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In It Or Not And Who? Men On Men  

Amcuriousguys 54M
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8/28/2020 11:41 am
In It Or Not And Who? Men On Men

I write some stories on my website that are men I chat with or meet and then have me write up either a shared event or one day had. I like these . Can you tell what man I may be in this tale? Or is it the story of a friend's encounter? I'll never forget the day my wife and I met Larry. We were on vacation and walked into this corner bar. It was dimly lit, but the atmosphere was inviting and the music was pumping, which only lead to the excitement of the night. It had been a long time since my wife and I had been hanging out in a bar or on vacation even with the way we both work and the business ventures we all need is often hard to getaway.

We decided that we wanted to take this night and party like we were in<b> college </font></b>again. Brenda and I didn't know each other in<b> college. </font></b>We met during a business conference and started dating shortly after. Anyway, Brenda and I were sitting at the bar and this guy sitting a few stools away starts to chat with Brenda. My wife is very friendly and It doesn't bother me at all being secure and who I am and our relationship. I'm never worried that she's going to leave me for anyone. I mean, the most she could do is bring someone back to our Villa for an after-hours drink or . We've done that before, but only with people we know. Well, having said that, the conversation with Larry started get quite interesting. He seems be into many of the same things as both my wife and I were, he hates to golf, and so do we. He loves art and so does Brenda and we all love the beach. Larry is a local and he had some amazing tips on hidden places to eat and things to see and do. As it turns out, Larry is very well respected in town too. And everywhere we went, well, almost everywhere.

Larry was right there. It was almost like it was meant to be. My wife started to take a liking to Larry and to be honest, so did I Larry and I became good friends. But Brenda was always right there. Without us doing whatever we did, if we did something like looked at classic cars, it wasn't a boy's day. It was Brenda, me and Larry day. So after about a few days, we decided to extend our vacation and actually stay the whole month. Larry was thrilled because he really didn't have many close friends. At some point. I think it was about a week or into our month there. Larry and I were at the bar drinking and Brenda had gone to the restroom. It was at that point that Larry told that he thought I was a very lucky man and that he found Brenda attractive. being the guy with not a jealous bone in my body was fine with that. By the time Brenda came back, the beer had hitting Larry and I had go the men's room but it wasn't before Larry and I told Brenda what we were talking about that being her beauty and how lucky we both felt to have her in our lives. Brenda, being like myself was very open to the compliment and she thanked Larry with a small kiss on the cheek that quit. turned into a Jeep tongue kiss that got broken up quickly. When I reminded them both I had to urinate off to the restroom.

I went with Larry following close behind. As we get to the bathroom and realize that no one is around. Larry starts to talk to me. He smiles and asks Dave, you are okay with me kissing your wife, aren't you? I didn't mean to upset you or anything. I smiled and said, Larry, you both kissed each other. And Brenda and I are both pretty open minded. So it's all good. Larry placed his hand on my back as he gave me a pat. I'm glad Dave. I really like you guys. It was at that point, I realized that Larry took a glance at my penis. I leaned into Larry and planted my lips on his. Our tongues swirled around in each other's mouths for just a bit my cock still out of my shorts. Larry grins and .

That's my dic You better tuck that back in North someone may have suck it right here. Big Boy, he said with a smile as he headed for the door. my shoc It was already closing time and Brenda had paid the tab. After a quick chat with Brenda and Larry, we all agreed go back the villa. It was at that point, I was sure gay man sex was going happen. The thing I forgot tell you is that my wife likes have sex, but she really likes watch hot males humping each other like dogs in heat. Brenda has always been into the men on men sex. It just turns her on and she likes it. To be honest. I forgot about my<b> college </font></b>days where I stroked off my roommate and he helped me Larry was about to rekindle that long forgotten fire. We got back to the villa and opened a bottle of champagne and we all had a glass. It wasn't long before we all started to swap some spit Brenda's miles and she started to run the zipper area of both mine Larry's jeans, boys. I want to see too hard Cox. She said, Mary and I had already been kissing at this point and we both undid each other's shirts. Mary dropped to his knees and started to stroke and Suck my coc I'm on. I remember that it felt so good have his hot mouth on my firm caul It wasn't long before

Iwas ready pump my nut in Larry's hot mouth and he knew it. It's okay. I swallow. Larry told . I shot my load and Larry swallow down every drop of my men mil By this time Larry already had his pants off in his hard cock was there between his legs like a flagpole looking for something hang off of it. I looked at it and I couldn't help but see that he too had a nice sized caul Wow. Larry, you are quite gifted ice. I said. Thanks, Dave. So can you take that up, you're tight as Larry at a smile came across my face as I laid back and Larry mounted me as he thrust in and out of my time. Bonzai here him says those words that every game man loves hear Fuck, I'm gonna go. Larry said as he let go of a huge comm load in my backside. All I can say is wow, what a night remember. But it didn't stop there. Brenda has long left to me. She died a few bac Hey, I'm okay with it because Laurie and I are still together and banging the crap out of each other and loving every second of it.

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