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Th Van In The Park Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 55M
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9/17/2020 1:12 pm
Th Van In The Park Man On Man

0:00 transcribed story will have some typos

The van. That is the best way to describe this story.

I was always in the park in San Diego because I lived right next to it. I would take my lunch there often because it was walking distance from where I worked. I had a lot of interesting experiences in the park but throughout all the time I lived there it was a van that used to circle you couldn't see in the van the windows were very tinted and the guy in it and never stopped or got out and I had a few friends that would meet me for lunch in the park periodically. And without fail every single day I was in that park that van would slow down as they drove by me over and over again. It actually got to be a little bit creepy and my friends would always say be careful.

Looks like a serial killer. Then

one day I was in the park with a couple of friends and we were having a glass of wine and our lunch. And today the van actually pulled into one of the parking spots and stuff very close. I was not gonna sit there and be uncomfortable through my lunch I told my friends to call 911 if I don't come back,

they pleaded with me not to go we would just move.

I said This is bullshit. We don't know who the hell that is in that van and I'm not moving. This is my spot. My friends knew me well enough to know that it was futile to stop me.

I walked directly

up to the driver's window and tapped on it pointing my finger down for him to open his window.

He did. Oh my god. I saw the most handsome man in my life. Let us call him Tom.

He had no shirt on and his swimming trunks showed a very ample amount. Tom was obviously a surfer his van had several boards inside. His brown hair was sunbleached almost blonde. He had a beautiful tan and a rip muscular body. He was not super young either. So was a manly surfer not boy looking. big hands and a square jawline. Were an accent for the lightest of green eyes. I almost could not speak in my anger scenes. In my mouth, Tom said, Hey, I was hoping you might come to say hello. Then he smiled at me with a sexy, flirty smile. I said you have been slowing down as you pass me for months.

Tom blushed and

he told me that he really wanted to stop and say hi, but he had not well met a gay guy before and did not know what to say. My knees got a bit weak as he goes out of the van. I looked at my friends and it was funny. They had a stunted jaw dropped look.

I almost left.

Tom noticed. He said looks like your friends are a bit shocked. I said yes, they figured you were a serial killer.

Tom laughed and said no Should I was going to run you off. I was a bit creepy, you know with the tinted windows.

Tom then looked at his van and then started laughing. He said holy should No wonder you never smiled at me. He then said I have to tell you how badly I want to talk to you. I think about you all the time. You've probably heard in several of my stories before that flattery works pretty darn good with me, especially from a hot guy.

I touched him on his arm and smiled.

But I noticed something when I touched his arm. He was sweaty, and he was scared. I realized at this point that he must have been telling the truth. I asked Tom flat out Have you ever been with a guy at all? He got even more nervous and answered me with a question. If I say no, will you still want to talk to me? I knew right then I had a very delicate situation on my hands. Most gay guys would have just manipulated him into sex and forgot about him. Well, I'm not that type gay guy. I could tell that he was truly sincere with his infatuation, so sincere that he was terrified of rejection. I could tell this was a very alpha male who generally would have no cell phone esteem issues. Plus Tom was sexy as could be, like I mentioned before, probably the most attractive man I had ever seen. I knew I needed to defuse the tension of the situation. And I told Tom No, not at all. I have many friends that are more straight than gay. I thought that was maybe the right statement. But I noticed the situation was even deeper than I first thought. And Tom says, Well, I don't go with women anymore and have not for a few months. I could tell by the way he told me that that meant he stopped seeing girls once he saw me. He must have realized he was gay at that point. I know because I did the exact same thing. I knew at that point, I would not be returning to work that day. I had my hands full. I tell Tom as I changed the mood on my face to the light and happy awesome. Let's go meet my friends. Tom was glad the one on one time went okay. I introduce him and tell my friends that I will not be going back to the office today but I'm going to go surfing They had finally closed their mouth and were grinning from ear to ear. They did not know the situation, but they knew me and I always had a hottie around. We all sat down and talked about fun things like movies and surfing. My friends had to go back to the office. Tom asked me if I had trunks to serve. I said, No. He said, no problem. I have a few extras. I asked what is wave time and he said we could hit the beach pretty soon. So Tom open the passenger door for me and I get in

and we drive to the beach.

It was adorable. Tom was so happy and excited yet nervous as hell. I kept the conversation fun and talked about myself a little.

He was fascinated. Tom started to relax a bit as we drove.

We got to the beach and he had several friends hanging around waiting for waves.

