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Saved by Drunk Redneck And Wife Man on Man  

Amcuriousguys 53M
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9/1/2020 12:31 pm
Saved by Drunk Redneck And Wife Man on Man

Transcript Story - will be typos

Drunk redneck drunk wife game and on man story. This was the oddest of all my past sexual encounters. I was not anything I expected but just happened. The people I was around were not anything like my normal crowd. The location was strange to just about everything odd that could happen did first I need to set the scene just to understand the environment I was in. I was driving all the way across the country from Tampa, Florida to San Diego, California. I had decided to move to California because I had gotten the opportunity to work at a very high end Art Gallery and I had a friend that was a porn star. He needed to move out of his apartment to stay in LA for a movie he was doing. He didn't want to lose his very pricey apartment in San Diego. I said I would rent it while he was gone for about seven months. That worked perfectly for me. I had several things going on with my businesses but they were running themselves and really did not need me Got the art gallery job through knowing a few of their stores biggest contracts. They used them for their hotels all over the United States. So they insisted that I handle the accounts was a sweet deal for me.

Regardless, I am on my way and the Nash Rambler. Yes. A vintage car. I had a great trip driving my classic car all across the South Texas. I stopped in Houston had a good time too, but that's for another story. I was in the desert and in the middle of nowhere. It was late at night and the rambling stopped. My car has broken down no cell phones no gas station for miles. I was screwed. So I put out two flares and fell asleep. Morning came and it started to get very hot. I started to think I might die out . Afternoon came in went not one truck or car. Just before night, a B two pickup came first and the vehicle that had come down the road fortunately they stopped They obviously had been drinking at a bar somewhere and were very drunk, rather pretty, but rather overweight woman rolls down her window and says, What are you doing on this road? And she then goes on to say, I bet you took a wrong turn. Nobody comes down this highway. They pull all the way off the road and two doors open up, the woman gets out and then I see the man coming around from the back tailgate of the truck. Let us him Tom and her was Lisa. Lisa was overweight but had a very pretty face and nice as can be. Tom. Oh my god. Tom was absolutely breathtaking. Total redneck. But his body looked amazing. And I had a hard time understanding them. For example, what a redneck says, I ain't seen him since he was knee high to a grasshopper. What they really mean? I haven't seen him since he was very young. What a southerner says don't go getting your knickers in a knot. What they really mean 's no need get mad. What a farmer says, I gotta the bushes. What they really mean? I need use the restroom. What a redneck says if his brains were leather, he wouldn't have enough sand on a Junebug. What they really mean? He's not very smart and what they say that sign is all caddywhompus what they really mean? That sign is all signed ways.

They were really drunk but I get in the truck and we get their place. I noticed in the truck Tom was eyeballing me and was making me a bit uncomfortable. Lisa and I started talk a bit. Both of them loved my old car. They lived pretty far but they had a phone so we called in the AAA took care of everything into rental car would arrive tomorrow afternoon and Tom said hey, we probably won't wake up till then. We all laughed and Lisa offered me the couch. Tom was looking at me and again I felt uncomfortable but figured it was because he was so . I could see through his teeth. 's super defined muscles, not bulky but amazing. He was dirty brown blonde with a scruffy stubble beard, blue eyes. His bulge was huge, and even though he was wearing underwear, those jeans still showed a large package. Tom and Lisa did drink some coffee with me. I could tell they wanted to chat a bit more before passing out. I was feeling relaxed now. Tom still seemed to never take his eyes off me, but I figured he was just being safe not really knowing me. Lisa after about an hour says she has to sleep head to work at 11am a. Tom had popped a beer for himself and brought me one. I knew I had to drink it. They had very little money plus a man offered his beer is a friendly gesture. Plus, they saved my ass from burning up in the freakin desert. Like most redneck man, he sat in his chair and put his feet up with a pull of a lever. I sat on the couch with my pillow and sheet. We talk not much but he pops a video Straight porn is not unusual either. Says wife doesn't have sex often but has no problem with porn. I say okay cool. We watch as you guys do know Cox out comments on how he likes certain things we are watching but I still see he is watching me. I noticed I feel sleepy and just kind of fell asleep. Tom must have to. Lisa wakes me dressed for work and says that they called and the rental would be really late and my car would be fixed the next day. She then said if I wanted I could just stay till my car was done. I said really your husband won't mind. She said he would like have the company because the weekend did he see his friends. I said great and feel asleep. Tom I see has left his chair and I hear a shower running. I fall asleep again. I smell<b> food </font></b>and wake Tom with boxers on carries and two plates with a nice breakfast. He says Lisa had it ready to eat up, he didn't sit in his chair but on the couch kind of close to me, I could smell his clean body next to me. I was scared I would pop a boner. He had bouncers and had a lot hanging in them a whole lot. His head was hanging the end of the boxers. I kept the sheet over my lap. After finishing eating, he grabbed the plates and said showers in the bedroom bath. I took a shower and came out in a towel. Tom was still on the couch. As I walked in, I could see through the opening of his boxers a huge 12 inch cock and pretty two with four skin and a pink white collar. I acted like I didn't see it and sat on the couch. Tom was watching porn. We had a beer.

Yes about noon and beer. I was in my towel and was wondering where my clothes were. Tom said he tossed them in the wash and I was glad to they needed it. He told me to sit on the couch patted his hand next to him. I sat down, Tom said out of the blue. It took him In a while, but I know you're gay. I said nothing he continued with Lisa had figured it out right off. I said, Yes, I made sure she knew before arriving here. Tom smiled and sat back, drank more beer and watched his porn. About 10 minutes go by. Tom says Lisa said I should fuck you or have you sucked me off. I said once he left, we don't really have sex. We also never cheat puts me with blue balls. But you're not a woman. You won't want to fuck my wife either. I got a bit excited and concerned at the time. Tom then informed me that while I slept last night, he could see my ass on the couch and the sheet had slid off and then he just stopped talking and pulled out that huge cock. was rock hard. He grabbed my head and put me the base of his tool. My neck was full of meat. He pushed me up and down.

He was good at pumping my mouth. He then stood up removing his boxers in a very Sexy commanding voice, Tom orders me to get on my knees. He slapped his juicy dick all over my face that pulling my hair pumped me. He shot combing me so much was running out of my mouth and all over my chest and face. I thought Tom shot his load so we were done. Surprise. Tom grabs me pulls me up from my knees and throws me face down ass up on the couch. he spits on my hole and puts your finger in he was really good with his fingers. He could tell I was responding to say you like that? I said yes. He laughed that's what my wife and I do mostly. Now this is what I am going to do to you. I feel his cock enter me and Jacob Did he just started fucking now some men fucking some men fuck great but some men have a style of know what will work as Tom thrust in worked my whole he would change the angle A bit or move side to side. His muscular body was not going to wear out soon. It didn't. His wife got Home, say oh hi boys make a late dinner. Tom's dick still fucking me. I felt funny but no drama. It was awesome. After dinner things got a bit odd.

I would have my car tomorrow and would leave and Tom told me he had a surprise for me. The doorbell rings and Tom's brother and wife show up. The girls leave for a girls night out. Tom says his bothers wanted to see what it was like and his wife said sure. Oh crap, too huge Cox and both guys were sexy rednecks. They had me suck them then shotgun me. It was fantastic. They took turns fucking my ass and they tried to see who could do it the best. It was fun to the next day they took me to my Rambler and I drove a bit sore to San Diego.

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