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RV Rocking Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 54M
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8/23/2020 12:29 pm
RV Rocking Man On Man

I was in New Orleans and I used go New Orleans the time but in this particular instance, I was not working with my male dancers putting shows I was actually vacation with two good friends of mine that owned an RV. Let’s call them Tom and Jerry. Tom was a blonde guy and Jerry too. Jerry was an ex-Air Force pilot and Tom was younger best described as a pretty swimmer body type with blue eyes and smooth creamy slightly tan skin and just about a slender trim feet tall and a pretty ass. His cock was long and not thick but not one of those skinny ones. describe Jerry makes hard every time. He just had that manly military beefy body with green eyes and a square jaw German looking guy. His brown blond hair was so perfect on his chest not a hair out of place and he even had a thin line of hair running across his washboard stomach leading down to his public hair. He had those v lines on either side of his pelvis and a think big cock about inches with an inch of pink white foreskin hanging over his cocks head. His legs were perfect from his daily jogging. Just one fine ass stud. Definitely a top. Well, so I thought.

So we were parked by specific arrangements next to the Phoenix gay bar. And we enjoyed the use of the owner’s apartment which was attached to the bar. We planned on spending 5 days there. And I think it turned into 7.

Tom and Jerry, we’re together and as a long term friend, I never considered sex with either yet we were nude often in hot tubs and other things at times. I was alone. Within hours of arriving in the big easy, we had ACE Oysters as I did every time I was there. I go to the bathroom and am peeing and a few others too. I finished and as I tried to exit after drying my hands a really cute guy was in my way so we sidestepped and I went out. We all finished and we were walking across the 1/4 down Royal street. Jerry says we have a stalker Tom says That he had noticed and they didn’t but someone else does and poked me in the side. I said no shit lol had not noticed at all I peek around and that bathroom boy was trying to blend in but definitely he was watching and followed me. As we walked guys flirted with him too good looking ones and he paid little attention. Knowing My way very well I thought I was able to “Jackson Square” ditch him.

We are in the bar now drinking and just having a blast the locals know all of us pretty well. I turn around and two stools down the bar sit let’s call him Mike. A really cute guy the only other people there that were good were people all I knew and we were chatting. I tried to blow him off by pretending I didn’t see him. I thought I pulled it off for about minutes went by. Then Tom walks past slow saying his way the bathroom but as he passes under his breath he whispers “Bitch I See your stalker and if you don’t talk him by the time I piss and come back I will embarrass you” I rolled my eyes lol I wanted cock but knew he wanted my cock which I love but I needed a cock.

I got and walked over just appease Tom as I was leaving Jerry said, •gently he’s in puppy love”. I glared at him. Mike was so pretty and his eyes were looking at like candy. I was starting get a bit of a rise in my pants, I love a nice bottom. Yet I was clever and suggested I was going to rest and perhaps we should meet tomorrow. Mike looked sad yet was eager to please so offered his arm and a sharpie from his backpack, college. So I gave him the service number for my personal assistant. And soon was able to leave with my friends. Yet the boy followed still. For the rest of that day the next we were out and having fun and he was always someplace close or anticipated our next stop and was waiting. Finally, I had gotten my huge Red neck cock I sought so the next time I saw him I walked him again and now I was ready for that hot ass. He was so excited and talked about himself and plans etc... I normally hear this stuff and ignore it. But Mike was his game about done with college and already had an awesome job lined . I found him now worth a bit of my time beyond that ass and that’s hot.

We spend the rest of the days there together which I will talk about in a second. And I added 2 more days to our schedule too. Business owners of us that costs a lot do last minute. Tom and Jerry insisted

Sec time so we left the bars and I didn’t want to fuck this boy in the RV because it rocked back and forth and the bar was packed. But we had no choice other than the apartment of the bar owner and he was in it I thought it rude to ask so RV rocking while was Cocking. Lol

I let him take my clothing off I was wearing a leather jacket with T-shirt and 501 jeans and my boots. This was great Mike was not fast about it as boys tend to be but slow he savored removal of my clothing. I ended sitting in a chair and he was his knees between my legs pretty face and lips I was looking past my hard cock. He held it in his hands and started lick and down then my balls and back and forth. He was getting really hot into sucking and I still had not seen him without his clothes .

I stop him and he had a begging look his face so I lifted him off pulling him between my legs across my stomach and chest and kiss him deeply. I tasted my cock in his mouth. He was now fire he took his clothing off and slid my cock in his hole riding as I lay back in my chair. I was feeling how tight he was he couldn’t take of either at first. I smiled, good Sign means not been grand central station in that ass. He had almost gotten but the last inch in and I stood with him still my cock walked over the bed while he pulsed and down his hips and I carried him. I lay him his back the bed now and I start licking fingering him and sucking his nice dick it tasted so sweet and clear glistening pre-cum running over it. I began really use my fingers I wanted him open. He relaxed and was really ready now so I flip him over his belly and grab his hips pulling him a bit off the bed and I start slowly putting my head in and lightly pulsing every few times just adding a bit more Tim he tenses then bit back I keep this and after a bit, he is open I go in and leave it a bit I push him flat and reposition his legs using mine an open position and I start grind fucking him. He moans it was hot his body was perfectly responsive. So I decided let’s turn it a bit I flip him over now back the bed legs in the air and I have his ankles held in my hands. I aimed and pushed in hot pulse put a smooth in the way the slow out very tip I did this till I began add my hip gyration and increased my speed and aggressiveness. He was perfect. I fucked Mike times in 4 days along with him fucking me a few times too but he was the best bottom I ever had. I went back and tapped that ass several times over about 2 years each time I could while in business there. His job moved him and we lost touch

To Step Back A Bit
When i fucked mike in the RV next to the bar when we came out on a crowd was around the van and started clapping we both were red with blushing.. Mike needed to go home to clean and i was doing it in the apartment after i go into the RV and Jerry is there naked no biggie but Tom is dressed and says he needed to do some shopping and Jerry had a thing he needed me to help him with. I said fine and Tom left.

Jerry was very hot! as soon as Tom shut the door he said.'I was outside the whole time and If I knew you could top like that we would have been having a different relationship. I was flattered but this is my friend. Jerry said that Tom had come out and saw the look on my face the said nothing but he listened to a bit the smile really big. Tom told Jerry that it would be fine if he had me fuck him because if I did not he would think about it would change things. I kind of got that but did not feel it was right plus I just had banged the hell out of Mike.
I said fuck it and got undressed again and it was odd but good fucking my friend.

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