Before we get out of the van, I asked Tom,

what are those guys going to say when they see me? With you, Tom say back in his seat and looked at me. He smiled probably that it's about fucking time.

I talked about you all the time.

Like how you always look so well dressed. And what book I saw you were reading?

Well, he blushed a bit. I also said what I wanted to do with you a little.

I smiled big and said awesome swimming trunks. Tom took a second though said Oh, yes. He gave me a very expensive pair.

The best he owned and

I started to change and Tom was cute. He tried so have not to watch me change clothes. I did it slowly to I knew he would look. He did and was really happy. So I acted like I did not know. FYI, these little things are what life is all about. As we get out of the van, Tom says, Can we just stand here a second. I want to just look at you in the sun. I smiled and whispered in his ear all the way Tell me the truth. I see that huge cock of yours is hard.

Tom smiled so big

and promise to tell the truth.

I said awesome and no This doesn't matter what it is I will always rather have the truth.

Tom like that

his cock was still a bit plump as I was introduced. Tom was not lying in

the all wanted to make me comfortable.

The girls all wanted to chat about the books I read.

Come to find out the whole group was a book behind what I was currently reading.

It was awesome.

The guys noticed I was with all of their girls. This always happens.

The men were talking pretty heavy to Tom.

I found out later they all like me and even a few cents I did have a hot ass as

well for a guy. Tom needed

very much the approval of his friends.

I understand that these were his family and I was the first and only gay and they knew Tom was in love with me. Now guys You may wonder how is that possible we just met.

He was watching me all the time in detail.

He saw what he wanted and that is how the love started on his end. Then when I agreed to spend time with him, as long as I did not drill or have blood running out of the zombie's eyes, he was going to have feelings for me. I also represented to him coming out. Like I said earlier, this is a delicate situation. Depending on how this first hookup worked out would have a huge influence on his worldview and self-view too.

We went surfing,

I was okay but not as good as Tom or his friends. Every single one of them took the time to give me surfing tips. One girl said, Tom is really happy you are here and I smiled and said he is a great guy. She said next. I was the girl he left and told me he saw a man and he knew he was gay. I looked in her eyes. She smiled and said I love him. But I wanted to hate you. But you are a good one, aren't you? I said, What do you mean? She smiled. I could tell the way you are with him. You are not just here to see him. I smiled and said, well, that will happen, I hope. She smiled and said, Oh, I am sure it will but I see you. I smiled. She said, Okay, great. Let's get these boys out of the ocean. That isn't always easy. We left and we partied on the beach for hours and Tom was fantastic. I really fell for him even though I tried not to. We get in the van. Tom was calm now and happy. He said thank you for today. All my friends. Even my ex just loves you. Tom said next that he wanted to be with me. He paused a bit. Then he looked at me with eyes. I can't explain. Would you mind if I kissed you? I knew he wanted me but did not know how it worked. I knew it was sex time. I said Tom, I will handle this first time. I will show you what you need to know. But only this first time. Next date we go on you will need to show me what you learned tonight. Tom smiled so big you could see the doubt and uncertainty fade from him. We got naked in the van and tossed the board's out onto the beach. He was so hard his long thick 10-inch cock was dripping pre comm I first just cuddled with him. He loved that a lot. I then showed him as I sucked his dick how to deep if he came fast and then asked him when you think of sex, what is it you think of? So I let him act it all out and he looked my hole and fuck me. He was fantastic too. I did have to teach him how to do it without hurting the bottom at the start. He got a bit scared he would hurt me but got over that fast after he got in deep He wanted to hold me after. Then he said, I want to try and suck you as you showed me? Well, it was adorable and he didn't do it very well that first time. I acted like it was awesome. He wanted to fuck me a lot. So I let him we go to my house and we shower together. Tom wanted to stay. I knew now I needed to decide what to do. If he stayed he would be around all the time. If I sent him home for another time, he would come around till he got to stay then find a new guy. I wanted him so badly, his cool friends too. I looked at Tom's face and the only words that came to my mouth shocked me.

Yes, please stay.

Tom lifted me off my feet in the bathroom and carried me to my bed. He was more confident now. A lot more.

I couldn't go surf the waves with them the next day. I was too sore

Tom, I was an item for a long time. One day I knew I would be leaving California. I broke Tom's heart and my own. I set him up with a friend of mine who was awesome. I left soon. I never see a beach or surfboard even to this day without a happy and sad feeling for the heart I left in a van on the beach years ago.


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