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Perfect Stud Plan Man on Man  

Amcuriousguys 53M
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9/7/2020 12:00 pm
Perfect Stud Plan Man on Man

0:00 Transcription will have some typos

The average perfect man would be just a tad taller than feet with a weight of 187 pounds. That's roughly the size of Bradley Cooper Channing Tatum or Gerard Butler. In case you were wondering, I really don't like really skinny guys or really fat. I like a little cushion for the pushing.

Growing , I was really fit. So I decided after I finally got comfortable with being gay, that I was going find a perfect man. I also realized that just randomly hooking with guys that crossed my path would be unlikely get results. So just like my business, I started what I called my stud plan and I made a list of all the personal attributes that I thought were most important in a man and then I made a list of all the physical attributes that I liked. Next was the hard part. I made a list of all the very attractive men that I knew that would possibly be able qualify. Believe it or not, I was a little So that was a rather large list.

However, as I went through my past experience list, they were just too many things that I wanted that not everyone seemed to possess. Yet I did find good candidates my list and I decided go and review those men and I came with a plan do it. My birthday was coming soon, so I only sent invitations my candidates, rather than the large huge block party spectacle that I normally have. Just the for my birthday, I made a very romantic setting and a table set for I didn't want be distracted with serving the meal or anything like that. So I hired one of my male dancers be the waiter. FYI, I did not screw with my male dancer employees. And I let him in my plan for the evening.

The guys arrive and I said about figuring out which, if any, would make the grade. The first test was pretty simple. I had a wide variety of friends, many of whom were extremely posh. I knew if I wanted have the perfect men my arm, he would need know how properly eat a meal.

The best test is the silverware use. In general, knife blades are always placed with the cutting edge toward the plate. No more than of any implement are ever placed the table, except when an oyster fork is used in addition other forks. If more than courses are served before dessert, then the utensils for the fourth course are brought in with the<b> food. </font></b>Likewise, the salad fork and knife may be brought in when the salad course is served. Dessert spoons and forks are brought in on the dessert plate just before dessert is served.

One guy failed immediately. It was a pity he had the biggest cock Paul, one guy did okay. trainable. The guy that one let us call him Tom. He had no issues and it did not even require thought. We finished the meal and I just made The two and Tom remains. I got my dance to take the other two boys to my guest house. Not a bad consolation prize either. I have a great story I'll share about their adventure told to me by that dancer. But that's for another day.

Tom seems to be happy to be alone with . We caught things and enjoyed wine the couch. next phase test ethics and cognitive skills. Here I was a bit tricky. I told stories of relationships and different scenarios that could happen like cheating lovers, etc. I also included some twisted sexual stories to see his responses. He passed the sex stories with flying colors, but ethically he would have been screwing everybody that worked for me and the mailman. Bummer.

But hey guys, it was my birthday. Tom was a hot stud of a guy so I had my birthday cock but I was very disappointed. I did not find my perfect study.

Plan B well Since all the guys I already knew didn't measure , I had come with a way find a new man that might pass the test. Know-How the heck am I gonna do that? Well, just like my business, I decided on an advertisement with that in itself presented certain problems. How can you advertise that you're looking for a perfect man without putting the criteria that you're looking for? Anybody can pretend follow a list of attributes. So I decided post personnel that would possibly draw in the right kind of man.

Looking for a handsome man mend my broken heart five years of relationship overdue cheating. It was longer and worded more carefully, but you can get the idea. It started work. I went four separate dates. The guys were pretty damn good too. Yet other than having really good sex. All had at least one thing that was incomplete until the fifth date.

Let's call him Aaron. He called and immediately I could tell He was quality. Aaron said that he had read my ad and could sympathize because his lover had cheated on him. But this is what he said that got my attention. I don't honestly know if I can mend a broken heart. I think that just comes with time and then finding someone you can slowly fill it with the love that was lost. Bingo IQ. I could tell right off that it wouldn't be an ethical situation. All I had left to find out is what did he look like what he meets my very particular physical requirements.

We arranged to meet at a cafe. Men want to know that you get them and that feeling understood is an important part of a good relationship. I asked him to wear something that I would know it was him based on what we talked about. Aaron said, Hmm, this could be interesting. He showed in a leather jacket with a yellow rose in his hand and immediately I knew he was Aaron. Standing about feet tall with golden-brown hair and a slight tan. He spotted quickly and his face lit the whole room with a smile.

Do you know that saying that when you see the person that you're going fall in love with you either get really nauseous or you get infatuated and your heart palpitations, I did both? We had a fabulous time we ended going back my place and the sex was unbelievably good.

But unfortunately, I had a significant problem with my plan for the perfect stud. It's called predetermined expectations. We dated for a long time and became very, very close. But as time went on, I realized that I had made a mistake, not Aaron, he was perfect. The error was that rather than perfection being found through growth together, where it has true meaning, I shopped for it. At that very moment, I realized that the true perfection that I had found I had in my house on my birthday and I sent him off with a stripper. It wasn't even the guy that had passed the test and I even dated on my birthday. It was the Barbarian that did not know how to eat.

Let's call him Paul. I discovered that the perfect stud might be what I thought I wanted. But what I needed was a man as he is not my idea of how he should be. I called Paul. He came to swim in my pool. I knew I needed to tell him what I had done. Honesty is very important. As I spelled out all my plans, Paul did not really speak. When it was all over. Paul stood , walked over , and hugged . Not sex hug, but comfort. he said was go ahead and cry now. He really broke your heart. You see, he was the perfect stud. I began cry.

It came out then. Everything, the abuse when I was a , the loss of people I cared about. I mean everything. Paul was a real man. He held me tight, he stroked my hair, dried my tears for a long time. I was embarrassed after it. Then it started pass. I dumped the life held in pain Paul. He should have run for the hills. Paul said let's go bed. I figured he wanted a reward at least for having such a messed update. Paul held me night. He did not fuck . He did not do anything but hold night.

The morning I wake . Paul was not in bed. I figured he ran for the hills and did not blame him one bit. Just then Paul walks in with my cheating ex-lover who looked beat . Paul said he is the bastard who broke your heart. I brought him here so he could get the last of his crap out of your house. I told him he broke your heart the way here. Asshole tried suck my dick. I got really pissed and beat him . I only stopped because I knew you would be upset with if I heard him a lot. My ex looked at said only one thing. Keep this one

I did the next day Paul came over and we talked and he acted like I had not been a basket case the day before. Eventually, we go bed. Paul was unbelievably good. He had suck him then kiss . Next, he held for a bit. He fucked then. Not fucked but made love is a better description. Paul was with through my carjacking. I died and took months before I could walk or breathe on my own.

Paul loved . You know how I really know. I fell in love with another guy. Paul, let go. I still talk him now years later.


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