend who was gay and ask. I sent , thanks. I appreciate that. And then the smart part. I asked you because you are so good looking. I know you're straight. avi Tom knew I said that to make it clear he was not gay. Tom smiled and called his friend. He hung and said that I was in luck. And his gay neighbor would be there in about 30 minutes. Tom continued with, he is a nice neighbor and said he would show you around. I told him, Well, that would be awesome. Let me get a drink while I wait.

The bar seems to accept me. They noticed I did not make eyes or anything sexual. So a few girls decided to with . Then a few more. Now I start getting the attention of the men puzzled. You could see the confusion. Why does the gay guy have the girls? The bartender loved it. They were at the bar with drinking, not the tables. We were having a great time.

Guys, I am gay. So love hanging with the girls. They talked about the<b> boyfriends </font></b>who said watching They had me be sneaky about it, but tell them which guys I thought were the hottest. That was fun too. When I picked one of the girl's guys, they would giggle. Then she would tell me if he was as good as he looked. Many times no to the gay friend of Tom arrives.

He was very good looking to exit and we the bars. We had fun, but I was not particularly interested in him. He was wanting but did not press the issue. We just hung out. I got a lot and was really horny. But I could have had sex many times. But I am picky and nobody impressed me. We go back get my rental at the straight bar which is closing a gay guy had a man so they left.

I am in my car and Tom taps the window. He says What happened? You did not find a guy. My friend treated you okay, right. I said Well, nobody impressed . hot guys but I need more than a carbon copy person and Tom looked at a second then smiled really big. Then we just talked a little then he asked if I would give him a ride home. I said okay, sure. car ride he told me all about himself. I enjoyed listening.

Once we get to his place he invited me in to use the bathroom. I needed to pee. As I am peeing Tom is talking to me through the door then opens. Tom is watching me pee. He walks behind and puts his hands in my pants. I feel his finger in my ass. Tom says nice as he rips my clothes off and no foreplay Rams his 11-inch cock in . This man fuck like so much and hard. I just cannot even put it into words.

He finished with in about two hours. We are exhausted laying in his bed. I looked at him and ask Are you bisexual? He said, No. Then he paused a bit. He told that his neighbor had come onto him But well, he was more offended than anything. But he thought what it would be like with a guy. No much but a few times. I said, Okay. Next, he says, You wanted me I could tell. But you showed me respect. Then you did not pick anyone and I thought Fuck it. Let's see what it is like.

I said, Well, what was it like? He smiled did not say a word and then we fucked again. This time I took over. I said, Tom, let me get your load from you this time. I rocked his world. I held his cock to the base in my mouth and the nurse did with my neck muscles. He came in. Then I wrote his cock.

The next morning Tom says to me, man, I really like you and the sex well I never make breakfast for a woman.

We had sex again all day.


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