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The Tom Event Part 1 and 2 Man On Man Plus  

Amcuriousguys 55M
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9/17/2020 12:20 pm
The Tom Event Part 1 and 2 Man On Man Plus

0:02 Transcription will have a few typos

We all have the one guy that we always wanted but never had. Every so often life can toss in a pleasing surprise. If you read any of my previous stories may have a crown across one with an auto mechanic. That was when I was young and I have always had a thing for motor oil and sweaty auto workers. In between all the hot good sex, I would have lovers. A few of these lovers went right along with the hot good sex. However, many of my long term relationships were faithful, no playing around kind of stuff. To be honest, I am happy in either situation. I was in one of those long term faithful relationships with a guy I really cared about. I had an auto mechanic that I had been using for a long time and I chose him because he was dropped dead gorgeous, handsome. My boyfriend knew that I had a crush on my mechanic. He understood completely saying he was hot too. And FYI, this was not a relationship where at the way would take place. It probably doesn't take a genius to gas but my cars were always in tough peak running order with lots of oil changes. Let us call them mechanic Tom. He was a hot man ex-army auto cool. Tom just was the type that no matter how he looked at you it was sexy. His black hair was straight and trim cut with golden brown eye color and a rugged, scruffy short beard. He was impressive. Tom knew I was gay. He knew my lover and he knew I had the hots for him. Never did I come on to him. I knew this because one time nobody was there, but us. Tom said to me that he could tell that I was gay. He also said I appreciate that after all this time, not once did you really flirt with me? I said yes, you are straight. Tom said yes I am and you are not like the other gays that come here. Tom started to fidget. Tom continues by telling me that his girlfriend had seen me in a show a couple of years ago. Go. I sent that school which one? He said he didn't really remember something with cats in it. I laughed and I told Tom Oh, that was cats. I was dressed like a cat. Tom looked at me very strangely. He said, You mean like with the tail and everything? I said, Yes. He made a face like he was trying to imagine it. Tom Dan tells me that his girlfriend would probably like to meet me. I told Tom that I was not sure that would be appropriate for me. Well, lusting after her boyfriend. Tom started laughing and said, Oh, she knows. I thought a moment and came up with a plan. I tell Tom that they could come to my home for dinner. But the deal is if they came he would have to watch cats on VHS. Yes, I am older now. Tom agreed. Tom and let us call her Lisa arrived well dressed for dinner. I could tell right off Tom hated his talk. They come in and my loved one He's on his way to work. We sit at the dinner table and I had arranged to have the maid service. We had a great meal and Lisa was charming. I almost for Tom was in the room. These are common girls who love gay men. A guy they can talk to that can understand them and listen. Plus, we live in a hip town and Lisa was not from there. So like me, she had traveled and was well educated. Lisa had seen me a few more shows even when I was in the valley company. After dinner, I took them to my recreation room and we all sat on the couch. I told Tom, you can rip that tie off. No need for us to wear them. He smiled so big. We watch cats. Tom at first did not really seem to want to but as soon as the music started, he was glued to the TV. Lisa whispered in my ear. He would never watch this for me. I whispered back, sweetheart. He is he made a deal with me for the invite. She smiled and kissed my cheek. Tom watched the whole thing and after. It was amazing, he was excited and talked all about it. He was like seeing a puppy play in the snow the first time. Lisa was thrilled and I did all I could to get them to talk to each other about cats than other shows and music types. I pulled out Mozart and Bach. Tom was enjoying it also much. The evening was fun and they left. Lisa and I became really good friends. I reminded her on Monday every week. Remember, I still am lusting after Tom. She would say I know. I know you too. I would say okay, true. Just never leave him alone with me for long or drunk or something. She would laugh and agree. This went on for years. They got married and a baby. I was in heaven with my friends that shared that part of life I would not have plus they love my part in it all to them. Out of the blue one day, Lisa calls me.

She said you know that day that you warned me would come one day. I said which one a republican president that's gay. Lisa left. No the other one the one you call me about on Monday. I said what? Lisa tells me that Tom was a little drunk and driving to my house. I said okay, no big deal. I will feed him coffee and you can come over. Lisa<b> freak </font></b>me out big time. Then. She tells me Tom wanted to have sex with me. I said what? how drunk is he? She said not very drunk at all. Lisa, I am confused. She says Tom had told me a long time ago that even though he was straight, it meant a lot how he always saw how you looked at him. He also told me that when we would be at the pool or when you wore tight pants, he would check your SL. I said no way. She said he wanted to tell you a long time ago. I said get over Here I am not sure how long I will hold out. If he wants me it will be hard for me to say no. Lisa said I know that and I do not want you to say no. I said why this will mess us up. Lisa said maybe but it is for Tom. He needs to do this. I knew exactly what she meant. I started to cry. Lisa said What's wrong? I told her I love you both. I will feel I betrayed our trust even with permission. Lisa said I know but fuck it, sweetheart. If my man wants someone, I am glad it is you. She hung up. Holy crap. My fantasy was coming and his wife wanted me to let him do whatever he wants to me. She had my lover was standing next to me during the call. He looked at me and<b> freak </font></b>me out. He tells me I saw this coming. Tom told me the other day he wanted to try sex with you. I told him you were spoken for He looked at me and right then I knew. I said, Why didn't you tell me? He smiled and said, You are a great top but I know you personally like to bottom with a super masculine guy. For six years you have not cheated on me and not complained about your needs. Tom is a man he has decided to take you. I can at least give you this. Plus Tommy's a great guy and I love Lisa too. He kissed me and left. Oh shit. I had not had sex as a bottom even with my lover in years. Tom was due soon and he was a stud. I you not. Tom arrived and was not really drunk. If he was I would have a reason to reject him. I lied to him. Tom, you have been drinking you need to sleep it off. Tom said try again. You lie really bad. I tried another trick. What is Lisa finds out? I tried another trick. What if Lisa finds out? Tom says better but you still live badly. You No she knows I'm here. Tom starts removing his t-shirt. His body was sex personified. His chest had a nice short back hair with that sexy line of hair running over his washboard stomach. I was losing my battle of protest fest. He saw my cock swelling in my parents. Tom smiles and grabs me and kisses me deeply. He one I melted. He took off my shirt and felt my smooth body all over. He sucked my nipples. That was interesting not done often to me. His hand plunged into my pants he was feeling my ass. As he did, I felt his pants search and he moaned. Tom said it feels as good as it looks. Tom didn't undress me. He told me to get on my knees and unzip his pants. I started to protest but he grabbed my face bent down and kiss me. After he said, this is about you and me. So unzip my pants. I did. his cock was big and thick as I dream so many times it would be. I was gone now. I sucked him with all the passion and lust of years of longing. Tom was a man he threw me around and fuck me hard and the next time soft and sensual. He even sucked me a bit. I thought after a few hours he was going to be done and then probably feel guilty. No, Tom wanted me to lay in bed as he helped me. This was odd, he kissed and stroked me like a man in love. I had looked in his eyes many times. I never saw anything but love for a friend. This was way different. Tom, let me see inside. He saw I saw it and before I freaked out, he kissed me.

