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I Have A This For Irish Guys Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 53M
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9/7/2020 11:54 am
I Have A This For Irish Guys Man On Man

Irishmen wanted thinking of my first, Irish men's appearance is believed be bright red hair, freckles, and blue eyes. But in fact, that is just the stereotype. There are a few males with red hair in Ireland. Both the guys with dark hair and a red beard are met very often in this country.

Mostly, they have Harry Potter's face features narrow face, often elongated, hollow cheeks that often get blush, style, and behavior of Irish men judging by the close men in Ireland may be divided into categories. knackers fashionistas and ordinary guys, knackers are met everywhere. They are guys from 24, who drink smoke and make lawlessness the streets come a stranger and mimic him a common thing. They look like not too bad grain. It's sports pants, backpacks, and sneakers. fashionistas men dressed in cute coats, skinny trousers. Have Joe laid hairstyles. He does everything clearly with ordinary guys. They do not try stand out. They are everywhere. Irish males in most cases look harsh, but at the same time with a little bit cunning in their eyes, brutal but with a kind heart, strong but still gentle and also, the main features of every Irish man can be called the straightforwardness, mystery leadership qualities, the ability perform feats for the sake of the Beloved one patriotism, a serious attitude marriage and relationships. They love beer and football. If you share their interests, you will find a lot of friends in the face of Irishmen.

In general, Irish males are open dialogue and have an excellent sense of humor. They like get rest in public places where there are talks and debates the football theme and an atmosphere of friendliness and fun. Even after two drunk pints of beer. They love dance the Irish jig. Irish guys are very talkative and at the same time balanced enough.

You may or may not know that Matthew McConaughey born fourth of November American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. He is Irish. I saw him naked at a pool party at Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. Just before he had made it big. Well, believe me, he definitely was impressive.

But honestly not the Irish type I want to. I want a bit of reading. If you have read some of my other stories, there was an Irish cop from New York. I met in California, they rocked my world. He was a big guy with brown-red hair, white creamy skin.

Okay, I have to come clean at this point in the story. The biggest reason I want red, that white pink caulk the foreskin, my even better. I've only had red men in my life. The cop I mentioned, a cute little bottom boy, no clue what his name was. And the reason I really want To find a pink comp Now, let's call him Tom. He was about years older than .

Until this time, I had only experienced sex one time. And also, I had a rude awakening, meaning I did not ask for sex. I did not even know what sex was. I'm not sure if I was gay or not after getting fucked by the men who educated me. I had never looked be with a man at .

Tom and I were a camping trip and others were the trip with us. But we were using two-man tents and the tents were arranged in a huge circle around a common fire pit. They were among the trees in far apart. So basically alone, I was sleeping and I hear a bit of noise. I open my eyes and I see Tom's sleeping bag is open and he is naked and I started to close my eyes. I figured he was hot midsummer temperatures, but as my eyes closed, I realized his cock was out. Tom did not No I have stirred and I kept my eyes looking but mostly closed.

I was not thinking of sucking him or anything. I just wanted to watch it. You all need to know more about Tom to really appreciate what I was looking at a football player, red nut farmer religious I was too huge and fit. He lay on his sleeping bag, all feet of him. His skin was smooth and white. The moonlight was shining across his body and it made his washboard stomach muscles show even more. Then I saw his dick. my god. The only I had seen before were big, especially one of them.

But Tom's was gigantic. Not just saying this. I could see him jacking with both hands and just jiggle and down full strokes and being a bit of a nerd. I did the math and it is four inches. He had both hands that are eight inches and he was going and down two inches. Then I remembered he wore extra super large gloves. I added another inch. Holy crap I noticed he was not hard yet. his cock was thick really thick. There was a big gap between his thumb and fingers as it held his still swelling<b> shaft. </font></b>He did this for a while. I was frozen looking at.

Tom glanced over at a few times make sure I was sleeping. He then really got into it. He was jacking faster than faster. I saw his sexy moonlit muscles glistening with sweat flexing, he moans a bit and shot his load straight . It was so thinking and much could not believe it. He pumped five blasts reached impressive heights. He cleaned and fell asleep. my cock was yards and dripping precome I had not touched myself. The next day. I just played the scene over and over in my head.

