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Hot Man Broken Heart Man On Man  

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9/12/2020 12:16 pm
Hot Man Broken Heart Man On Man

0:00 Transcription will have a few typos

When I am sharing my stories, I am often surprised. I expected that most of the<b> messages </font></b>I would get would all be sexual in nature. Even though a majority of the communications I get are guys that are really horny after reading my stories, a percentage is more interested in the scenario. This actually makes me happy. I would love to have a sex hookup with a good man. The guys that I feel have the best shot at scoring with have been the ones that want to know more about what happened and not just the great sex. So today I decided to share an event that happened when I was still all messed up from being carjacked. This happened after years of being a hottie. Warnings it is a bit upsetting.

Well first off, you need to know a little bit more about me at the time with this story took place. I owned a company called keyhole production studios. I had 0 dancers working all over the country and doing tours putting on shows. I know sounds great. Really , right? Well, it was really , but it had a serious problem. It's called my ethics. I knew better than to screw around with my dancers. And for the most part, I stuck to my rule. I did two of my dancers for a very, very long time. It was more of a relationship than screwing around but I never just had sex with the dancers. I could have too many times. Now that I back I probably would have made a different decision and enjoy myself.

Okay, so here is what happened. It was three o'clock in the morning and I pulled into an Exxon station to get the station I stopped at was rather dark but was just off the highway. Long story short, I was shot in the neck and ended up in a military hospital. It was bad. I did die too. I came back. I was in a hospital ward with some very attractive military patients all over the place. I had breathing tubes in my nose and neck But other than that I was not damaged. After about a week I was able to move around a bit. I had a big machine to breath to push around but could go short distances.

Everybody there knew I was gay. I was visited by vast numbers of and female dancers. Plus a few queens. Now I am laying in the ward full of bunch masculine redneck military guys in Texas. I thought I would get hassled and a few guys did but mostly they were enjoying the flesh parade visiting . No privacy here all.

One time three of my girls were there. It was funny too. As I looked all eyes were on us. Every COC was hard. I told the girls to look they smiled. I said so all good here. Girls. Look, these boys are stuck in here bored. The girls started to smile. They knew me well. Next, I said I bet all those men are just horny as Looking you sexy girls. I know I've been popping up owners the whole time with these men in the room. All the men set up in bed if they could, eyes as big as saucers too. I told one of the girls to get the nurse. I tell the nurse, I want to have some privacy. When he guards the door. He smiled and said, I can get in big trouble for this. Fucking. I will watch the door.

My girls went back to bed. They dance they sucked and fuck the room. The guys were in heaven. My view was awesome, too. We got away with it too. From then on. Those guys treated me awesome.

Late one night about a week later. One of the guys was getting released the next with a medical discharge. Let us him Tom. He woke and indicated for to be silent. He slipped in bed with . Tom says do not ask. Do not tell. My mouth was out of commission. He was not. He sucked every drop of comb out of . He rolled on my side and put his big cock in . He just pumped all night. A few of the other guys woke and saw what was happening. One just went back to sleep to jacked off watching. The nurse woke us up in bed together, said, Hey guys, you have to clean up before staff arrives. He was awesome. So was the word of guys.

It was as if a crew came in invade us and got us cleaned up. The guy's all told us that I was awesome gay or not. This might not sound like a big deal. Remember, these are mostly all very alpha males. Very straight. Tom left.

About a week later Tom shows up with flowers and candy. Tom visited me as often as he could tell I was out of the hospital.

I got home and did have a man I was dating. My lover comes into the bedroom one morning, not happy at all. says your military guy is in the living room. Oh shit. I said, My lover, said No kidding. Tom, I came out to see Tom. He was so handsome. My lover saw his eyes then mind. He knew at that moment things were different. I saw his eyes tear up and it broke my heart to my lover really, really loved me. You know how I know. I will tell you later.

My lover said I am going to go to the store. You guys have fun and we will have a nice dinner when I return. Tom picked up something was up but his mind was on me. I walked my lover out and he was cool as he got in the car. He said I love you enough to let you go. He said that man is madly in love with you and I know you you love him too. This was all true. FYI. lover love me too much. How could I let him go? But he drove off.

Tom was in my house. I did love Tom and I decided to try Tom. We had awesome sex. My lover showed up while we were in my bed. He was cool. He came in with drinks for us. Tom went to shower and I said I would join him soon.

My lover sat next to me. I expected drama. He just said I see it you guys are falling for each other. I want only you to be happy and even though I love you, I know to let you go. I want you as part of my life even if it is not the way I want it to be. He said you shower and have fun dinner is in two hours. Oh my god. What the hell am I doing? My lover was perfect, but my heart was not.

Tom and I talked in the shower. I told him everything. Tom started to cry a bit. He asked how are you staying with him? I paused water running over me. I knew this was a life-changing decision and I looked in Tom's eyes that made the choice for me. I had fallen for Tom and I had a great lover but my heart was now Tom's Tom was so happy. I have seen joy and sorrow before Tom was in heaven. I was happy but had pain to my now ex-lover and dinner in now one hour, minutes.

diner, believe it or not, was awesome. My ex had set a place for two. I felt awkward. x said coolly. I ate already and want you guys to really have a special dinner. He served us an awesome meal. all the bells and whistles to after dinner we all had wine around the pool. My ex and Tom were taking I felt really odd stress to so jump in the pool. They talked a long time

after I got . My ex kisses on the cheek. He said, tears in his eyes. Tom is awesome. I see why you fell for him. I said okay. He continues to tell me I love you enough to know Tom is good for you and he said I could remain friends with you guys as long as I could handle that. I whispered to my ex. You know, I feel bad.

He stopped me and said do not the heart does what it does. You did not seek Tom he found you. I got a few of the best years of my life. Tom is coming he needs you and he is a top. I know you prefer a top yet for all the time we have been together not one time did you complain? It's his time. I kissed him. It was done.

Tom and I then went swimming. By the time we got my ex had taken a few things and went to stay and a friend of ours. I got over my sad feelings. Tom could tell my heart was a bit tattered. He told they had had a very interesting conversation. And Tom also said, that guy really loves you. You know. I started to cry. Tom held all night. Tom was very scared. I might want what I let go. I did not want him to live in doubt. I did something I almost never do. I lied. I told Tom part truth.

He was a bottom and I only stayed because he loved me so much. I was ready to find a new man already. The last part was a lie. Tom smiled says you do not lie worth a shit. But thank you.

Okay, that's it. We are all still friends even 22 years later.

Okay, the sex. Where is that in the story? Tom was feet one inch tall. golden brown hair builds like a Greek god -inch cock and all top man The sex was fantastic. After I was healed, I would swallow his cock every morning and he would bring flowers or wine or something every night. He was romantic. When he would put his cock in me it was all about making me feel good. Tom was a great lover.


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