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On The Road Man on Man Wife Tossed in Too  

Amcuriousguys 54M
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8/20/2020 9:27 am
On The Road Man on Man Wife Tossed in Too

One of the many incidents that have happened while on the roads traveling with my business putting on shows with performers in several states. On-road trips, it is always worth your while look into any vehicles passing you by to see what might be happening inside or if they are checking you out. I have had women flash their tits or blow kisses some guys flirted with me many times. Also had a few men masturbating which was really hot. While traveling for work, I never took the opportunity to pursue any outside sexual activities but a few times. It was just a few months after my tour started when something happened that would stick with me to this day. I was driving west on I-70 and a newer Mercedes pulled up beside me. I looked over and there was a guy driving and a woman in the passenger front seat. He had her skirt pulled up fingering her and she was not wearing any panties. She was rubbing herself and seem to be enjoying me watching. Usually, when this happens the vehicle will then just take off and I never see them again. This time was different. They did pull ahead of me to let a car pass them, but then got in the left lane and let me catch up again. When I looked this time He was completely naked and also playing with himself. You can imagine how hard this was making me and even worst I had not had sex since touring and was around hot guys 24 - 7 but you do not screw your employees. They did this for almost ten miles and I was playing with myself through my clothes the whole time. Then all of a sudden he waved me to follow them into an approaching rest stop. I was not sure if that was a good idea but finally decided to see what might happen next. They pulled into the car parking area while I turned into the truck parking because had a u-haul with sets for the show. They both got out and headed to the restrooms. I got out of the truck and went into the men's restroom and noticed that he had gone into one of the stalls. It was just the of us in the restroom so I went into the one next to him. After being in there a few minutes he asked if I liked what he was doing to his wife while he was driving. I said yes. He then stunned by asking if I would like fuck her. I quickly said no I am gay but do not mind watching but wondered what it was going cost or if I would have issues with this guy. Nothing bad happened and he said Ok, but you have help with one of my fantasies. What is your fantasy? After I fuck her I want you suck my cock and taste her cum and mine both at the same time off my dic After not answering him for a couple of minutes he finally opened the door the bathroom stall and pulled out a sexy long cock, I was so shocked I did not move. Follow us the motel down the road and after we get into the room knock on the door. My mind was spinning in all kinds of directions. I headed for my truc As I followed after a few miles, it finally sunk in that I had just agreed be with a man and his wife and then have her and his taste on her husband coc The funny thing is that it really turns on when I think about it but was not used women.

after we are all in the room was really the first time I spoke his wife. she was lovely and tan with light brown long hair, looked like she was in sports illustrated magazine as a model. She was very nice and her husband had gotten in the shower while we were talking. She made feel relaxed and explained she knew I was gay and her man was not but had a bi fantasy about a boy sucking us off his dic And that was all he wanted. I thought ok cool but then she said, ", on the other hand, want see him dominate you and fuck you Hard as I watch however he probably won't want do that so I will have make him. Now I am getting hot and at the same time did not want this guy freak out or have drama.

He comes out of the shower towel around his waist and his body was awesome and had a few very attractive tattoos I saw his cock hanging down it was almost to the bottom of the towel. She looked at me as I watched him come out of the shower with a big smile. and said "See honey you have bitches with"
He was so sexy and looked at us each in the eyes, I could tell he was thinking about what she had said. She went over him pulled off his towel and started playing with him looking back at here and there till she told him " please show my friend how much of a man you are and feed him your huge coc" Hee seemed like that and I got in front of him next his wife and sucked him deep. She said "see your boy toy is better at sucking you than . He groaned and said fuck yea honey your right. I stopped sucking and offered his dick back to his wife, I did not want to be pushy. she kissed it and then grabbed my head at helped suck him. a long time too he came in my mouth. Oops, I thought but no he said oh man honey that was great ii want to Fuck you while he watches what a real man does with a woman. It was cool I got a close-up look and he was every bit a stud as you could have. I cleaned his cock as asked when they had finished and figured it was over.

Nope, not over he came over to me and she did too, He told me during sex she told him she wanted to see him fuck me and at first, he felt odd but when I shared his cock with her and as he saw my cute ass while fucking her he got turned on a bit, plus my wife wanting to see that makes me want to do it too. he also explained that he would probably be kind rough with me and might say some fucked up things too but he promised not to hurt me.

we all got in the bed him and her next to each other and me at the foot facing them. He began to tell me things to do like rub his and her back etc... I enjoyed that, to tell the truth. sucking and playing went on for a while then he said, "Boy gets on all fours in front of us." they both played with my butt but mostly him. I was not saying much but doing as told. he seemed to be ok with things but not all into it like before till I figured out what to say. "thank you both for including me I find this very cool" then the important part. "the only straight man to ever fuck me was a biker with a huge dick, about like yours," he seemed to stir a bit his wife smiled she knew what I was going to do. I continue my story about the sexy bike and how strong he was and good and holding me down no matter how I tried to escape his coc.." He was hard and puffed up like a challenge had been made, straight or not he was hot prove he was more man than the biker. His wife was thrilled rooting him on as he fucked the best he could. he flipped every which way and came several times his wife too the played while he fucked me a tiny bit but we all had an awesome time for sure. the next morning we played again and chatted about what things. He was not as freaked out the next day as she and I expected. He said. "I am not a guy who would look for a man at all my fantasy was filled plus more thanks, to be honest, it was what you said that made me get into it and as a boy, you are not feminine yet submit and it was a hot boy or not. That made me feel good.

So driving down the road attention.

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IcarusSail 63M  
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8/20/2020 6:46 pm

Great story. I've only partied with one couple. It's fun.

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