She had worked again, Melvin. Tom made love to me all day and night. My lover came home and slept in the guest house. I felt very uncomfortable. But that Darren stud Tom would kiss me and this was all into Lisa called the next day. I was freaked out. She was awesome. Lisa said Tom is pretty fucking good in bed, isn't he? I told her well No wonder you're always in a good mood. She left and said to you what you are my family too. We all had a strange situation for a while. My lover did not ever try to stop anytime the event as he called it. I asked Tom for only one favor. Tom, you know my love is really heartbroken sharing me with you. Tom got nervous, said yes. He is a bottom you know, Tom said okay, well, it is not fair. You fuck me whenever you want. But my lover has remained 100% faithful to me. Tom said I know what you want me to do. I will do it one time for you. But well, I case you had not figured it out. I am really just a game for you. I smiled and arranged for my lover's night. But that's a story for another day.

Transcribed Part 2
In a previous story, I explained that a guy Tom and his wife, Lisa had arranged for me to be about him on a regular basis. Tom had a thing for me and was only get with me. I had a lover for years who I topped. My lover allowed the situation because I knew he had little choice. He never cheated on me. My guilty feelings were becoming problematic. So I decided to ease my guilt and I asked Tom a favor. Tom, I said, it is not right that you can fuck me anytime you wish. And my lover always allows it. Tom knew what I was going to ask. I said it would make me feel better if you would take him just once. Tom said I love only you I am not wanting to have sex with any other men. I said I know. Tom made a face that he said I will do this because you asked me to. I kissed him and could tell he was not happy about it. Not one little bit. Tom said if I do this, you have to be With us, I knew that would probably be uncomfortable for my lover wouldn't bother me at all. So I came up with a plan. My lover knew Tom was due to arrive, and he was such a good boy. I saw the sadness in his face as he watched the clock. He started to gather his stuff for his trip to the guest house. It tore my heart to watch him. He smiled at me when he noticed me watching him. He said It is the okay baby. I know Tom loves you very much. I knew Tom was planning on catching my lover and me having sex. I had not realized at the planning time what Tom's reaction would be. I walked my lover to the guest's house and rip his clothes off and started fucking him. As planned. Tom came in caught us. The look on Tom's face was not good. Yet he did what I asked. He said No wonder you will not leave him for me. I tell Tom then you know it is only fair. He gets do enjoy what he allows me to enjoy. My lover was not saying anything. I pulled out and Tom was not really hard, but he fucked my lover. My lover had only had me in him for almost seven years. Tom was just a bit bigger than me. Plus he was a stud to my lover responded but not that much. Tom was doing a good job but as I looked in his eyes, I could see it was because I asked him to, they finished and my lover said, Okay, do you feel less guilty now? I said, Well, yes, a little. Both Tom and he said well. I was so off base here. Tom took me to my bedroom. He said only one thing. Your lover does have a nice ass but does not ever ask me to do something like that again. Well, shit. I felt worse now. I used my men again but to ease my guilt. I was just wrong. My lover later that night told me Tom was good, but he didn't want me I could tell my lover Vincent. I think Tom is going to make you get rid of me soon. I started to cry. I knew he was right. My lover said you need to be with Tom and Lisa they offer you a real family with too. I agreed inside but I wanted my cake and eat it too. I didn't want to lose a man I loved a long time. But I did love Tom and not just a little. I did love Lisa too. The next few days were normal. Then I come home Tom and Lisa plus my lover were all at the table. My lover's bags were packed. I just began crying. I had to free my lover I knew it. Tom came to me and said, Well, I'll love you but your lover just can't do this anymore. And if he stays much longer, well, I would run him off eventually and you would hate me for that. I cannot do that to you. My now ex-lover said I should have left long ago. But we all are so happy but it is time. Lisa Tom and I had years of a great life. The are now all in college and even though I eventually left the sexual situation, we talk weekly and still do

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