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Man on Man Sex Dreams  

Amcuriousguys 54M
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8/22/2020 4:17 am
Man on Man Sex Dreams

Real Sex Dreams lately

This is a little different than my other blogs this one is of things that I have not done or things that I’ve done that I’m fantasizing about in my dreams now. Sometimes it comes from seeing a profile picture here on the site. Other times from the awesome chats I have been having with several interesting guys. Even a few possible hooks ups I am considering. Just FYI

Some nights I fall asleep working online in my chair. Last night I had been talking back and forth with this one man in particular who was basically straight and a domain looking for women. I hotlist them sometimes but don’t bother straight guys unless they reach out talk and several have been totally cool and now awesome friends. But back to it, he was very hot. He read my stories and messages started. He thought it was very hot a few of the things I shared and basically had Sexting with him. It was fun too. Ok here’s the twisted little dream that developed as I slept lol

Let’s call him Tom was naked standing in a room with his cowboy buddies who were showering after working on my farm, bummer really can’t host lol. the guys saw me come in and Tom told me to come over to him and suck him off. Then counting Sheep, clouds, and rain lol dreaming remember so back to it. I then was put to the task of doing the same to all the other cowboys. Flash time I think I woke up with a boner but went pee lol

Asleep round two dreams. I was running and run who know why the heck I was but running. I felt like it was very fast then all of a sudden I fall down and wake up in a sling! The first time ever saw a sling in a dream or ever except this other guy online who had images of all his toys and it made me think about it. So again I was on my back in a sling. I had a feeling of helplessness but it was not unpleasant but unusual for me. Turned into a bed...The licked my face. Next, I recall dreaming let’s call him Tom, was holding a rubber dick. Dildo! Again never dreamed of that before. WTF lol. He did not hurt me but slowly used it on me in that sling. I woke no Bonner but my ass was sweating.

Dream was not as odd for but my regular every few days dream.

It’s a bit hard share this because I do dream it often and please understand it’s nothing big just often. So it always starts with the guy from the past blog that took my first gay bar. FYI. We are in his house and having a bit of fun then he disappears and is replaced by the chiefs football team. I am not sure always what the team does but mostly they just walk around sexy. Then it changes and whatever guy I have seen recently says “we will always have Paris”. That’s it lol

Another thing I think of yet have not done pushes past my regular sex a twisted sex toy dream. I am only really into the lightest of restraints like physically held down or maybe tied down the most. But in this dream, I see toys and slings all over the place. A bulldozer of a man comes in often with others. The Dominant daddy almost always has black hair in a military cut and tattoos needless to say a big manly body and huge cock. He is always telling me and the others which toy to use on me or how to do me in the sling. Like I mentioned this is something I never really have put into reality so often the S and M dream fades away into...

The dream that some times I cum during my sleep I have but that’s a story for another day so check back

I hope this was fun to read and tomorrow I will share a New Real Sex Story

More coming, at our blogs each week

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