The next night we are in the tent talking. We are really enjoying our conversation and he talks about the military which he was going into very soon. He mentioned some of the things I had been doing to, even though I was younger, we equal and rank. We talked about that some and then Tom say, No shit, you are younger than everyone and I explained to him when I moved here as a I tested too high to put in the correct grade and Tom chuckled and said he figured that was true because everyone knew I was an egghead. The whole while I was talking to him, all I could think about was that ginormous stick. I just couldn't push it out of my mind. I remembered in the situation I had before how the guys wanted me to blow them and how I'd gotten pretty good at it. I really wasn't sure if I wanted to do that with Tom. I also figured I'd get punched in the face.

Then Tom changed the subject into talking about his girlfriend and sex. Holy crap. His sleeping bag started to mount as he described in detail his girlfriend's sucking at him fingering, then places they fucked. He was not coming on to me but educating me on sex. This is a cool thing he was doing in his mind. I was so hard I was scared he would see so hit it. It was like a switch flipped on me. I wanted to suck his huge dick. I wanted to compare his comm taste to the I had tasted and I had figure out how, but I felt wrong. I should not. This was against everything I believed and Tom to how could I try for what I knew I really wanted.

Tom must have seen something in my face. He sits upon the cart and he is in boxers as if that matters with all his meat. You could see it all. He says Tell me about your girlfriend, Lisa. I sat up carefully and said well, not much to tell. We have played around some but our dating. Tom says hmm, then freaked me out a bit. He says flat out I think you're gay. Probably. I said What? Why? He explained that he just felt it when I was near. I did not understand. Tom seemed to be uncomfortable with telling me more than he looked In my eyes, he knew that I needed to understand. Okay, shit, Tom says. He then explained in a very kind way all about sex, straight sex first, I got it.

Then he said , You like men, you know how I know? It is because you are more like a girl in many ways. Not that you really act like one, but you feel like one, you know, smart, nice, and the kind of shit. I kinda agreed. Tom then says you keep this to yourself until you are older and Sure, okay. We went to sleep. Well, Tom did the next night. Tom is talking and we are getting along fine.

And then I tell him the truth. I say that I was made to have sex last year. I told it all to him and he said he was sorry it happened and he was kind of angry. I did not know why so asked. He said I am pissed because that was wrong to do. They could have educated you without hurting you. Tom said okay. Do you want to know if you are gay? I said yes. He said, Come lay in my sleeping bag with me. I said, Okay, I was scared to. He held me in his arms. And at first, I was feeling odd, but after seconds, it was amazing. I felt like curling . No Boehner yet.

Tom said okay, yep, you're gay. I see your face. I expected him to open the sleeping bag so I could exit. He did not. I stayed like that night. No sex. I wanted with his cock. But just that he let curl and enjoy. That was awesome. The morning came and Tom only said I am not gay. But I did feel you in my arms and you needed me. I just never tell anyone.

That night. Tom was just as nice as ever and we were doing normal stuff. I had to ask Tom a question but was afraid I wanted to admit I saw him jack off. I also wanted to know why his dick was so big minds, big guys. But he was huge. I just couldn't bring myself to ask if the moon was shining and like before and it was very hot and humid. I could not sleep in my sleeping bag.

So got out wearing my T-shirt and boxers pretty sweaty. Tom woke then and says a good idea. It was not this bad. When I went to sleep. There was a small shower before dark. Tom was more sweaty than . His t-shirt and boxer stuck him over and I could see through shit. I was top of my sleeping bag. instantly. I got hard. No time to think of dead puppies and church. Tom saw I tried to cover and rollover and he did not say anything.

But I feel his hand my shoulder and he said for not worry about it and he was flattered and then we took our sleeping bags outside to air dry the sweat. We went back into the tent and sat our cots. Tom then said I am going to change out of these wet clothes. You should too Than he freaked out. He stood in his huge mitteilungen wet sweaty boxer was inches from my face. I looked his ripped body. His face looked down at .

At first, he looked unsure. Tom said, you really want my cock? I said, I first want to know how the hell you cock is so fucking big. Tom grinned from ear to ear and said it gets bigger. I knew then he had agreed to let suck him. He picks off my cot. He undressed while saying things like if you do become gay, do not let anyone abuse you. And no matter what, remember, you're a good person. I was nude now. He grabbed my shoulders and looked deep in my eyes, and made me a promise. He smiled then said, Okay, this one time and if you tell I will kill you. I sucked him and he came. He had a hell of a time getting that meat in me and never used it . He did not hurt . He was so gentle.

And then as I figured out how relax he showed something Everyone positions and came over my mouth and asked after we got our sleeping bags I got in mind alone. As I started fall asleep Tom slipped into my sleeping bag. He said I wanted you to know I am definitely straight but I will remember. He held me about an hour then return to his cot.

nothing ever happened again and soon he was gone.


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